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The Russian ruble is the national currency of the Russian Federation, so many traders from Russia want to see in the broker's assets is the currency.

Trade ruble quite beloved by Russian traders, but not all brokers had such an asset before. The uTrader broker has such pairs in currency assets as USD / RUB, EUR / RUB, GBP / RUB.

trade ruble

Just at this brokerage company shares can be found such Russian companies as Sberbank, Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil RS. The indexes have futures RTS.

In general, knowledgeable traders, here is where to disperse. And if you are a novice binary options, then carefully study the economic news and strategies in order to know how to capitalize on these assets. 

The most popular assets are USD / RUB, EUR / RUB, Gazprom. This is because it is easier to predict all. I myself ruble and other Russian assets do not trade. According to my observations, I came to the conclusion that Trading Strategy here work worse. Perhaps someone will find here the technique and strategies.

Anyone who wants to try to make money on the binary options, I recommend to start to test trading strategies on a demo account. And if you want to make a variety of assets (currency pairs and raw materials), the Free Binary Options Signals from a professional trader, in my closed VIP chat signals to help you!

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