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Several times I have met on the Internet article or message of the type "Binary Options - divorce","Binary Options - scam". I do not want to offend anyone, but such messages can appear only in two cases:

1) Either the person does not know and does not understand the specifics of the binary options brokers;

2) or a person faced with the broker fraud. I draw your attention that you need to be registered only from licensed and reliable broker (for example, the uTrader   - this platform has the largest number of licenses and certificates for provision of trade services in the options market). Check out trust the brokers rating and make sure your broker is not scam blacklist.

Therefore, this article I want to dedicate to multiple topics. First, I will tell you how and how much earning brokers. Secondly, I will explain why brokerage platform help to make traders (ie you and I).

Let's look at our first point on a concrete example. As well as earning binary options broker? Every day on the platform produced tens of thousands of transactions by traders around the world. It is logical that some of them closed in plus, and some negative. But for a broker that does not matter. In any case he will receive a guaranteed profit. How you ask? And everything is very simple. Each winning option I get a fixed income of 85%. At the same time, the other person may lose their investment of 100%. A simple mathematical equation can calculate: getting 100% of losers and paying 85% payoffs, the broker remains guaranteed 15% of net profit. Now let's multiply this percentage by tens of thousands of transactions per day ...

With this sorted out. Now I will show why brokers do not benefit from "draining the deposits of traders". Yes, I also met such an opinion on the Internet. I do not argue if you began to trade with a one-day broker, then it is of course advantageous for him to pocket your money, after a while to declare himself bankrupt, then to open a similar platform, but under a different name. Such an unscrupulous broker can paint graphics, manipulate quotations, open options with delay, close deals sooner or later for a few seconds with their own benefit. This you will not find on licensed platforms. They are simply not interested in such a black PR. But let's start in order.

In general, trading in the options market is quite simple: just need to predict in which direction the price of an asset will go up or down. You can trade currency pairs, shares the world's leading companies, Indexes и Commodities (Gold, silver, oil, copper, and so on). Commerce does not require the person of deep knowledge and skills. Anyone will be able to make a prediction, at least analyze the current world news and news of the financial market. But then a logical question arises: why brokers have not yet been ruined by paying for winning the forecasts?

The fact of the matter is that this simplicity attracts many people who want quick money. They want to break a big jackpot, without making any effort. Yes, for them it is like a game or a casino. Options open at random, and this leads to loss of the entire deposit. I do not want to offend anyone, and I apologize in advance if someone Zaden, but I do not feel sorry for these people. They are to blame for his failure. I, for example, know that I for one do not just give. If I want to earn - so I have to work hard. And there is no easy money. But many are too lazy to even read about strategies or elementary laws of trade, which are available free of charge! Alas, I'm faced with it every day ...
So, the percentage of these would-be traders did not become more and more brokers are struggling to help beginners: Create a training demo account, organize training centers and the whole Academy with manuals and video tutorials. And this is not to deceive us or fraud (such I also heard). The thing the law of conservation of balance - The percentage of successful traders must always be higher. After all, our success - it is additional advertising for the broker, and a good incentive for people to try new trading on binary options.

Binary options - it's not a divorce or scam also because they exist on European and American markets for almost 10 years and each year attracts a growing number of traders all over the world. Reliable brokers are licensed by state regulators (ministries) of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Agree, this would not have happened if it was a hoax.

Lastly, I want to give a piece of advice: do not be lazy to learn something new; read training materials and strategies for trading in the options market. Be in the black and earn as I and thousands of other successful traders!


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