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Everyone dreams about passive income, but not all can realize this. Trading on Forex is one of the most profitable sources of income through the Internet. But what if you do not have the skills and abilities to implement it? After all, for profitable trade, you need to know at least the basics of technical and fundamental analysis. Well, it's very difficult!

There are many advisers and robots that were created for the terminal Metatrader 4. But the difficulty lies in choosing a decent program, because now the network is full of unprofitable programs created by scammers for mercenary purposes. Even if you were lucky enough to find one, then the next difficulty is to properly configure, test and optimize the Expert Advisor. Moreover, it still needs to be correctly decompressed and installed in the terminal directory MT4. This is extremely difficult for beginners to do.

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Crypto currency market

This is the most promising direction for earning money. And people around the world get big money not only from trading Bitcoins and other altcoys, but also due to mining and real buying / selling of digital assets on crypto-exchange exchanges.

At once I will tell, that to beginners it is possible to forget about these ways. They require large financial investments and knowledge. Therefore, the surest way is trading on Forex.

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But there are also pitfalls here. To successfully conclude transactions, you need to have the knowledge and experience in market analysis. Sometimes his training can take years! And what if by then the crypto-currency market collapses and will not be so promising? We need to use the moment right now!

The best option is a robot for automatic earnings, which would not only analyze the market on its own, but also conclude deals. The network is full of similar programs. But as practice shows - in more than 90% of cases they are unprofitable.

Can I say something about the robot Autocrypto-Bot? No! And this is confirmed by the feedback of real people on the net! The reason for its success lies in the fact that it is based on a unique algorithm that you can customize for yourself. And all this without the need to learn the basics of programming. The program itself chooses the most suitable moments on the market for opening deals.

The essence of the program Autocrypto-Bot

So, this is a program that not only analyzes the market itself, but also concludes deals. Its main feature is that you do not need to install any third-party programs, unpack files of advisors, as it should be done in Metadrader 4 or 5. All the work is done in a web-based platform, just open a site in your browser window.

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Above is the statistics of the program for the last two years, which is quite encouraging. Moreover, you will be able to see how the Autocrypto-Bot robot contracts for each day from the very moment of its foundation in the corresponding section on the official website. Believe it or not - it's up to you. But it's better to see this personally on a free demo account with a deposit of 10 000 virtual dollars.

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The main advantage and feature of this program is full freedom of choice! You choose:

  • what assets will the robot trade,
  • on what timeframe it will look for signals,
  • what strategy of rates he will use,
  • indicators for market analysis,
  • level of stop loss and take profit, when the robot automatically closes the deal.

The developers have implemented such flexible settings, thus, led the automatic trading to a whole new level! Analogues of this program you will not find.

Now you do not need to learn complex technical analysis and remember the values ​​of candle patterns. It's enough just to set up the program for your comfortable work and turn on the Auto trading mode.

Operating modes of the program

Speaking of this. If you are still afraid to fully trust this program, you can work on online signals. That is, the robot itself generates them, well, the trader already decides whether to follow them or not. Very comfortably! It turns out that the program performs the function of not only an automatic robot for trading, but also an advisor.

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Developers benefit from creating a profitable program. Yes, Robot AutoCrypto Bot is completely free. There are no hidden commissions, additional payments for renewing subscriptions to receive signals, and so on.

Registration and trade

So, with the main advantages and features of this program, we have figured out. By the way, you can follow the work of the robot even from the screen of your mobile phone! That is, before you exit the house, simply turn on the program, and then periodically go and check it, so you completely control the program and you can stop it at any time.

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The first thing you need to register on the site itself Autocripto Bot. There is nothing difficult, fill in your personal data. Verification may be required in the future. But it will already depend entirely on which broker you choose for cooperation. There are a lot of them by the way!

Just say that the full functionality will open for you only after making a deposit. On average, this amount is 200-250 dollars. Although the demo account is, but in this test mode, some functions are not available.

Trading Terminal

After registering on the site and choosing a broker, you can access your account.

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It is from here that complete control of the program occurs. To activate the automatic operation mode, it is enough to switch the corresponding mode in the upper terminal panel. But for this it is necessary to fill up the trading account with the broker.

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Below is all the information about the deals being concluded. Not only current, but also past closed.

In the section Brokers in the left navigation panel, you can open an account with another company. It is allowed to open several accounts within the Autotripto Bot site from different brokers. But not more than one account for each brokerage company.


As mentioned earlier, this program has flexible settings, thanks to which you can adjust Autocrypto-bot to your own trading strategy. If, of course, you have it.

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If not, then you can find ready-made settings and copy them from other users who share their success in the thematic forums on the network.

At once I will tell, what exactly from competently adjusted parameters of work of the program and the percentage of the profitable transactions which will conclude Autocrypto-bot will depend.

Trading Systems

There are three of them:

  • Classical,
  • Martingale,
  • Fibonacci.

For beginners, it's best to stop at the first. It has the least risks, allows you to enter into transactions after thorough market analysis. Opens only one order for a fixed amount of the bet, which you specified in the settings. Although this is a conservative method that can and will not bring more profit, as in the same Martingale, but it is better to once again secure yourself.

Martingale doubles the rate in the event that the previous transaction was closed in the red. This method is used by traders who prefer a more risky trading style. But this is the most risky way of trading, which requires a lot of capital on the starting account. After all, sometimes it may not be necessary to 2-3 the doubling stage, and even 6-7, or more!

Fibonacci is a kind of golden mean between the first two betting systems. As soon as two consecutive transactions are closed in profit, the robot finishes its work. Unlike Martingale, Autocripto Bot doubles the bet amount in case of a win, and so it will be until the desired level of profitability specified in the settings is reached.


Market analysis is based on six built-in technical indicators:

  • Trend - the most important tool that allows you to determine the direction of prices in the medium and long term. Well, on the basis of this, deals will already be concluded in the appropriate direction. Trade is conducted only on a trend.
  • Relative Strength Index RSI - this oscillator is used by all professional traders on Forex for several decades. It defines overbought and oversold zones, as well as the time of reversal of not only the trend, but also the corrections against it.
  • MACD - an excellent indicator that shows not only the trend, but also the turning point due to the convergence and divergence of moving averages.
  • Stochastic - its principle is similar to RSI, also refers to the category of oscillator tools.
  • WILLIAMS - determines the strength and speed of the current trend.
  • CCI - determines the highs and lows of the current trend.

You can tick all the above indicators. But then the signals will be much less, because the robot Autocrypto-Bot will conclude the transaction only at the moment when all selected tools will show simultaneously the same readings.

It is enough to choose one trend indicator, and a couple of oscillators or MACD. They will successfully combine and filter each other's signals.


Robot Autocrypto Bot has no analogues at the moment. This is a unique program that will allow you to receive passive income even without knowledge in the field of market analysis! And all thanks to the unique algorithm that the creators of this program developed.

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