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Trade bitcoins, lightcoins and other digital currencies is now considered one of the most promising types of earnings. The crypto-exchange exchanges are already working, and after them appeared bots - assistants, intended for automatic trading.

When it became clear that cryptographic coins have a great future, the number of people willing to trade with them has grown tens of times. But many market participants started from scratch and, of course, suffered losses. Novice traders could only buy assets cheaper and sell more. But successful trade in this market requires experience and theoretical knowledge.

In addition, serious work requires a lot of time. I always missed him, and I decided to try bot for trading crypto currency. In the stock markets, automatic advisors have long been known, and they bring a lot of benefits to traders.

Types of bots for trading crypto currency

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The robot is a special program that helps to trade financial instruments, including crypto currency. It works by the given parameters and can free the trader from routine work. The necessary indicators can be set by the market participant himself.

Trading bots come in several forms. The simplest buy a crypto currency when the price of it decreases, and sell with a further increase in value. This option is used by many traders, especially beginners.

If you choose a bot more difficult, it will use additional data. Such advisors will issue an order only if these data meet the parameters specified by the owner (additional conditions for opening the transaction). For example, they can study the graph of the exchange rate of digital currencies for a certain time. If the crypto currency fell within 15%, the bot will buy it. If a drop exceeds 25%, he refuses to enter into a contract.

Exist two main types of robots:

• Trading, intended for work within the same site. Their income is the difference between buying a crypto currency and reselling it.

• Arbitration. These assistants trade on different exchanges. They can buy, for example, bitcoin on one site, and sell on another, where it costs more. I have not tried to work with such bots, but I think the revenue can be quite good.

Each trader himself chooses an assistant, but the benefits come from both trading and arbitration robots.

The mechanism of action of trading robots crypto

For the successful operation of the program meets its main element - the trading strategy. This is the totality of the parameters on which you decide which decision you will take. In the process of trading, an automatic assistant conducts an analysis of the crypto-exchange area. Robots are released on the market with ready-made settings, but some of them can be changed manually.

The more parameters that can be changed in a bot, the more the trader has the opportunity to influence the strategy. But if a professional can make profit out of it, beginners the abundance of parameters will only confuse. The risk of incurring losses increases.

If you are not yet an experienced trader or a good analyst, it makes sense to choose strategies with already set parameters. Some of them are designed specifically for currency pairs, others are actively used in stock markets.

Do not worry that the use of an automatic helper will be a violation and for this will follow the ban from the broker. Trading robots make a huge number of transactions, for each of which a commission is charged to the counterparty.

Therefore, many companies even encourage such cooperation. I've been working with bots for a long time and I can say that on most sites their use is allowed. If you are in doubt, you can refer to this question in the technical support of the exchange.

Where to find a robot for trading crypto currency

crypto bot

Another question that interests my colleagues is how to find a bot that will help you trade with profit. There are several options:

1. Compilation of the program on its own. To do this, you must be an advanced user.

2. Purchase of the program. This method is also more suitable for experienced traders.

3. Free use of the bot, trading crypto currency. Such a method will help to increase income not only for professionals, but also for beginners. One of the options is the shark adviser, with whom I trade myself.

Another way to get a robot is to buy a script or download it. A script is a basic code that can be obtained for free or for money, and then modified to suit your needs.

Write a program is not easy, but feasible, if you have experience. Any cryptobot develops a crypto currency for a specific exchange. When creating arbitration bots, you must specify the parameters of several sites. It is desirable that the platform had a trading API.

For beginners colleagues I will say a few words about the API. This interface is a database on the current state of the crypto-currency market. Also here there are all the necessary functions that allow the trader to start work. Often the API can be obtained at the exchange that you have chosen to trade.

Develop a program without APIs, too, you can, but it will take more time. Here, all have to write on their own, so this option is not suitable for anyone. I consider independent development expedient only if you are performing an expensive order or want to experiment.

