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Friends, today I would like to once again return to the question bonuses from brokers binary options, Tell you where to get no deposit bonusAs well as to explain the need to take the bonus or not!

Previously, I wrote an article The bonus system of binary options brokers. But the questions from traders on the issue did not become less. So now we discuss a couple more key points. The format of the article will be a question-and-answer.

Bonus No Deposit Binary Options

Tell me please, what a broker can get a no deposit bonus? I do not have the opportunity to open a deposit, but I would like to receive a bonus from the broker without attachments. Michael P. (Samara)

Michael, I know of brokers IQ Option It offers traders no deposit bonuses. No need to immediately open a real trading account. There are daily tournaments, the results of which revealed 9 best traders. Between them, the prize pool is divided (as far as I can remember about 250 $), everyone gets their part, which is credited to the trading account. In the future you will be able to use this no deposit bonus in their trading on currency pairs, commodities or stocks. However, in order to bring the no deposit bonus gain by selling and profit from it, you need to open a real trading account. The minimum deposit with a broker IQ Option is 10 $.

In addition, the broker Binomo offers its traders to take advantage of free 20 first transaction (at the expense of the broker) and that too without making deposits. 

I opened a deposit with the uTrader broker for $ 500, and $ 750 was credited to the account. Is it a broker bonus? Should I use it? Alex (Nizhny Novgorod)

Alex, yes, that's a bonus in the amount of broker 250 $. Very often it can be automatically charged to traders. But this does not mean that you are required to use it. There are two options:

- You can leave bonus in their account and use it as an additional means for AkzoNobel;

- You can ask your personal manager to remove the bonus, or refer the matter to support broker. The bonus will be removed immediately upon request.

Reject the bonus at any time, regardless of whether you have started to trade or not.

I open a deposit at 350 $, I was offered a bonus 100 $. I agreed, thinking that the extra money in the account will not prevent. I was doing well, and the first profit. But the manager told me that I can not now withdraw profits, because the conditions of the bonus has not been met. How can I be a help, please? Katia (Omsk)

Catherine, indeed, agreeing to receive a bonus, you undertake to make a certain number of transactions, so to speak the turnover of the deposit. While the turnover is not fulfilled, you can not take profits. But! If you see that you are good at trading and you no longer need a bonus, that you can trade, observing money management, only at your own expense, make a request for writing off bonus funds. This can be done at any time. The broker will write off only the amount that was accrued to you in the form of a bonus. Your personal money, plus the profit that you managed to haggle will remain on your deposit!

Anna A. I got into this situation. When I started trading, the broker took the bonus. All the nuances did not know. Trading for a couple of months. Who wanted to make the first withdrawal of money earned. At a forum I read that if you start to trade, then the bonus will not be abandoned. I now can not bring any profit, nor their own money until you do not turn? Thanks in advance, Vyacheslav Ignatievich K. (Minsk)

Vyacheslav Ignatievich on the forum you have been misled. You can take a bonus, learn, trade, gain experience and earn money. If you want to keep the amount of the bonus, you must make a certain turnover. The value of turnover is set by the broker. This issue can be discussed with your broker. Only then it can be output request arrived. But! If you do not need a bonus, you can withdraw it at any time. The bonus amount will be written off simply from your account. That's all. Then you can display any amount of your choice.

I presented a paper the most popular questions about the bonuses, which sent me to the site users. I hope that many traders have received answers to their questions, because in general they are all alike. As soon as something new, I'll supplement article!


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