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Recently I had a conversation with one of the traders. And one of his phrase is very hurt my feelings. I quote verbatim: "What can come out of a woman trader? You have the brains for it is not enough! "

Honestly, I was stupid himself never considered. I know that all that I have I made myself, my work, and especially their brains)) So I decided to write an article about successful women traders and their results. Thus, I would like to break the stereotype that women have no place in the financial market.

I found out that among trederov who daily make hundreds of thousands of transactions in the financial market, there are many of the fair sex. And they are able to carry out their work even more effective than male traders. Woman trader inherently has excellent analytical skills, required to be successful financier.

What is the nature of the benefits awarded women traders?

First, it is excerpt. According to statistics, business woman less open rash transaction or contract in a temper. Regardless of the emotions women behave cautiously on the trading floor or in front of a computer monitor, since they are more careful and responsible attitude to the available resources. In the United States among all registered brokers women there 55%.

Today, even large corporations prefer to see in key positions is the leaders - women. This is due to the fact that ladies do their job more efficiently men. Therefore, investment companies often you see a woman in the position of Executive Director, Head of Research and Head of traders.

Secondly, women more organized and have more experience in social interaction. Organization was founded here, probably at the genetic level. So in addition to work commitments we have enough Affairs and Housing. We have to keep in mind at the same time a lot of questions that require urgent solutions.

This organization helps successful business woman to analyze the economic situation in the currency market in a timely manner to enter into contracts and to open transactions in binary options, or on the trading floor of the exchange.

In addition, women independent и able to think creatively. They create their own unique Trading Strategy and systems that provide a stable income in the trades.

If you look at this issue from a historical perspective, we find many examples of not just successful women tradersAnd these legends. First Lady broker settled on the stock exchange as early as 1970 year. It was Muriel Siebert. Excellent results from stock exchange transactions showed Martha Stewart and Linda Raschke, who became world famous financial market. With the development of Internet, more and more women began to practice private investment activity, sitting at the computer monitor right at home. This is most evident in the United States and Western Europe.

Muriel Siebert


Martha Stewart


Linda Raschke


When trading binary options, and based on your personal statistics, I can say that women traders achieve even more significant results than men. Therefore, answering the question: "Should women try their hand at trading in financial markets at home?" - I definitely say yes. I have a dozens of examples of when a woman brought more good for the family budget, sitting in front of a computer and analyzing the movement of an asset than just doing the work of the household. One such example - it personally J.))

The question can be in another - whether the work on the financial market person? But this applies to both women and men. Try to always have, especially if you want to. So you will increase the efficiency and security of their families.

And the last of my observations Zhenya-traders. Most often, they opt for binary options trading on the following platforms:  uTrader .


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