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Accurate trading signals are a proven key to stable passive income on the exchange. And getting the right information about potentially profitable trades in our time is not so difficult. It is enough to buy or download a free robot with high performance indicators of technical market analysis.

In the first case, assistants are often offered by brokers. But the cost of using them often exceeds the financial capabilities of most novice traders who want to make the most of all the money they have on hand. If you are also not very interested in spending finances without a return guarantee, I advise you to familiarize yourself with the popular signal robot Abi Signals.

Not so long ago, this automatic assistant was not particularly popular among users in Russia. However, the high percentage of successful transactions attracted many traders from all over the world. And now almost every investor knows Abi Signals, who prefers to trust their investments to a reliable system, rather than their own intuition, which often misfires (especially in today's market conditions, which are very different from the traditional pictures we are used to due to the unpredictable behavior of assets and constantly changing financial - political picture of the world).

Today I will tell you in more detail about the principles of operation of this robot and give all the necessary recommendations for a successful start with its help. But do not forget that no system in the world can give a 100% guarantee of a positive transaction. Therefore, small drawdowns should always be treated as calmly and with a cold mind as possible.

The principle of operation of the signaling robot Abi Signals

abi signals site

This assistant performs a quick and comprehensive analysis of your selected assets. Its settings contain the three most relevant trading strategies today:

  • Martingale;
  • Fibonacci;
  • Classic.

The first is considered the most risky. It is chosen by participants who are not afraid of a drawdown and who want to increase their capital as quickly as possible. After each minus, the system increases the bet. And when a trader makes a profit, it more than covers all costs.

The Fibonacci system is designed for fans of calm and measured trading. An order for a deal occurs only when several trading signals at once show the relevance of the entry. Therefore, Fibonacci is distinguished precisely by the high accuracy of financial investments. But, as you know, who does not take risks does not drink champagne. Therefore, the profitability of this approach is somewhat lower compared to the other two.

The classic trading system is recognized by experts as the safest. It does not give such impressive results as Martingale, but it does not tickle the nerves, which is especially important for novice traders who have not yet developed stress resistance and endurance. The program makes more trades than in the case of Fibonacci. The chance of drawdown is higher, but the profitability of the classical system is also more pleasant. This is the "golden mean" for most investors.

The program works online and uses only the latest input from the market. If the trend of the asset changes its direction, it will instantly take this into account in its calculations. As practice shows, in most cases, even the most experienced trader is simply not able to respond to market movements so quickly.

Abi Signals signal robot can use 6 indicators at the same time. Based on the received data, he forms the most probable forecast and gives a signal to the trader. You can decide for yourself whether to follow the recommendations of the robot or not. This is called semi-automatic mode. But if the investor is just starting his journey and is not yet confident in his own knowledge, you can turn on automatic transactions. In this case, the robot itself will submit an application and fix the profit in case of success.

The main advantage of this method is that you do not waste your nerves and time at all. There is no longer any need to constantly watch for a good moment to enter the market. The robot will instantly respond to a stable signal and make a deal at the most convenient moment for this, when the potential plus will be maximum. You may not even be online. Free trading signals will be processed automatically, and the trader will only have to withdraw the profit in any way that is most convenient for him

How to trade with the Abi Signals robot

For me personally, one of the key advantages of this program was the fact that there is no need to download and install software on your computer. Firstly, this saves free space on the device. Secondly, there is no risk of downloading something dangerous. After all, any file from the Internet can be fraught with far from the safest "stuffing" in the form of a virus.

I have outlined all the steps required to get started with this assistant, in the form of five main steps:

  1. Registration. Creating a personal account in this case is an elementary task. Fill out a standard form and after a few minutes you will receive a letter to the e-mail address indicated in it to confirm registration. The owners of Abi Signals will not charge you for this.
  2. Broker choice. Available options are specified in the settings of the robot itself. You can choose multiple brokers if you wish.
  3. Deposit replenishment. In order for the assistant to have something to buy assets with, you need to deposit at least the minimum amount to the trading account. It is clear that it is possible to work with the market even with a small deposit. But the more money you entrust to your assistant, the more impressive the result will be.
  4. Setting parameters in your personal account. Don't rush to follow your intuition. The choice of settings must be approached with the greatest possible responsibility. here you specify a suitable strategy, indicators, option expiration time, rate value, as well as a list of assets available for work.
  5. Mode selection and trading itself. Specify how the robot should act - on its own or just give you trading signals to choose a reaction. If you are not yet confident in your skills, I recommend that you stop at a completely autonomous approach.

My experience with the daycare assistant has been overwhelmingly positive. I did not see any complicated or incomprehensible moments in the settings. The interface is friendly even for beginners in the field of trading.

