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Hello, dear traders! Today I want to share with you my opinion, on a new robot, who was named Forex-Lady.

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The robot was created in order to create powerful support for working in forex and CFD. For me it was very curious that it was based on all relevant developments that were available to its creators. It turns out that Forex-Lady can be called a kind of sublimation of experience, which traders and developers have been saving for many years.

Forex-Lady review

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Initially, the robot bribes an intuitive interface that can allow even the greenest newcomer to understand what to do next. Being a professional, it's difficult for me to look at the tested robots through the prism of the beginner's views, but I try to do this to give you the most objective assessment of all its components. So, here are the advantages that attracted me:

- The robot allows you to create the most complete and accurate configuration, with the ability to duplicate the trading system.

If a beginner started using them, he would not have lost, because Forex-Lady gives the opportunity to use the factory settings. Yes, they seemed to me somewhat primitive, however, they work, and this is a fact. In other words, a robot can become the basis of earnings even for a person who is unable to correctly pronounce "Forex".

- Absence of any bugs program.

When it comes to earnings, no one will want to lose money due to software problems. Many robots sin that in the midst of events they have a habit of "hanging up." Voltage and increased activity, the need for a single processing of a large amount of information, as well as the constant interfacing of computing work with the arrival of new data, often strains the robots. Failure means loss of income. The creators of Forex-Lady solved this problem, clearly delineating it on the profile components. So, from a technical point of view, it has significantly increased the "ceiling" of the data stream for processing. By the way, for the most part, forex-lady reviews describe this particular feature, as the main advantage.

- High degree of sensitivity.

Also I want to note that after studying the forex lady reviews, I saw references to the special degree of sensitivity of the robot, with which I agree. In the process of work, many times there were cases when the banal overbought market, with the moment of the price turn, were predicted very well in advance. Based on this, I conclude that the robot can be used for both high-volatility assets and those that are in the flat for a long time. In any case, forex-lady presents all the necessary settings.

Forex Lady is my personal tip

Of the moments that I have raised questions - a limited number of indicators. Yes, they are quite enough to create a support for any trading system, but I admit that I want diversity. I saw many robots, and forex-lady today can take the place of one of the best, but for perfect perfection I would like to finally see more indicators.

Now let's sum up the summary of the review. Considering that all forex-lady reviews are vying with each other, that this robot is the top of the creation, I investigated its possibilities very closely, because I believe that the higher the status - the more there must be demand.

The totality of its positive sides really allows you to say that the forex lady reviews are written in a sincere manner, and that the robot can stand in line with the highest quality programs. However, all this perfection seemed to me not enough. I'm not just saying that the robot is bad, but that its potential is much higher than it is now. In any case, the creators of forex-lady make it clear that their creation is waiting for a big change. This means that the version will be updated and updated. I would very much like to see the robotics for trading eventually develop further.

Thus, forex-lady today represents the top of the possibilities of robotic support in trading. In any case, after seeing the result, I want to say that this robot is a part of the future. By all accounts, he is definitely worthy of being recommended. However, at the same time, I hope that its creators continue to work on improvement.

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Forex Lady Forex trading in pairs and Crypto currency

With this robot you can trade popular currency pairs:


And crypto coins with the highest profitability:


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Forex Robot Settings

What brokers are synchronized Forex-Lady

The availability of brokers to synchronize with the robot depends on the country of the trader. Not all countries are accepted by brokers. This question can be clarified in support of the robot, or robot home page, in the table with the list of brokers. Clicking on the button details, you can see the list of available countries for each broker. 

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Trading with Forex Ladies

forex lady 780 406 vnutri buttom

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