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Exchange trade for many people, has long been a stable and reliable form of additional earnings on the Internet. If at the beginning of the development of the Internet stock trading, the process was complicated and incomprehensible, but today, with the advent of the mechanism of trade binary options exchange and precious metals, reap the profits has become much easier and clearer.

Many tormented the same question: "How to Play the binary options?"

Everyone has heard about the trade on the electronic exchange. Someone that enjoys success and is already recorded in the ranks of traders, who are not only successful trade, but also pass on their experience and knowledge to the younger traders.

I offer rapid learning of binary options from scratch for beginners.

Many people are stopped by the banal fear of the unknown and the fear of losing money, since the topic of exchange Internet commerce is familiar to them only from a distance and very superficially. Through these fears pass all. And I'm no exception to the rules. I overcame them, began to quietly understand the system, learn, and very carefully, without rushing into the "whirlpool with my head" - to trade. I did everything myself, and I became an experienced trader. I continue to develop my professionalism, developing special educational methods, and introducing new users to the art of stock exchange trading.

  • Today I am a successful trader.
  • I sell and buy options.
  • I'm your training site.
  • My subscribers have the opportunity to trade with me in the online-chat.
  • I am constantly in touch with successful traders gain invaluable practical experience of other knowledgeable people.
  • I spend online-consultation and training.
  • I went from the beginning, and clearly know how and where to start, that would succeed. I am not a theoretician, I practice hard.

Join the success and you!

Become a trader binary options from scratch

The tools for trading adapted for inexperienced users and their demos make trading available to most. Using certain strategies and analysis, it is possible to conduct transactions with currency pairs, commodity raw materials, precious metals and shares of companies, thus maximizing the benefits. For ease of use, special mobile versions of all platforms available for trading have been developed. You can trade in a subway car while on a lecture at the institute, around the clock, relaxing at the resort, according to the schedule of the exchange, from Monday to Friday.

The right start in binary options for beginners

I will try to paint step by step actions needed to start a new user, and give the reference to the "sensible" literature, which will be understood by even novice trader. I hope that after reading all offered me the material, you will not have problems, and you join our ranks of traders. Let's get started.

Action №1. Familiarity with terminology

The first thing to do new, is acquainted with the basic terms and concepts of stock trading, learn more about binary options, as in the process of learning and work, you will encounter an unfamiliar professional terminology, which, if you really want something to achieve, It should be expanded in a 'head on the shelves. " I suggest you look through Explanatory Dictionary Trader

Action №2. Choosing a broker

Choose yourself a platform for trading, ie, a broker with whom you cooperate. trading process itself takes place on the software broker tool, that is the specialized software that connects us with the stock markets online. Treat the choice very seriously. The important criteria are the following:

  1. The presence of a broker license to perform financial activities (services).
  2. The amount of minimum deposit and the amount of the minimum transaction.
  3. The proposed trading tools (basic tools important for a trader - Above / Below options and short-term).
  4. The ability to open a demo account for training, and then the ability to open "live" account. I suggest you refer to a rating of binary options brokers On it you will find information about brokers on all the above items.
  5. Each broker has a list of additional services that it provides to the trader. Not everyone knows this, and therefore do not enjoy a very useful application for analysis. In a detailed review of the broker, the entire available Information about the additional services
  6. After you read all the information about brokers, I advise you to visit their sites, read reviews, discover all the tabs to get acquainted with the software, look at the navigation and make a choice. Choose only that broker to which you do not have any questions left, where you are all comfortable, clear and simple. Personally I, for trading in binary options, once chose Arotrade and do not change preferences.

