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I tell you about US Trade USD... The US dollar is a countercyclical currency. The more you worry about the downturn in the Chinese economy, the fall in oil prices, the stronger the dollar. Now that everyone is concerned about the risks in China, people are buying dollar bonds.

Countercyclical currency - a currency that traditionally demonstrates strengthening during periods of instability in global financial markets and / or recession in the global economy. This category of currencies includes, in particular, the US dollar, Japanese yen and Swiss franc.

This is one of the most popular currencies for all traders. Responsible for the issue of US dollars is the Federal Reserve System (Fed). The Fed serves as the central bank in the United States. The objectives that the Fed pursues are economic growth, a high level of employment, the stability of purchasing power, and a balance in currency transactions with foreign countries.

Since February 5, 2018, the Federal Reserve has been headed by the President Jerome Powell. The speeches of this man are listened to by all traders who earn in the financial markets. The dollar exchange rate is influenced not only by the words that it pronounces, but also by its mood and appearance when it makes a report to Congress or the Minister of Finance.

 US Fed chief

The direct impact on the Fed's dollar may have several ways: by changing the interest rate, financial market instruments, changes in reserve requirements, by means of exchange opertsii.

The dollar is the world currency, the dollar depends on all of the world economy, the US dollar equated all goods and assets. A gold and the US dollar generally interconnected. Note the pattern in live chart. If the dollar rises, gold will certainly fall, and vice versa. Many traders use this property in your trading.

At the stock exchange, the currency pair with the US dollar myriad, EUR / USD, USD / JPY, AUD / USD, NZD / USD, GBP / USD, USD / CHF, USD / CAD et al. Not to mention the exotic USD / ZAR (South African rand) USD / TRY (Turkish Lira) USD / MXN (Mexican Peso) USD / HUF (Hungarian Forint) USD / BRL (Brazilian Real).

The most volatile pairs are considered EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / JPY. My favorite US dollar currency pairs that I trade on Forex are USD / JPY, AUD / USD, GBP / USD, USD / CHF, USD / CAD.

Currency pairs with the US dollar are most active in US session and this is not surprising!

I prefer to trade in the European session, because my author's medotika and the strategy by which I give Free online signals for binary options its traders chatting works best in the time interval from 06-00 GMT until 14-00 GMT. Bid peak falls on the European session. During the American session triggered bad options open for economic news calendar. It is very important to follow the trading strategy, when you trade on the news calendar.

Currency pairs with the US dollar have absolutely any platform. Also, you can trade on assets of US companies.

sale of US assets

Use the My Reporting calendar and follow company news on the Internet and on TV. Make informed decisions, and do not miss opportunities to trade dollar and earnings!

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