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- Abi robotWhich is the most profitable robot, thanks to its adaptive settings allow you to customize it for yourself and the algorithm determines the best entry point into the bargain.

- binaryoptionsrobotQuite popular automatic system for trading binary options, has a number of advantages, allowing users to lucrative trade binary options.

TradersBuddy This trading robot for binary options, which appeared relatively recently. This robot offers users several ways to trade binary options, and a variety of features and tools to trade binary options. In this review I will tell you about the most important features in my opinion, to help traders choose the appropriate robot him.

Trading Basics TradersBuddy

As I mentioned in the introduction, this robot appeared quite recently, so over time the algorithm is likely to be further developed and new features and functions.

At the moment, users can choose to trade in semi-automatic mode, or social trading mode (copying).

In semi-automatic mode, the robot with the help of its trading algorithm will analyze the market and after the processing of the information offered to the trader to open a deal. The choice is left up to you to approve or reject the deal.

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social tradingIt implies copying trades of other traders. It can be quite lucrative if you choose really profitable and successful trader. This means that you do not even need to have sufficient knowledge in the field of global financial markets. You are completely dependent on the knowledge and experience of others.

According to the instructions TradersBuddy to get this robot, you need to be registered on the robot and open a trading account. The account is free and takes less time. All you need is enter some personal information, and then submit the form you will have access to TradersBuddy robot platform as soon as possible.

I note that the robot platform interface is uncluttered and easy to use, but it is a classic of the genre of robots for binary options, all that I have met are very convenient and user friendly. If akoyto point in the robot's work is not known, or you have questions regarding the TradersBuddyThen you can always contact our support.

TradersBuddy brokers

It should be noted that the list of available sync brokers are all popular and well-known shopping site, so choose to eat from anyone. It is clear that the listing broker depends on the location of the trader, such as traders from America your list brokers, and for your Europeans. In general, you can trade at the same time even in the five brokers available for your location.

This trading robot offers extensive capabilities and is able to simplify the user's trade, so surely will be useful especially for beginners.


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