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The continuation of the article as to replenish the deposit at brokers binary optionsToday I will tell you how withdraw earned money on the binary options. Previous article I wrote for a broker uTrader , So that it is logical to continue on this broker. Moreover, the principle of withdrawal of money the same for all licensed brokers.

Torque output earned money is the most enjoyable, because the main purpose of trading - to earn. However, there are certain nuances when withdrawal of fundsThat a trader must know. If you trade in reliable licensed brokers, The problems with the conclusion you should not have. Often, the output may be delayed due to the fault of the trader.

withdrawal binary options


What should a trader:

1. Specify your real data when registering a trading account (name, residence, passport data).

2. Pass the Verification procedure for your account (Load photocopies of your passport and a document confirming the registration).

3. If the deposit is replenished by credit card, there must be a photocopy of the map, confirm that it belongs to you (with photocopies close 4 digits of the card and CVV code).

If you new to Binary Options, Then know that the top-up amount is returned to the replenishment of the profit shown on the e-wallet or bank. Choose the most convenient option for you, and the earned money to trade binary options. Electronic wallets brokers, as a rule, provided with all possible options (WebMonew, QiWi, Neteller, Skrill, OkPay, Yandex Money, etc.).

Sending a request for withdrawal, the broker should confirm the request withdrawal of funds. As you can see from my screenshots, the broker confirms the conclusion in a few days (1-2 days). If you withdraw money on electronic wallets, they will come immediately upon confirmation of the application by the broker. If you withdraw money to a bank account or bank card, then the rate of receipt of money will depend on your bank and may take a while to 6 12 days, but again, a lot depends on your bank.

withdrawal binary options

Another important point. Withdraw money without a commission can be once a month. If you want to cash the second time this month, the Commission specify the size of your manager. Fee for additional conclusions can be fixed or depend on the amount and method of withdrawal.


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