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My name is Anna Alexandrovna. I am a professional trader and investor, the head of the site where you are right now. I know all about financial markets and investment. Many investors in the year 2016 think where to invest money todayThat it was possible to overstate their capital. So how to keep their savings under the pillow at home is not profitable. Inflation is up and manages to bite off your hamburger at home even a pillow. To save, plus increase your savings, you need to invest money.

As a recognized expert in the financial market and having many years of experience in the financial market, I offer both beginner and experienced traders to go training trade binary options.

Whether you are newcomer in trading or simply want to improve their professional level, I recommend you write me and connect to my online chat "signal in the Plus"To trade binary options. Trading with me, you will be able to reduce the risks in trading and develop your own profitable strategy behavior in the market, which will allow you to increase your capital.

I will teach and prompt ways to invest и earnings in the financial market using a tool such as binary options.

For the first time appeared in the binary options on 1973 Exchange in Chicago (Chicago Board Options Exchange CBOE). Once, the Internet has become firmly established in our lives, the opportunity to trade Binary Options from home. The link between you and the financial markets are binary options brokers. Choose from my broker rating. Only licensed brokers are on my list! To start trading Binary Options you do not need to have a huge capital, most brokers accept traders with an amount of $ 200 or more. By investing a large amount, you can earn more.

Trading binary options you will be able to make a shares of companies (Google, Coca-Cola, Apple, and others.) indices (DowJones, Nasdaq, Dax), raw (Gold, oil, coffee) and currency pairs (EUR / USD, GBP / CHF, AUD / USD, USD / JPY, etc.)

In order to make trade binary optionsYou must choose to grow call or fall put price in a given you time. Options can be bought at different times, from the 1 minutes and up to several months. A trader makes his profit, if at the time of closing of the option correctly identified the movement direction of the asset value. Depending on the Broker on the chosen asset and profit from the expiration time is about 75%. For example, you invest $ 10 in the transaction, if your transaction was profitable, you will receive $ 17,5.

To start making money on binary options, you need to register on the site of a binary options broker. After that, the manager will call you back to the phone you specified, his task is to help you. He will explain how to get through verification procedure and how to replenish the deposit, you can ask him any question.

By opening a trading account, you can start trading. By themselves, binary options is very simple, all the necessary settings: selection of asset invested amount, the closing of the option, and the direction of the price up or down. Nothing complicated. For successful investing, you need to learn how to analyze and forecast the market, it needs to be master fundamental и technical analysis.

How to start earning a novice at binary options?

There are a few simple ways. To do this, you do not have to sit all day at a computer and do not try to grasp his arms. For our traders who are registered with a broker on the link to my site I organized private chat signals. Its operation is very simple. I analyze the market, spend a technical and fundamental analysis, open trade, and immediately unsubscribe chatting to their traders, you open a deal behind me, and earn together with me. My signal statistics you can see in the category reports. I trade every day from Monday to Friday, the day of the open-x 3 15 to transactions. On Saturday and Sunday the financial markets are not working, so on the weekends I do not trade.

Also on the binary options can earn passive: register with a broker to open an account and trade on their own. For example you have heard the news: "Diesel scandal Volkswagen».

Novosti volkswagen

How do you think the stock market will react to this news? Of course the company's shares will fall! What is not an option to earn some money and open a transaction down / PUT, the shares of the company Volkswagen. You can capitalize on this to 90% of the invested amount.

You can open an account with a broker dollorovy, but to fill it, for example, Russian rubles, the money will convert automatically. I would recommend you to have more currency card and withdraw your profits from the broker is there, bypassing the commission. Thus you will be able to earn hard currency.


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