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Good day! I am Anna Aleksandrovna - a former university teacher, and now - a successful online trader. My specialization is earnings on the Internet on binary options and forex. I have been doing this for only four years, but I have already made options trading a very profitable occupation for myself.

Yes, earnings on binary options and forex - this is true! You do not need to listen to the “know-it-alls”, who for a long time try to explain to everyone that this is a “divorce,” and all the articles telling how to trade correctly are quackery. At the same time, the “critics” forget that they need to prove their point of view and prove with the application of facts. Instead, there are bare emotions, sheer distrust of us — professionals who want to share the secrets of the craft. Take the first step to mastering the profession of a trader by registering for free: 

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Stable earnings in the binary options

Worldwide network - is not only useful information and all kinds of entertainment. With the help of internet you can earn - and earn really good money. Ways to so many, and those who really looking and really willing to work will always find a gold mine. For me, this "gold mine" became binary options - and I am ready to talk to all visitors of this site, how came to success.

If you have visited this page - so you want to earn online. If you do not want to earn money, but simply to get a guaranteed profit - unfortunately, I do not teach this. And no one to teach - because it does not happen. You can promise huge sums of money entirely for nothing - and, of course, deceived. Earnings on binary options - this is real, but it is not easy money. This is a serious work, it's work, which we must learn. And if you came here to learn - I will share all the tricks of my new profession.

From teachers to traders. How I became involved in options and forex

Why do people even start working online? Someone can not get a desired job in the city, home. Someone does not get the main job sufficiently high salary to support his family. Someone has a lot of free time - and wants to spend it than on pointless "rest", and part time. Someone just wants to try a new class - and ultimately makes your favorite hobby into a job.

All that I have just listed, and refers to me the most. I heard about binary options in general, by accident - but was looking for earnings in the Internet purposefully. I found a great way to support his family during a crisis - my real income ceased to depend on the economic situation in the country. I was looking for part time - found is really a favorite thing, which was for me the principal.

Let's start from the beginning. I have two degrees - linguistic and economic. Has worked in both fields: a long time has been an English teacher in high school, then went to the university, where he studied basics of management of future economists. My job I liked, but then there were difficulties ...

In 2011 year I went on leave for child care - is simply, in a decree. Despite all the trouble with the child, free time I have added - but has increased and the need for money. Increased family required additional costs - and though my husband was earning well, I still want to bring money into the house and herself.

First saved profile education. I translated texts very different directions, the students sell term papers and dissertations. This is a good and quite profitable work - but it has a significant drawback. Writing and translation takes a very long time: however, this can make good money, but only if you dedicate the 8-10 hours a day, maybe more. I, as a young mother, is not happy, and I began to look for another way.

The situation became even more difficult when our incomes fell sharply. Another crisis came and my husband was cut off at work. So in 2012, I was forced to look for a job on the network that would be reliable and at the same time not the most time-consuming: after all, no one took off my household chores. Where did I start? I sat down at my home computer and began to enter into the search engine standard queries like "work on the Internet", "how to earn online", "work online at home" and the like. Among other options I got caught and Forex, I tried to do it, but it was very difficult. And then I learned that there is a system like "Forex", but much less complicated, all the wisdoms of which can be mastered quite quickly. As you already guessed, it's about earnings on binary options.

What is convenient online earnings on binary options and forex?

I decided to start working with binary options, because they attracted me to their availability. It does not matter if you have economic education (I have, but I can not say that in this case it is particularly suitable). It does not matter the age: Head of acquaintances among fellow traders, I learned that among them are my age, and pensioners, students and even high school students. Here, of course, important experience - but to start to work and not work at a loss and may be zero. In short, binary options - this available and easily, and it is true. But this is not their only advantage.

Options Trading - is fast. The maximum duration of the transaction - 24 hours. Minimum - only 30 seconds. That is, you will immediately see the result of their work, and just have time for a couple of hours to crank out a few dozen transactions. Yes, work on binary options requires specific concentration, but your effort is rewarded quickly!

