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Let's talk about what additional services are provided by Binary Options Brokers for their traders. Perhaps one of these services will seem useless, and some other interested service. In any case, this article will be useful to those who are just about to open a trading account with a broker. After all, you can request your favorite service from your manager.

In OptionFair depending on the initial deposit, there 5 types of accounts,. From $ 250 - standard from 500 $ - silver from 2000 $ - gold from 15000 $ - Platinum from 50000 $ - VIP. Do not be afraid of these amounts. get my Signals for binary optionsYou will be able to earn and a standard score.

option fair account 

Usually a certain service is only available for certain accounts. For traders who open a deposit in the amount higher than the minimum, the broker can provide certain services. For example a daily session with a financial expert is only available for vip- accounts. So what services can provide binary options brokers?

An additional percentage of the profit on the transaction. Depending on the type of account, the trader can earn with every profitable trade by up to + 1 + 5% dopolnietlnoy profit. Plus 1% give the owner of the Silver account plus 5% yield VIP account owner. Not a very high rate of interest, but nevertheless pleasant. If we calculate mathematically, the higher the percentage profitability of the transaction, the more profit and minimize risk. Check out the chart percentage of profitable article Binary Options divorce. If your budget allows, then definitely I recommend to Use.

Day View. News review of the economic calendar, and other important events will definitely be useful. Only information that is not such a rare and secret. In a network many different reviews and freely available. By the way I recommend you to use my heading news according to the economic calendar. It is important not only to receive some useful information, but also to be able to apply it. In options, the relevance of information is important, and with daily reviews from brokers you will be aware of the latest events. The Binary Options eBook is available for all accounts. E-books from brokers are similar to each other. There you can find mostly basic information on binary options trading. I would recommend that you do not limit yourself to just a book from a broker. Take advantage of my trader's libraryThere you will find the book for more information, to learn more details and secrets of trading binary options.

A session with a financial expert no doubt will be useful. The number of sessions will depend on the account, and starts from one to infinity. It is better to see once than to study theory. Another thing that turned out to be a professional financial expert, and was able to convey to you my knowledge. It often happens that an expert can be good in their field, but the gift of teaching he has not.

professional traders

The signals from the binary options brokers. Depending on the trading account may not be available at all or come to 6 months. Signals can come to your e-mail or by SMS. Basically brokers send signals with long time of expiration. Additionally, use Signals for binary options online from Anna Alexandrovna, the statistics in my "VIP chat signals plus' does not fall below 72%. I'm always glad to help my traders.

Educational videos of the binary options brokers. Certainly here, too, you can find useful information for themselves. You can not be limited to teaching video materials alone broker, see also video tutorials on my YouTube channel.

Trading strategies. Depending on the account, the broker can offer a different number of strategies for trading binary options. And this is great! The more work strategies the better. You just need to be aware that 100% of the strategies do not exist. As there is no one universal strategy. The market does not stand still, it is changeable, so you need to change along with it. You can find the best strategies on my website, all of them are available for free. Do not try to grasp the immensity, bring one trading strategy to automatism, only then move on to another.

The monthly fee for withdrawals from a trading account. Some brokers may charge a commission for withdrawing the money earned from the trading account. With the broker OptionFair, you can withdraw your money without commission once a month. If within a month you need money a second time, the broker will charge you a commission. The size of the commission percentage will depend on your amount and the method of withdrawing money, check this with your manager.

Bonus up to 100% to the deposit. This service is at all brokers. Depending on the amount of the deposit, the broker can add + 100% to your trading account.

What other additional services can provide brokers? Some brokers to attract customers attention to your company offer exclusive services:

Return on investment in the case of loss-making transactions. Some brokers return a certain percentage of losing trades. If the option is closed in the negative, the broker can return a certain amount to your trading account.

Analysis of transactions per month. This service has a broker IQ Option. Trading Analyst analyzes all your transactions over a certain period of time. It suggests that you can improve. It gives advice on your trading. With the right approach, you can actually increase your results.

Insurance deals. Your broker Binomo there is such a service. Broker insures 5 trader transactions. In the case of loss-making transaction, the broker returns the full amount for the loss-making transaction on the account of the trader. To activate this service, you must Contact this to your manager and ask to include it.

MasterCard Card Personal tied to your trading account with a broker. Available only for VIP accounts. Promises immediate replenishment of the deposit and the immediate withdrawal from the trading account. Individual cards can be obtained from the deposit of $ 15000 and higher. This amount is available not all traders.

20 Free options from broker Binomo. Broker offers free 20 make real money options and all of the profits derived from the transaction promises to pay the trader. It is a tempting offer. 

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