Action №3. Make a deposit

Have you tried to trade through a demo version of the platform. You all clear and available. It's time to start the real work. We fill up a merchant account. In the articles below, is painted in detail, how to add funds to trade binary currency options. Go through the links and read:

Binary options. Make a deposit
Binary options. The choice of the deposit currency
Binary options. Conclusion earnings

Action №4. verification

After replenishment of the deposit is necessary to verify your identity. Many beginners do not understand why this is necessary, what documents, where and why you need to send. For you did not have any issues and doubts offers an overview of subject articles: Passage of the verification with a broker binary options

Action №5. Choosing the trading strategy

If you come to the market to trade binary options, stocks, commodities or precious metals, you must be aware that trade on the Internet exchange is not a game in the casino, and that "tyknuv finger to the sky" will not put on a red / black. It is therefore necessary to consider operational strategies for making successful deals. Yes, the position of the binary simple as "two cents worth", then the choice is not great, or the price goes up callOr it is rapidly falling down put. Many open and close the transaction at random. But in the end it leads to a complete collapse and disappointment. To this did not happen, we must act strategically and analytically about what I'm going to write next. I will describe only the tactics and strategy, personally tested, which led me to the high profitability of the concluded transactions.

A detailed list of all the strategies you can meet in the category that is dedicated Strategies

Trusting your successful experience, I recommend you focus on the following three:

Trading strategy using economic news calendar
on the "heat map" Trading Strategy
Trade Strategy "points Pivot"

As experience has shown, they are simple and profitable. Do not rush to apply them in real life before, test them on a demo version, check their performance, and only after, apply to work with real money. Do not hesitate to write to me to ask questions, ask for advice or consultation. This site is designed specifically for this.

Contact information for which I always answer you:


Action №6. Select signals

What are the trading signals guide the opening / closing of transactions?

Any beginner trader always needs tips. It is not always easy to make decisions independently, but when your perspective choice is supported by a live signal, it becomes much easier and more confident to act. Look closely at free online signals for changes on binary options. My advice as an experienced trader is - do not trust your deposit to other people, untwist it yourself, using additional prompts. Your trading account is your personal "child", and no one will worry about it more than yours. Below is a very informative article on this topic: Binary options deposit promotion. I got a deposit, what should I do? >>>

Live signals binary options online

Before you actively start using the live signals, check their reliability. If you want to get signals from me, waiting for you in an online chat "Signals in the Plus." More link Online chat signals for binary options >>>

How is it?

  • trading binary currency options occur from Monday to Friday, when the market works;
  • when I open any transaction, then immediately I write about it in chat, and my subscribers can copy my transaction online. So I signaled to them about the changes of currency pairs. The signals coming from the sound notification. Expiry Time signals from up to 2 45 minutes.

Not to be unfounded, in category Reports you can clearly see the statistics of online signals, instructional videos, and ensure the success of my trades, where the percentage of winning signal is more than 72%.

Action №7. Additional tools

Select additional tools trader. Rarely who enjoys all the additional tools for correct predictions of currency movements. More often, traders opt for a pair of reliable and understandable tools and actively use them. Below, I will list those additional options that help to successfully trade binary options me, and I boldly recommend to their subscribers.

Live timetable for binary options (mandatory for all! It works online)
Indicators for live motion graphics on binary options
Heat Map Currencies (works online)
Table "Pivot Point" (works online)
Technical Analysis
Fundamental analysis
Technical summary (It is in category Strategy, on the right side of the site)

Action №8. Choosing expert advisors

Choose trading advisors for trading binary currency options. First, let's define the term trading advisor. Trading advisors can act robots binary options that use thin filters, algorithms and settings for the analysis of currency market. In actual practice, they are really good assistants for opening / closing the pairs.

Robots remember the entire history of trading currency pairs that do not afford the trader. They immediately caught the currency market trends and signals traders are served and tips. But do not blindly trust the alerts trading advisors. Pre recommend to review the actual literature on how to operate these advisors as they provide signals as these signals are filtered out and checked.

The course binary options trading to the zero level

Action №9. traders Tips

Always listen to the advice of senior traders. As a precaution, I want to leave you a few links to useful articles, which should be available every beginner trader, for that would reduce his professional career to a minimum.

The best time for trading binary currency options
Trading sessions of the financial market
Money-management in trading binary currency options

For those who still do not believe in trading the reality of the exchange market binary currency options, and considers the call to obtain additional income next "divorce" online or "scam", I have prepared a special article, read you will be able to expose the Internet on their own -zhulikov: Binary options. How people are bred >>>

Binary Options DIVORCE >>>


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