Finally - and this is probably the most important - trade options profitably. Successful transaction brings to 86 percent of net profit. That is, investing, say, US $ 100, 186 you can get with the successful outcome of the transaction - a good disposition, is not it?

What, actually, it is a transaction in binary options? In fact, you are doing what you are doing forecasts. For example: increase or decrease the price of gold over the next 30 minutes? You choose one of two options for making investments and wait for the transaction will be completed. Guess (in fact, of course, do not just guess, and the calculated true) - get the profits!

The same can be traded on this principle? In general, all of anything. As an asset when such transactions may be used:

  • The shares of different companies. Any companies, including giants such as Apple, Google and so on. Immediately give advice: keep track of economic news. They often reported as certain events (for example, the release of new models) will affect the value of the shares of the company - and usually this news can be followed in options trading.
  • Indexes. The significance of these figures formed the basis of the value of the shares of the largest companies in the country (for example, the Dow Jones index reflects the state of the US economy, the DAX - the German, and so on). The trader, by analyzing different indicators, predicts growth or decline in the price index.
  • Raw materials. This category includes a wide variety of commodities: gold and platinum, oil and gas, coffee and grain trade ... The principle is the same as that of other assets: it is necessary to determine the price will rise or fall on a specific type of raw material at a particular period of time.
  • Forex pairs. Choose two currencies - the euro and the dollar, the pound and the euro, the dollar and the yen, etc. - And you predict, will increase or drop one of them relative to the other. One of the most common options trading binary options: many traders specialize almost exclusively on currency pairs.

Thus, we describe a standard deal a little more detail. Schematically, each trader is many times a day does a job on the following algorithm:

  1. Choosing asset. For example, we decided to work with Google's shares.
  2. Select the direction in which, in our opinion, will move the asset price. Simply put, it will rise or fall.
  3. Set period. So we determine when the deal closes. As I wrote above, this gap can range from seconds to 30 24 hours. Usually traded by choosing a short period of time: 1, 5, 15 minutes, etc.
  4. Set investment size. For example, for a particular outcome we decide to put 100 US dollars.
  5. In the case of a successful transaction we receive a percentage of their investment.

How to start trading?

After registering, you must open an account with binary options broker or forex broker. In this way, you establish a connection with global stock markets: your broker's job is to mediate. On my site you can find information about the best brokers with whom it is especially reliable to work.

So by such broker, I have started acquaintance with the world of binary options. I must say that this work can not be considered earnings without attachments. Opening of the first deposit implies some financial expenses - it's true. But if you quickly realize that you have to do and what you need to know and be able to work successfully, any investment will pay off and multiply.

At first I was very much afraid of failure - in fact, theoretically on binary options, you can lower the entire deposit without closing a single transaction! I was lucky: the first "plus" transactions appeared very quickly. The first week of trading on binary options brought me more than 200 (specifically - 207) US dollars. And this despite the fact that I did not spend much time and energy on it: only two or three hours a day! Having carried out the elementary arithmetical calculations, I realized that even such income is not just an additional work, but a full salary, which many office workers can envy. And this is only the beginning: after all, I achieved this, almost without knowing anything!

The conclusion was obvious: to trade binary options can and should expect as a stable source of income. I do not become complacent, having achieved the first successes. I began to read the article and watch the video, communicate in special chat rooms and forums on professional, to develop their own strategies ... As a result I was able to invest in the transaction amount more serious - and thus earn more.

"Far" - this is how much? You can see for yourself: in this screenshot of my trades are located in the binary options for just one day.

802 dollar: I achieved this result with a broker.

Earnings from uTraider

uTraider with earnings

Impressive? Once again, I made this for a day's work, however, is very good. How much do I earn per month? Here's information on my income with a broker in 2017 year- So much money, I rented on a monthly basis from the account.

withdrawal december utrader 2017

You want to have the same number? This is more than real! In order to start making money on the binary options, you need to do only three steps:

  1. FREE register on the platform and choose a reliable broker.
  2. Open trading deposit.
  3. Start trading.

It would be foolish to deny that in our case a role luck plays. Definitely - but not decisive! Trading binary options - this is not a game of roulette. Ostensibly to "guess" the outcome of transactions are actually the results of accurate calculations, the fruit carefully designed strategies. If you want to study - you are welcome! If not - just be prepared for the fact that your deposit will not live long.

