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Today I will tell you about Bitcoin. Surely you previously encountered this word. In certain circles Bitcoin It is very popular.

Bitcoin - It is virtual money, often called cryptocurrency (virtual gold) are stored in a special electronic wallet. Wallet can be installed on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

In November 2013, when the Bitcoin rate soared from $ 100 to $ 1000 in a few weeks, the whole world was talking about it. Bitcoin first appeared in 2009. The developer is still unknown. There is the name Satoshi Nakamoto, it is not clear who is hiding behind him: one person, or a group of people.

the most a small part of Bitcoin called SatoshiIt is 0,00000001 BTC. Bitcoin was created as an alternative to the existing global banking system. Where there is no single regulatory center, there is no bank commission for transfers from purse to purse, the user's account can not be frozen, and all transactions are anonymous. It is therefore logical that some countries have introduced laws prohibiting the use of Bitcoin in other countries Bitcoin enabled and you can pay them a check for a dinner at a restaurant or buy a plane ticket. You can pay for your purchase in any place where there is Internet. You can pay for the purchase in the online store from the other end of the earth, Bitcoin will come to the seller in a matter of minutes, and there is no commission.

In Russia, want to introduce a bill banning use Bitcoins. I am not going to argue this is good or bad, I know exactly what cryptocurrency ahead of its time. It is not known how much time must pass until the developers will improve the system, and countries around the world recognize Bitcoin. For me familiar earn dollars for binary optionsTrading by the same Bitcoins.

What is binary options trader may be interested Bitcoin?

The fact that some brokers have Bitcoin options trading on and it is necessary to earn!

This asset has significant differencesYou should know and use to work successfully with this tool:

-Brokery Take quotes are usually one of the two major exchanges Bitstamp or BTC-E, Exchanges between the rates may differ by a few points, this is due to differences in commissions when cashing Bitcoins in rubles, dollars or other currencies

-Bitkoin Has a relatively small capitalization today is 6 654 253 551 $

-Kriptovalyuta Very volatile exchange rate may rise or fall in the $ 100 just hours

-Birzhi Cryptocurrency working around the clock and seven days a week, so you can trade at the weekend

-The most importantThat a trader has access to the volume of orders (walls) exposed by traders on the stock exchange. This means that you are always online will be able to assess the situation, no longer warrants for the purchase or sale.

side on Exchange Cryptocurrency called large order or several orders to buy or sell Bitcoin. The walls prevent movement of the rate up or down to create a level of support and resistance. With the large wall monitor market makers course.

Seeing as market maker interchanges wall with orders, analyze the market, you can open an option up or down.

Now I'll explain with an example.

stenki btc

To follow the walls go to the site of one of the exchanges btc-e or bitstamp. Go to the link, look at the order. We see that the most exposed wall of sell orders BTC It is shown in bold. We are ready to sell at the price of Bitcoin 183,632597 435,9 $ per Bitcoin. To Bitcoin rate rose above that mark, the buyer will have to spend more than 80.045 dollars, and this does not include orders for less. Therefore, we can open the option a fall in the 1 hour put. Conversely, if you see a wall with a warrant to purchase a large number of Bitcoin, we know that the rate will not fall, and you can open an option on the rise in 1 hour call.

trend stenka

For your convenience, on my live chartIf you enter in a row btc / usd and select the desired exchange, you will be able to monitor the quotes in real-time.

I told you yet another unique opportunity for earnings for Bitcoins. If you do everything right, and approach to trading is reasonable, your earnings will be quite substantial. For those who had previously been acquainted with Bitcoins, Binary Options Brokers provide an additional opportunity to earn money at what you will earn in the currency in which you have opened an account with a broker.

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PS I want to thank one of my traders Victor Vavilov for their help in writing this article and the selection of material. Victor, you are really an expert in cryptocurrency. You further success !!!


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