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Lately, I often get letters from beginnersThat tell me how completely foreign and unfamiliar people merged their deposit. With one of these beginners, Sergei IvanovichWe tried together to understand how to operate such scams, where they find their prey and what they sense from the fusion of deposits?

To begin to tell you a few similar stories from different people.

History №1

Sergei told me that he had met with the binary options trader at a forum on binary options. The man introduced Gregory. He said that for a long time on a binary options trades, and offered his by deposit promotion services. He showed several screenshots from various brokers with successful transactions (as later it turned out these screens belonged to other traders and were on his site in general access). Grigory promised to roll out the deposit twice for 50% of the profit. In the event that the deposit is merged, he promised to return everything in the amount of 100%. He said that it does not matter which broker the account will be opened with, Grigory trades according to his strategy, which is not available free of charge and that will work for any broker. The only requirement that put forward is the presence on the trading account of an amount not less than 200 $. Sergei Ivanovich had an account with a broker and there was a little more than 300 $. Sergey Ivanovich trusted Gregory and gave his password and login from the broker's private office (which by the way is strictly prohibited by the rules of the Brokers who have a license - to pass data to enter the platform to third parties).

The very next day, the trader Gregory unsubscribed that unwound Sergei deposit, there is now on the balance of $ 600, and Gregory expects its Sergey 50 150% or $. Sergei Ivanovich Fortunately there was no limit, but the happiness did not last long.

Gregory said that no further work will start until it receives its own interest, and in general it has all of the traders - beginners, who want to unleash their deposits... Sergey Ivanovich put the earned money on a withdrawal. But since this process takes several days, and Gregory demanded to settle with him within a day, Sergei Ivanovich paid Grigory the agreed $ 150 from his personal funds on WebMoney. Having received the money, Grigory promised to take up further promotion of Sergey's account tomorrow and get in touch on the forum in the evening.

After the specified time has passed, and Gregory have not unsubscribed, Sergei suspected something amiss and went to my trading account to the broker. What was his surprise when he found on his 0 balance. Of course after that Gregory did not come out on bond. Call to the broker and the story that his account was hacked and leaked the entire deposit, also not successful.

History №2

As I wrote a novice trader Alexander. With trader who merged his deposit, he met in social networks, in one of the groups on earnings. He suggested Alexander to register with a particular broker and make at least $ 400. One day he promised to deposit $ 1000. 600 $ profit per day! Profit agreed on two. Within half a day, Alexander saw no money in the account, nor sorrow - Trader fused deposit. Most likely he had already sat down to start a new account and started looking for new gullible investors. 


Sergei Ivanovich и Alexander gave their account for promotion and they lost their money. When we looked at the history of transactions, we saw that people were trading in both cases, Martingale method and did not comply with the minimum rules management risk. People who spins the deposit, have the same goal - a quick profit. If you can roll out through - well, it will get its profits. If merged deposit - nothing is lost.

The most common services for the promotion of the deposit on the binary options can be found in social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook), on discussion forums and blogs to youtube. 

promote deposit binary options

The man who gives his account for promotionIt runs the risk of eventually losing money. After all, people offering their services promotion on account of binary options, interested in quick money. And if they were really successful traders, then whirled to his account.

How to promote your account newcomer?

- The most time-consuming and long option, but in my opinion the most correct - is to spend time and find out for yourself. Materials of my site to help you. Spend more than a week to study and practical part, but learn how to carry out technical и fundamental analysis.

-Another Correct option - to connect to my chat online "signals a plus". I analyze the market and open the transaction, you can simply copy the deal for me. So you will have more time and more opportunity for earnings on binary options.

- Recently, there is another way fiduciaryCivilized. PAMM account on binary options. This opportunity you can take advantage of a broker. If you are a successful trader - you can discover there the PAMM account. If an investor is to pay the money in trust. And be assured that your transaction will be protected and transparent.


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