Buying an automatic adviser does not take much time. They are traded as profile companies-developers, and individuals. You can buy the program from private traders at special forums. On sale there are any kinds of bots, from the most simple to complex and expensive. They can be provided for different periods.

Beginners should buy an economy package. Such a bot is usually provided for a month and performs simple actions of buying and selling of crypto currency. If you already have some experience, you can choose an advanced package. Within its framework it is allowed to use the program as much as necessary, and the presence of two dozen strategies will help to trade with the maximum profit. If you want, you can buy an intermediate version.

Traders who can pay for an exclusive assistant are offered VIP programs. For you, a robot will be created on an individual order. It is written under the desired exchange and by the parameters that you order yourself.

Also in the network there is a large selection of programs adapted for trading on certain exchanges: Poloniex, Kraken and others. The billets are also presented in sufficient quantity. But the quality of their work and the level of security is difficult to predict.

If you have just started choosing a robot, I advise you to pay attention to free bots software. They are no worse than paid counterparts, and sometimes they surpass them. Download this software is not necessary: ​​it is synchronized with the trading platform and can work in the browser. It is enough to go to the robot's site, register and gain access to your personal account. Such a program can become a reliable assistant in the work.

What are the advantages of crypto bots

bot dla torgovli cryptocurrency vnutri 780 3

Like any popular novelty, the trading robot causes a lot of questions. People want to know whether the program really works, whether it is possible to get a stable income with it. Many are concerned about how the owners of exchanges relate to automatic advisers.

I must admit that trading bots have not only advantages, but also drawbacks. First I want to name several pluses:

• Ability to free personal time. When newcomers come to trade on the exchange, they are surprised that they work on 10-15 hours per day. To get a return, you need to invest a lot of energy. If you have a robot that works around the clock, you can take time to other things.

• Cryptobots can simultaneously trade on several exchanges. Man can not do it, and the program can easily cope with work on different sites. Another option is to purchase several bots and increase your revenue.

• Speed ​​of work. In this case, the person is inferior to the automatic adviser. The price of crypto-currencies sometimes changes instantly, and there is a lot of time to calculate proportions and make a decision. The program is faster, and a timely transaction can bring a solid profit.

• Robots trade with exact compliance with the strategy. When you are new to the digital currency market, waiting for the first earnings sometimes takes a long time. If you trust cryptobot, you can reduce risks and start trading at a profit.

• Programs are rarely mistaken. Of course, the automatic advisor is the result of human labor, and bots are not insured against errors. But technically they work exactly, so the result is something to miss or incorrectly calculate is close to zero.

Bezemotsionalnost is another advantage of trading programs. When a person looks at a course or decides to open a deal, he is always nervous. The robot is a cold-blooded creature: it does not get tired and does not feel any doubts.

All The disadvantages of cryptobots:

I told you about the benefits of trading bots, but you can ask why some traders do not rush to use them. Disadvantages of such programs do exist.

The main disadvantage is that the robot always acts according to the pattern. He trades on a given program, and any non-standard situation puts him at a dead end.

A feature of digital currencies is high volatility. When it comes to a short-term transaction, a trader can get rich even in an hour, including using cryptobots. If you take a longer period, for example, a day, a person's chance to conclude a profitable contract is much higher.

A professional trader can quickly analyze the situation in the market and make an accurate forecast. The boat will trade in the evening the same way as in the morning, although during the day the situation can drastically change.

Do not forget about the commission, which brokers charge for each transaction. It is levied regardless of whether you received a profit or not. If the bot parameters are set incorrectly, the commission value can be significant. True, the number of transactions concluded by the program can be limited by changing the settings.

If you've never worked with cryptobots, I recommend trying >>>. Finding a reliable program will take time, but a good helper is worth it. The main thing, friends, remember: a bot is not a substitute for a person, but a good helper. Learn the basics of trading, gain experience, and the result will not keep you waiting!

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