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Especially for traders binary options, especially for beginners, I decided to create List brokersThat are not fair play in trade in the financial market. This list will get those platforms that do not pay income cheat with charts and quotes, or conduct fraudulent activity. I would be glad if this Blacklist of binary options brokers help someone avoid financial losses.
If you personally have faced unfair work of one of the brokers, boorish attitude or deception, write about its history on ranking of brokers. Let's together complement the list and remove speculators to clean water!

Blacklist binary options

 01broker.com  betonspot.com  cititrader.com  gftrades.com  optionrama.com  timebinary.com


 bfmmarkets.com  digitoption.com  globaltrader365.com   optionsclick.com   tradecall-invest.com


 bfxoption.com   easyxp.com   golden-bank.com  optionsmarter.com  tradequicker.com 


 binarymarkets.com   ebinaires.com   ikkotrader.com   ption-world.com  tradereasy.com


 binoa.com  empireoption.com   interactiveoption.com  optionxp.com  tradersleader.com


 bnry.com   excellencebroker.com   ioptioneu.com  phenixoption.com   traderush.com 


 bocapital.com  excitingmarkets.com   leaderoption.com  planetoption.com  traderworld.com 


 bossoptions.com   eztrader.com  obmarkets.com  prestigebanq.com  traderxp.com


 cedarfinance.com  fboption.com  optimarkets.com   royaldebank.com  tradobk.com 


 chronoption.com  gfmtrader.com   optionet.com  startoptions.com  ubinary.com


 worldtradeoption.com  xpertmarket.com  xpmarkets.com  zeoption.com  99binary.com

 everyoption.com  dragonoptions.com  optitrade24.com  rainbowforex.com


Popularity earnings on binary options trading is gaining momentum. Moreover, this type of income attracts both experienced investors and beginners. But by studying the issues of maximizing profits from the investment, the investor forgets about the fundamental decision - how to choose a brokerage company as a partner?

Broker-cheater - who is he?

Analysis of the current situation in the market of binary options shows that not many companies provide services to support such transactions. At the same time, brokers who are really professionals caring about the profit and income of their client, in fact, not so much. But the number of companies that, in fact, do not even have the right to provide such services is increasing. Often the interest zone of such brokers is not the conscientious customer service, but the receipt of their own profit to the detriment of the investor's needs. Often such companies intend to provide their customers with incorrect information about the situation in the market of binary options (for example, unreliable real quotes are displayed). And sometimes such black brokers simply disappear with the money of their investors.

On the Internet you can find lists of black brokers. These are companies that already have a bad reputation, and have nothing to do with reliable brokers. Is it possible to recognize their own company-swindler?

Black brokers - how to identify the fraudster

The main clients of unscrupulous brokers are considered to novice investors. The novice trader is difficult to verify the authenticity of the broker license. But many black investment company and do work without any permission, their accounts are open to firms which do not provide brokerage services.

The second most important detail is the presence of the Russian-speaking support. Very often a user visits the Russian site, and assuming that a support is also configured in such a way, the broker transfers the money. In the end, it turns out that Russian support is not that often makes it impossible for the full and effective operation.

During the first transactions will not be superfluous to open them to the minimum amount. So you can test the speed of most brokerage platform. In the case of "braking" is not a match quotes from the company providing the liquidity necessary to question the reliability of the partner. Most likely these activities will not bring you profit.

It is also important to the size of minimum deposit requirements - it will never be 5-15 dollars. In a large, long-running company deposit it is rarely less than 200-300 dollars.

And the last - major brokerage firms are almost always willing to give their customers the opportunity to "test" trade. This means that an investor can create a virtual account, within which it is possible to try the commission of certain transactions. For the customer this option will gain an understanding of the trading process without investing real money.

In other words, the choice of a reliable broker - a decision in favor of a successful trade with a serious partner. Having signed a contact with a stable investment company, the customer declines of concern for the organization of the trading process and its maintenance, focusing their attention on augmenting their income and develop a successful trading strategy.

Work with companies from my ranking of brokersThere you will find a company with which I personally own work, and who have a good reputation for several years. Invest and make money with reliable partners!


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