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To start make a binary optionsEnough to make just a few steps. It will take you no more than 5-minutes.

STEP №1 Choosing a broker binary options

Check out my Reliable brokers rating. All of them have a license to carry out their activities. This pledge of safety of your money and fair operation of the trading platform. Brokers differ in the amount of the minimum initial deposit welcome bonus and the value of the minimum rates. Choose the one who is most suitable to you.


Follow the link and get to the main page of the broker's trading platform. You will need to fill in all the fields that are circled in red in my screenshot below.

log in

Inscribe First name, Name, E-mail address и Your mobile phone. If you want to receive the weekly surveys, special offers and messages from the broker, in the appropriate box tick. Information herein, please reliable. No need to invent anything. Since then it will be necessary to pass the data verification process, that is, their documented. At the end of the registration push button Start trading.


After registration you will be automatically redirected to the page the opening of trading deposit и verification of data. What is it, you ask? Verification - This is a mandatory rule of all brokers that are licensed to conduct financial trading. It should not be afraid. You only need to fill in all the blanks with reliable information. Verification - it is a guarantee that the funds will be vyshi protected. They had not been able to remove or take advantage of them, except for you. Take a look at the screenshots below.

After filling in all the data, press the button Save and Continue.

STEP №4 Make a deposit

After saving the data, the system will redirect you to a page funding your deposit. It looks like this:

deposit in

Among the options binary options broker gives the opportunity to add to the initial deposit credit и MasterCard debit cards or Visa, electronic purses WebMoney or Scrill, By bank transfer. Input and output means of profits may also vary from broker to broker. In my detailed review of all necessary information.
With regards to the broker OptionTime, no matter what currency you open a bank account, there is a card or e-wallet. When transferring funds are automatically converted into one of the supply of currency in which you carry trades.

After making deposits can say with confidence that you have registered with a broker binary options traders have become one of the options market trading and are ready to a successful earnings!

In addition, a tab My account (my account), You will need to document your passport details and upload scans to check the required documents, or photos.

verification en

These are:

- One of the proposed document for identification;
- One of the options to confirm the place of residence;
- If you replenish the deposit and the earned income using a credit or debit card, will be necessary, and it scans. But first close last 4-5 digits on the obverse and the security code (three digits) on the reverse side. It is only necessary to confirm that the card holder (his full name) and the person to open a trading account - this is one and the same person.

To go to your trading account, You will need to use a login form, indicating the mailbox and password (the ones you used to register).

log in

STEP №5 CONCLUSION earned income

Make a profit you will also be output using tab My account (my account). The choice available to all of the same methods as for replenishment of the deposit: credit and debit cards MasterCard and Visa, WebMoney electronic purse or Scrill, bank transfer.

deposit out


I still would like to draw your attention to a couple of points. When registering you must provide your inbox and phone number. What is needed now face it.


Firstly, on it you will go to the broker's trading platform. And secondly, you can receive the latest news about promotions, updates and innovations on the platform of your broker. So you will always be aware of all cases.

Phone number:

For every new trader in the brokerage platforms fix a personal account manager. He will call you at this number after registration. No need to be afraid. Just me several times already mentioned newcomers, telling what they call a stranger, asking them for more information, and this caused them anxiety and worry. Job Manager - to help you! If you have any difficulties with the passage of verification, making deposits, downloading the necessary documents, or simply have any questions - contact your account manager! He will advise you around and help.

That's all. I highlighted all the key moments of registration, verification and opening a trading account with a broker binary options. Now learn a couple of good Strategies or Trading Signals and start earning. Good luck and always be in the black!


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