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Hello Dear Traders! Recently I received a letter with the request to tell about the peculiarities of trade in the day. So let's talk about today Trade Binary Options on weekends.

Trading on world markets is around the clock, starting with Australian session и ending American. Single-time work there. Trading sessions in different parts of the world are opened at different times, and by clicking on the link Trading session schedule >>>You can watch them at work. Even during the holidays trade is in full swing and traders have the opportunity to earn. Binary Options Brokers take quotes from news agencies, such as Thomas Reuters, FXCM, Gage capital limited +.

But over the weekend, no exchange does not work, therefore, no news agency quotes provide can not, because They are not here!

trade binary options on the weekend

The only exception is cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Exchange cryptocurrency working around the clock and seven days a week and holidays. I told you before, how capitalize on Bitcoin, Trading binary options, read.

With regard to trade in a day, then this option does not provide all brokers. For example in IQ Option и Binomo she is. The day these brokers opposite currency pair has a postscript - UTS. UTS short for «Over The Counter» - which means "off-exchange" is the transaction concluded by the parties directly, rather than through the stock exchange.

Such transactions may be concluded through the organizers of trade and directly. Even if the transaction was concluded through the organizer, he is not liable in the event of non-fulfillment of obligations of the parties. Such transactions can not be monitored.

My opinion about the trade at the weekend: itself and do not sell to other traders do not advise to do it. Relax on Saturday and Sunday. Do not turn trading into a game and do not give in to passion (as the percentage of the profitability of options in the output is much higher than on weekdays).


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