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Today I want to tell you how you can earn dollars.

I recently opened a monthly chart for the pair USD / RUB. In June 2014, the dollar was trading at around 33 1 rubles per dollar, and today at the beginning of February has already 79 1 rubles per dollar. Thus, the ruble has depreciated by 139%And consequently fallen standard of living of people earning in rubles. This situation affects every family that has income in rubles. In this article, I encourage you to make a dollar!

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On the specifics of the work I read daily economic news. I trade Binary OptionsSo I need to take into account the statements of senior officials and Ministers. With a perfect English, I read not only the news of Russia and world news.
Recently, from the lips of local officials heard phrases that offer everything to save. Why do they keep silent, but what about those who are saved, and before that, for example, senior citizens?

Now, many are considering translation of their savings into hard currency, dollars or euros. Only need to do it was before, when the rate was different, now the train has left. However, most people are looking for options of where the salary would be paid in dollars. In the context of Russia it is for the majority seems to be something unreal. This is a huge mistake! Opportunity for dollar earnings и euro there!

In a situation of worsening financial crisis that now we can see, the category of people who earn money in hard currency (dollars or euros), less prone to harmful impact of the crisis than those who earn ruble, hryvnia, tenge and others. We need to look for opportunities, how to earn dollars or euros!

I'll tell you how I earn hard currency, Trading on the binary options. You can follow my recommendation and earn together with me, in my Online chatting signals. To do this, you do not have to have the dollars. Brokers provide an opportunity to open a deposit in dollars or euros, and you can recharge it in rubles. The money will automatically be converted into dollars or euros!

Thus the earned income, you will be Dollars or Euros. Show you can on your ruble card on an electronic purse (WebMoney, for example). I recommend that you have a bank card in dollars, then you will be able to withdraw earnings money in dollars, without loss in conversion.

After the crisis in 2014, it became completely unprofitable to keep their savings in rubles. On the contrary, now people are trying quickly earn dollars. And the demand for exchangers increases whenever the rate falls at least to 5 rubles. Agree, it is much more profitable to change rubles to dollars at a time when the rate was 55 rubles per unit of US currency, and not 64, as at the time of writing the review.

Trading binary options, CFD contracts or on Forex, it is best to forget about the ruble type of account. Now it is not profitable to open an account in the national currency. Yes, and some leading brokers and do give their customers the opportunity to enter into transactions only in dollars or euros.

To predict the dynamics of the US dollar is now easy. In recent months, he is in a stable and confident upward trend. It is not difficult to understand this. It is enough to follow the Economic calendar and news regularly. For a long time, macroeconomic statistics from the US is better than analysts' forecasts. What does it say? On the growth and stability of the country's economy!

This, in turn, positively affects the activities of companies, which is confirmed by regular quarterly reporting.

How to quickly earn dollars thanks to such a simple fundamental analysis? It is enough to follow such important publications as GDP, labor market reports, retail sales, consumer price index and industrial production.

If the report was significantly higher than the forecasts, then with the probability of 100%, the dollar will grow. This will affect the entire currency market. In the pair EUR / USD, this will affect the pair's quotations, USD / RUB for growth, and so on.

As you can see, you do not need to be a genius of analytics to make money on the dollar. It's really easy! The main thing is to keep abreast of news and the most important events.

Investors from all over the world have long earned huge money on this currency. And you too! Moreover, now there is an extremely favorable situation on world markets for the strengthening of the American currency. Follow the global trends and get a stable profit thanks to trade recommendations on the site!

At the end I suggest you watch a short video (on the currency and its exchange rate). Just to set the mood! 


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