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As known to all, pound - Is the national currency of the United Kingdom, the whole 19 century was the reserve currency of the world, as well as the oldest of used currency in the world. The pound sterling is the 4 in the list of the most popular currencies in trading, mainly trading in tandem with the US dollar, euro and Japanese yen.

The functions of the central bank of the United Kingdom performs The Bank of England (Bank of England), official name Governor and Company of the Bank of England. The Bank of England is managed by a board of directors headed by the managing director. Currently, Governor of the Bank of England is Mark Carney.

Mark Karni- head of the Bank of England

The challenges facing the central bank of England:

- Maintenance of purchasing power and the stability of the pound sterling,

- Ensuring the stability of the global and national financial systems,

- The effectiveness of the UK financial sector.

Among the most important economic news for the pound sterling can be called: The data on GDP growth, the rate of industrial production, retail sales, inflation and trade balance, Employment, Interest, and of course the performance of the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney.

The Bank of England's policy is to maintain inflation within the 2 percent, so the decision to change interest rates are of particular importance for the currency. Although the UK has no vast territories and the country does not have a large population. Nevertheless, they managed to create one of the world's leading economies, and the policy of this country has always focused on the stability and predictability.

In financial markets, popular Pound Dollar trade. Watch out for the quote currency and the release of major economic news on my live chart.

On the stock exchanges, you can meet the following currency pairs with the pound: GBP / USD, GBP / JPY, EUR / GBP, GBP / CAD, GBP / AUD, GBP / CHF, GBP, ZAR.

British pound

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