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Who among us would not want to know SecretsThrough which one could earn a lot of money? Many people think that it is good to make sure you need to know some secret. Unfortunately, there is no such Grail. To achieve success in any field, you need to work hard. Financial markets are no exception! AT Binary Options a set of rules that I have developed for themselves and are willing to share with you.

Secrets of binary options

1) It should trade concerns as a job, and not as a game. To earn money, you can not trade for good luck and to give in to passion. You always have to adhere strictly to Trading StrategiesIn a stock should have a few spare. Trading strategy is a prerequisite, if you do not, it all comes down to luck. Good luck - it's the last thing you should expect in trading.

2) Always follow the rules Money Management! Learn how to properly manage their capital. Even in the case of 100% confidence in their transaction, never buy a call option on the entire deposit, invest the amount of not more than 7% of your deposit. Do not pursue profit.

3) Do not take hasty decisions. Even the most experienced and successful trader makes a loss-making deal. It is important during the trade do not pay attention to stressful situations and not give in bad mood. Composure and self-discipline are the basic rules psychology of trading.

4) Each time shooting profits, try to keep on deposit in a large amount, than the last time. Over time, gradually increasing your trading account, you will be able to buy the more expensive options, and therefore earn more.

5) Studies - Your constant development! By helping you, I'm myself. In what would be the professional level at the moment you are not always learn new aspects of trade, try new strategies, indicators, assets. The desire to constantly evolve, to analyze, to experiment - this is what distinguishes the serious man.

At first glance, all this - hackneyed truisms. Only the most traders why something should not it ?! If you've decided to learn how to trade, let me set the rules of the camp, and yours. Follow him and do not break!

And all the traders who joined my closed online chat VIP "Signals in the Plus", They know that they can write to me with various questions. I am always ready to explain, help and prompt!


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