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I decided to write an article about trading sessions on the stock market. It is particularly relevant for those who trade currency pairs (Forex pairs). After all, at different times of a currency has a different degree of volatility. Knowing this, you can make a more accurate prognosis, reduce risk, and most importantly, choose the right currency pair in which you can earn good money.

The global financial market works 24 hours a day (trading sessions follow each other), except for Saturday and GMT Sunday (GMT). Each of assets (currency pairs, stocks, indices) at a particular time is increased volatility, ie the activity and variability. Knowing these times and hours change, we have a good chance make money on the binary options... Volatility directly depends on trading sessions. During these hours, trading takes place, and the price of assets changes accordingly.

trading sessions

Personally, I trade only currency pairs on news the economic calendar. And now I will share with you my observations and a little secret: what I have been trading currency pairs during each of the sessions. And I will answer the question, why is the Forex pairs to trade based on news outlet. News greatly influence the exchange rate. Therefore, no matter what strategy You are not used, it will not work, if at this time of economic news coming out of the calendar. I think many people had a situation where you do a forecast, you open the option, at first everything goes well, then the asset price sharply changes its direction: rising or falling rapidly. And you end up at a loss and do not understand why it happened. So, most likely at the time data were published economic news. They even have influenced the movement of the currency. To avoid such a sad situation was no more, check out the Trading strategies on economic calendar newsAnd in the category News You always find the latest news with analysis and predictions for each day of the week.

Schedule of trading sessions

Pacific session It is running between 01.00 - 09.00 Moscow time. Exchange trading venues are located in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. Accordingly, the pair traded that contain an Australian or New Zealand dollars, as well as stocks of the Pacific region.

This is less volatile trading session, but you can make good money on the following currency pairs (of course, if there are scheduled news with preliminary expectations of financial analysts) AUD / USD и NZD / USD. That's all I can think of for this session.

Asia Session It is running between 04.00 - 13.00 Moscow time. Major trading centers - Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai. Greater volatility have local currency. My recommendations on currency pairs in these watches: USD / JPYand AUD / USD и NZD / USD (When the news on China, China is a major economic partner of Australia and New Zealand, so they really affect the Australian and New Zealand dollar). On the European currency is better not to sell, they are not very active in the working hours of the Asian session.

European Session It is running between 09.00 - 18.00 Moscow time. Trading centers - London, Paris, Zurich, Frankfurt. London - one of the largest financial centers in the world. On the London Stock Exchange traded more than 30% of all securities. Here are concentrated the largest banks in the terminals.

The peculiarity of the European session that morning, she covers the Asian, American and in the evening session.

My advice for the currency pairs: GBP / USD, GBP / EUR и EUR / USD, EUR / GBP. The most powerful news that are worth paying attention to is the data on the UK GBP and EUR for Germany and the Eurozone as a whole.

U.S. session It is running between 15.00 - 01.00 Moscow time. The first few hours of trading under the influence of the European session. The British pound and the euro retain their volatility.

The main news out of the US and Canada. So my advice for currency pairs: USD / JPY и USD / CAD.

Now you know about the main engines of the market and of who dictates the stock exchange policies. Listen to my advice with respect to currency pairs. It builds its strategy for trading binary options and always be in the black!

Schedule and time of trading sessions the most important stock exchange centers in the world ONLINE

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