Better to perceive visual information? Especially for you, I prepared a video where specific examples explain how to trade binary options. In the video I show what exactly my job than I am motivated - and thus achieve success.

Options Trading - is it difficult?

After reading the materials and watching the video, many may even be horrified: "And this you call an easy job? What then is difficult? "Yes, for those who previously had no idea about the work of the financial market, working with binary options may seem completely incomprehensible. It seems that you need to keep in mind a huge amount of information that you need to conduct complex calculations that you need to operate freely with sophisticated economic terms ... In fact, everything is easier than it seems. The main thing is to really want to work, and you will be sure that the information necessary for the job is acquired very quickly, and the principles of making transactions become transparent and understandable!

Why do I make online?

No "more worthy" and "less worthy" people. Anyone can succeed, everyone can find a prestigious and favorite work, followed by a high pay. With the advent of technology and the spread of these words have become particularly relevant. It does not matter whether you have a connection and love - is not important and diploma of education in a specific specialty. Are important to your business quality, it is important perseverance and determination, important lively mind and a desire to make money. From zero to reach the level at which you feel financially independent - it is possible, and I'm telling you the truth!

The global financial market - a gigantic, immense structure. Daily turnover even in not very good times - it is billions of dollars. If you manage to "pinch off" from this at least one billion chips - 100, 200 dollars a day - it is completely transparent for the market, but a very good support for you and your family. You will be able to let yourself and your family to spend money not only necessary but also pamper yourself - travel to other countries on holiday, buying new things, making new hobby.

I have not succeeded since the early days. In addition to good deals, of course, there were many failures. It was lost deposits and very hurtful miscalculations. But next to me have always been close to people - I always felt the support of the family, for now tell everyone thank you very much. I took the binary options for the welfare of their loved ones - and was able to transform it from an interesting hobby into a real job, the main source of income. I'm not afraid of crises now - because I always know that I can make a good deal, and increase family capital!

My knowledge - your advantage!

Becoming a trader, I left teaching in high school. But I do not forget that a large part of his life spent teaching others. I dare to hope that I have obtained is good - so I decided not to leave teaching, let him now and I do not come to class or audience. I created this resource, because I want to teach you to trade binary options.

This is not just a theory: in general, "bare knowledge," not backed by practical examples, is almost never met. I do not abuse terminology, in simple language, I want to tell you what I know myself. I want to tell you what to look for first and foremost and how to be guided in the future, how to learn to read graphics and use special programs. In this case, I do not set a goal to earn on those who will be trained. There is a lot of useful information on this site - but there is no paid content. Everything is free, everything is available - and everything is in your hands!

In addition to theoretical materials and practical advice, I give you access to your online chat signals. Going into this chat under my care traders can earn by simply copying my deal! Very good help at first - well then you start making yourself and (! Who knows) can even exceed my results!

vip chat online signals


So, having been engaged in trade in binary options, you get:

  1. Stable income. As follows from the table of my, its level may vary, but below a certain - and very high! - Strap you will not descend.
  2. Financial independence. You no longer need to "save for a vacation," and in all deny yourself for major purchases. Increased revenue - the increase of possibilities!
  3. Freedom. No need to go to the office. You do not need to depend on the whims of the authorities. Do not be afraid to get laid off. You work for yourself - and spend on the job as much as you see fit!

Sounds tempting? Yes, but keep in mind that results may not come to those who are not accustomed to act! Start to work - and after a short time, make sure that the work is bearing fruit. In addition to studying the materials of this site, you can subscribe and receive articles and videos where you can learn very useful information. Materials subscription also will not cost you a penny. All you have to do: enter in this form in your details and click on the "Subscribe" button.


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