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If you are interested in the possibility of quick and affordable earnings in the foreign exchange market, then you have probably read more than one rating of Forex trading robots. And this is absolutely the right step, since the result of all transactions directly depends on the automatic assistant used. The more effective the chosen program, the more money you can earn even with a minimum start-up capital. Below I provide a ranking table with the most profitable and easy-to-use helpers.

The percentage of profit
Official site
Free options
Demo Account
individual settings
Educational materials
Auto Trading + line signals
Support 24 / 7
Demo account has a limit on the amount of
Choosing a broker depends on the trader's country
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Free options
Automated Trading
Robot settings
Unlimited Demo
Signals in online mode
Support in configuring the robot
Dependence on news of the economic calendar
A small selection of brokers
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Free options
Auto trading
Robot settings
The presence of VIP account
Choosing synchronization brokers
Chat support 24 / 7
No demo account
VIP account is paid
binary robot
Free options
Automated Trading
Online signals
Copy the trader
Setting robot
Training and Support
English only
No demo account
trades buddy

A trading robot is a real find for novice traders. But before going into detail about the most popular models of assistants, I want to introduce you a little about the purpose, capabilities and advantages of forex bots.

A few words about trading robots

Such a program is being created under the auspices of experienced practicing investors who not only make money on Forex, but also independently write up-to-date exchange algorithms. It is a well-thought-out technique that allows the assistant to competently analyze the market and make a profit where a living person does not have time to react.

What are the advantages of a mechanical assistant? In fact, there are a lot of them. I will list the most important and understandable for every trader:

  • Simplicity and ease of use. As a rule, all modern automated assistants are fully adapted to the perception of the interface by novice traders. You will not have to master the program for a long time. Most of the functions can be thoroughly studied in the first few days of getting to know the robot.
  • Availability. All bots, the rating of which I will present below, can be easily found on the net. No secret sites or Darknet. Everything is completely official, open and in plain sight.
  • Free use. Perhaps this is the main advantage of these bots. You don't have to pay a separate registration fee. Just register in the system, start a personal account and start working. Everything is as transparent as possible.
  • No need to download and install applications on your PC. All top robots operate directly from the browser, so they do not take up the computer's internal memory. In addition, you do not risk your PC's security, as many programs can be infected with viruses. Everything is completely safe here.
  • Highest speed of work. Of course, all programs have different parameters. However, the assistants included in the rating of Forex robots in 2020, which I presented above, are ultra-fast and instantly react to changing market conditions. They open an order in a split second and also quickly fix profits. This is important not only in case of a win, but also a possible minus. The faster the robot closes the disadvantageous position, the less you lose. Although in the case of top assistants, such situations are extremely rare.
  • Complete autonomy and independence. Now only specially trained programs will work and earn on Forex. You do not have to constantly monitor the situation and track every action of your assistant. Just activate the automatic trading mode and enjoy your free time. And the result will not be long in coming. The robot will analyze the market, look for the most successful entry points, and explore emerging trends. Your task is to withdraw earnings on time and think about how to spend it more profitably.
  • High accuracy. Even the most experienced and successful investor cannot demonstrate such results. The program makes no mistakes. This is especially true for the human factor. A living person at any time can be distracted, lose concentration or, due to nervous tension, accidentally put a comma in the wrong place. The result is likely to be disastrous, because the market does not forgive inattentive participants. Using an automated assistant will reliably insure you against such oversights.
  • Strict discipline. Despite the constantly changing situation and the complexity of the analysis of input data, the robot will never deviate from the basic trading algorithm laid down in it. And this is very important, since firmness and confidence in making the final decision is often the defining moment for making big money.
  • Super profitability and efficiency. The possibilities of the robot are almost endless. The effectiveness of modern models of automatic assistants literally boggles the mind. More than 85% of all the trades they make are completed with a plus.
  • Lack of emotional stress and burnout. Nerves are the enemy of every successful trader. Sometimes people, due to strong feelings and doubts, make mistakes and deviate from the chosen exchange method. The result is, at best, a big minus, and at worst, complete bankruptcy. If you trust your assistant and choose to trade in automatic mode, then this risk is completely eliminated.
  • Fast start. You do not have to study the materiel for a long time and save money to enter the market. Programs for automatic exchange earnings allow you to become a millionaire practically from scratch in just a few months. Want to rise from a beginner to an experienced trader in no time? Then choose an advisor to your liking and go. And I will tell you in more detail about each assistant who got into the rating of forex robots.

Abi earning robot

Today this project is one of the most popular mechanical trading systems on the market. I must say, I am not at all surprised by this, since this program demonstrates simply fantastic performance. The assistant really helps its owner and multiplies the deposit with each trading session.

Abi's website is an informative and useful resource aimed at educating clients. Here you can find a lot of unique articles, which usually take weeks for novice traders to find. You will get acquainted with the basic professional terminology, learn about the peculiarities of each trading principle, and read the purpose of financial instruments. 

