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Today I'll show you how replenish a trading account with a broker binary options. replenishment principle the same for all brokers. I'll show how to do it on the example broker uTrader. When registration is required to correctly specify your real data. Name, your phone number, passport details, everything has to be true.

After registration, you can replenish the deposit with a broker. Please note that when registering you will be offered to select the currency in which the trading account will be opened. Be sure to think over and calculate the currency in which to open an account. It later can not be changed. To change the currency, you will have to re-register. So think about it right away.

put a deposit broker 

By clicking "add credit", the broker will offer you a choice of ways to recharge. Add a deposit, of course, can be banking card VISA, Maestro, Master Card or electronic money, The choice is pretty big (WebMoney, Neteller, Qiwi, OKpay, Skrill, Yandex Money). Be aware that selecting the registration account currency such as USD, then the replenishment of any other currency, all automatically converted into USD. Money on the balance sheet are displayed almost instantly, in rare cases it may be delayed by up to 30 minutes. I recommend to replenish and withdraw money just the currency that you used when registering. Thus you will save on the conversion.

replenish the deposit 

After replenishing the deposit, immediately proceed to the process of verification of your account. Verification is required! This is not a whim of the broker, and the prerequisite of the regulatory body. Each licensed broker verification procedure is obligatory. When the broker takes the money earned, it must be assured that translates them for you and not a third party. So do not delay, go through the verification immediately. And be wary of brokers, where verification is not needed.

Completing a deposit by credit card, be prepared for the fact that the broker will ask you for a photocopy of the card data. To confirm that the card is yours, sfotogrofiruyte it from two sides. On the front side of the card, close the 4 numbers, and the back of the cover with your CVV code. Completing deposit electronic money, do your personal cabinet pictures is not necessary.

In the next article I will discuss how output earned money, do not miss!


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