Benefits of the Abi Signals signaling robot

Let me remind you once again why you should take a closer look at this particular version of the assistant:

  • Excellent performance indicator. Not every experienced trader is able to give a total of 83-85% of trades closed in plus. Such a result will help cover any possible drawdown.
  • Autonomous and semi-automatic version of the system. Experienced users can make their own decisions about making a deal, focusing on free trading signals. It will be much more useful for beginners to entrust all the most difficult work to an assistant.
  • Fine settings. The assistant can be fully adapted to the individual needs of each trader or investor, regardless of their usual trading methods.
  • Useful site. There is a lot of information here that I recommend reading for novice market participants.
  • Excellent reputation. Abi Signals is popular among even the most experienced investors, who have many years of independent work with the market behind them. and this applies to traders from all over the world.
  • Work with reliable and trusted brokers. You open a trading account with a company that has all the necessary licenses. This is a guarantee of protection against any unpleasant surprises.

If you have been thinking about setting up passive income for a long time, go through a simple registration in Abi Signals.

My personal experience with Abi Signals

Of course, there is a lot to be said. But trust is only a visual demonstration of the facts (at least, that's what I think). Therefore, I have prepared for you a small personal review regarding cooperation with Abi Signals.

Step №1. I went to the official website of the robot. On the start page, I clicked on the "Register" button and filled out a standard form, indicating my personal data (everything is typical, nothing extra was requested): last name and first name, email address, current mobile number and password.

abi signals registration

Step №2. Next, I went to the personal account of the signal robot. It looks like this.

abi signals overview

As you can see, everything is in sight. No need to look for a window to select a broker. You immediately see the active button for quick and easy replenishment of the trading account. Below you can see the asset movement chart (in my case, the EUR/USD pair is automatically set).

In your personal account there is a block with answers to the most common user questions. Therefore, before contacting technical support, be sure to read them. There is also a demo version of the account (it is useful for beginners or the creator of a new personal trading strategy to train their strength). If you still need to get answers from project managers, go to the "Feedback" tab. In general, I liked the design of my personal account. Everything is as simple and clear as possible.

Step №3. Select settings. Perhaps this is the most interesting. I started with a broker.

abi signal broker

Then I set the automatic trading mode and opened the deeper settings of the program. They look like this.

abi signal broker

Very handy tab. All items are presented as accessible as possible. To set limits for the robot, be sure to mark the maximum possible amount of the transaction. Choose a trading system, current indicators that the program will use in the future to analyze the market, as well as the interval for studying the situation with assets. And do not forget about the degree of risk, this is a very important point. I installed everything according to the standard scheme. You can choose what you see fit specifically for yourself.

And here is the list of assets available for work. As you can see, the list is quite impressive. Enough even for the most sophisticated traders. I have chosen everything, but you can stop at a few specific options.

abi signals assets

Step №4. Next, I had to upload screenshots of documents for verification. This is already a longer process compared to a simple registration, but it is absolutely necessary for all brokers and automatic assistants. This is absolutely normal.

So, I replenished the deposit in the amount to test the capabilities of this robot (2000 US dollars). This money was immediately reflected in the balance sheet. You can start trading.  

Step №5. Making sure that no economically important news is coming out right now that could dramatically change the course of asset movement, I activated the automatic mode. Still, it was not very convenient for me to follow the trading signals, so I decided to test the capabilities of the system itself. And here are the results of the robot's work in just an hour and a half of its activity. I am attaching reports from the office (I have set the language to English, so that foreign readers of this article can also understand).

abisignals earnings

abisignals earnings

The result was a profit of $217,50 in one day!

In my opinion, an excellent result, considering that I did not lift a finger at all to receive this money. the robot made 16 transactions during this time, 3 of which went into the red, and all the rest turned out to be positive. The average efficiency of the assistant turned out to be about 75%. Would I be able to demonstrate such a result myself? I don't think. Still, the time period is very short, and the volatility was quite strong.

Step №6. Of course, I decided to check how the withdrawal of the received profit works here. Everything went perfectly. The money was credited to my account strictly in accordance with the specified terms. and here is a clear proof of this.

abisignals profit withdrawal

Let's summarize. Abi Signals is a completely independent trading system based on free trading signals, available to everyone. The efficiency of this robot is really quite high. Such indicators allow you to get impressive profits, even without making transactions on your own. The system independently analyzes the movement of assets and completes a trading operation at the peak of its potential. Can this assistant be trusted? My answer is yes. During the testing of Abi Signals, there was not a single overlay. Registration, account verification, as well as setting up settings and withdrawing received funds went perfectly. This robot is great for both beginners and experienced traders.

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