Registration with this bot is very quick and easy. To fill in all the fields, you will need a minimum of data and free time. You can become a full member of the project in a couple of minutes. The robot will form a personal account automatically. Remember that it is very important to provide up-to-date information when registering. Otherwise, the security service of the broker synchronized with the robot will be able to block the account. 

How much can you earn with Abi. Its potential is really limitless. It all depends on your initial investment and the degree of trust in the robot. To dispel all doubts and fears, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the statements of accounts of Abi's regular customers. As you can see, you can earn very decent money!

pribul binrobot lady

And each of the traders has far from professional education. Investing is carried out by ordinary engineers, teachers, students, office workers and even mothers on maternity leave. With Abi, having a stable income is easy and affordable for everyone.

The program is equipped with a trial trading mode. If you are not yet confident in your own abilities, test the forex robot on a demo account. This will allow you to set the correct settings for the bot and choose the most suitable working strategy. The conditions under which the assistant operates in a test mode are completely identical to the reality of the situation in the foreign exchange market.

Abi trades quickly and accurately using the scalping technique. It can work day and night while you are resting. The creators have relied on a quick and convenient account replenishment, as well as the withdrawal of the profits with minimal commissions. Withdraw money the way it is convenient for you!

Conquering the exchange with Autocrypto-bot

The second line of our rating of the best of the best is the Autocryptobot program. This is one of the most modern assistants, fully meeting the requirements of all investors. The project has existed for three years and during this time it has managed to acquire not only a grateful client audience, but also several international awards. The robot demonstrates the unique qualities of a mechanical trading system and an efficiency of 85% or more. This is an order of magnitude better than the independent work of most traders.

If you are going to make money on cryptocurrency, then be sure to take a closer look at Autocrypto-bot. It is not for nothing that it got into the rating of Forex trading robots as one of the most high-tech projects that exist today. It is very easy to monitor digital assets with this assistant. The program itself will track trends and place bets on the most promising currency pairs. Do you want to make money fast? Then choose Autocryptobot.

Just look at these numbers. Clients of Autocrypto-bot make a lot of money almost every day by just registering on the site of this project once.

pribul autocrypto bot 25/04/2020 1

And all this money is absolutely real. There is no need to sit at the computer for days and watch the desired entry point into the deal. The robot will take care of all the worries.

Another plus of the project is prompt and competent technical support. If you have a question regarding the robot, feel free to write to the managers of Autocrypto-bot. They will help at any time of the day or night and will always side with the client.

Making money with Daxrobot

Do you know the main secret of all successful traders? For them, the main thing is simplicity in everything. Even an artificial intelligence with amazing capabilities should be as clear and accessible as possible. That is why many large investors have chosen Daxrobot as their automated assistant. This smart and extremely nimble robot has already made more than one person free. And here is the factual confirmation of my words.

roboty android nx webmoney

These are the real earnings of the simplest people who also started with a minimum deposit. Trusting Daxrobot, they took a risk and made the right decision. This bot was included in the top ranking of Forex robots in 2020 for a reason. It has received many positive user reviews for the highest product quality and loyalty to its target audience.

Daxrobot is a completely free system that anyone who wants to make quick money can become a member of. Immediately after registration, you will be taken to your personal account, where you configure the robot according to your trading preferences. As soon as the automatic mode turns on, the program will start making money. You will see the result on your account immediately.

Daxrobot works with the most reliable brokers that have gained popularity with a huge number of traders. You can forget about all doubts and just enjoy passive earnings. Relax with your family on the sea, finally take up your favorite hobby, devote your free time to self-development and improving trading tactics. Daxrobot is everything you need for a rich and beautiful life.

Reliable and proven financial partner of Centobot

The mechanical trading system Centobot completes our list of honor. Here you can find a bot for every taste and realize all your innermost dreams of monetary independence and financial well-being. This project was created specifically for those who want to make money as quickly as possible, since we are talking about cryptocurrency trading. Today it is the most promising and profitable asset with incredible volatility.

Registration here is elementary, like all the projects described above. Enter a minimum of data, replenish your account and activate the automatic mode. That's all the simple manipulations. If you wish, you can work using the signals from the robot about the chance to make a profitable deal. But this is only recommended for professionals. In addition, manual trading will not completely protect you from all kinds of risks and will not allow you to make big capital as quickly as possible.

So that you understand what amounts I am talking about, take a look at this screenshot. This shows the standard earnings of a member of the Centobot project. As you can see, it is more than real to make money in cryptocurrency.

pribul centobot 25 04 2020 1

Do you also want? Try yourself! One has only to decide and start, and then the money will flow like a river into your pocket. Centobot is a fast and highly efficient robot that instantly opens orders and takes maximum profit. No live trader can work so quickly on the exchange. Just imagine how much time, effort and nerves you will save. No more worries and doubts. Only strict adherence to trading discipline and endless cash flow.

If you are already thinking about changing your profession, then the time has come to finally improve the quality of life. Forget waking up early, thankless office work, heavy loans, and the constant lack of money. All in your hands. Start earning income with the top robots of our time and change your life for the better.

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