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If you are just starting to take an interest in finance market, you probably start with fundamental и Technical Analysis. Today I will talk about one of the most important indicators of the economy, who knows anyone who has a little bit familiar with the trading. This indicator is called Non Farm (Non-Farm).

Find the figure you can in economic calendar, It is published every first Friday of the month, and sounds like a "change in the number of people employed in the non-agricultural sector of the US." The total number of people employed in non-agricultural sector of the US economy is about 80% of workers who produce the entire GDP.

non farm 

After the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the United States, non Farm it is the second most important economic indicator, and it very well, volatile. Also it is called "Indicator that moves the whole market".

In this way, Non Farm Employment Change - This is the statistics on the US, but due to market correlation, has a tremendous impact on the markets all over the world, without exception. So far the United States to the rest of the world. Undoubtedly, the analytical predictions for this event can be published in a few days before the release of the news. And even on these forecasts the market will react, depending on changes in the scope of expectations. But the greatest volatility, you can observe in the moment of the news, the market for a few seconds shoots towards the bearish or bullish trend, depending on the news database.

On this day, the market is extremely unstable and very few traders come into the trading process. In anticipation of the release of data may be false breakouts levels, or at all market traded in a narrow range (30-100 pips). On such a day, there is only one option to make money. It is trading at the moment when the actual values ​​on the news. If the actual value will be redIt is negative for the dollar, if the actual value will be green, This is a positive news for the dollar.

I recommend trading on the news by selecting a couple USD / JPYIf the actual value will be green - open the option for two minutes up. Do not miss the opportunity to earn money!


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