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Many novice traders People often ask me "In what currency to open a trading account with a broker? ""Can I top up a dollar account using a credit card in Russian rubles?"Or"How to change the currency trading account? '.

In this article I will give an answer to these questions.

Note that currency selection It is only possible at the time of registration of the broker! Open a trading account in the currency in which you would prefer. Usually Binary Options Brokers offer open an account in US dollars, euros, pounds, Russian rubles. Some brokers have the opportunity to open an account in the various national currencies. I prefer open an account и withdraw money in US Dollars.

put a deposit broker 

Add Dollar, Pound or Euro account you will be able to any other currency. Money is automatically converted to your desired currency. Just to save money in the conversion, I recommend opening an account in the currency in which you will replenish the deposit.

Change the currency of your trading account will not work. I have not met a single broker that could do it. To change the currency of your trading account, you will have to re-register, that is, create a new account. So before registrirovatsya broker, consider how and where you will withdraw your money. In any case, you can always create an electronic purse and withdraw the money back.


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