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Most traders working with binary options have experience of using robots - special programs capable of generating trading signals. In the reviews on the site, I tell my visitors about the advantages or disadvantages of various programs, I bring my own ratings of brokers, I write reviews. And now I want to talk with you in an atypical for my style of the key. I do not want to advertise a particular service - on the contrary, I'm going to convince you not to use it.

We are talking about the program "Robot Alley» (Elly Boot), developed service Option-Signal binary options. This is a relatively recent, but actively unwinds the program, the advertising of which is abundantly present in the specialized services. According to reviews, this robot works without any losses: by paying a certain amount, the client itself ensures consistently high returns over the years.

Is it so? Should I hurry to get this program? Let's see - and objectively, without unnecessary emotions - Having reviewed the robot Ellie for binary options. Then we will draw conclusions as stated information is correct, and that the waiting customers, hoping for opportunities that supposedly has a robot.

To begin with, like Elly robot creators to binary options entice customers. Going to Option-Signal website, you can immediately see a catchy sentence technique yield 75 percent! Of course, not in the public domain, but at an affordable price. So, in other words, the guarantee of permanent gains for binary options is available to any interested person. Is it possible?

Just think logically: Miracle System, with which you can win a lot of money, known to all, and is inexpensive. This is absurd! Just try to figure out how to change gains, if obtained for successful tools of the trade would be so simple? Would trading means earnings? Do I need to have been traders to learn and self-development? The answer is obvious to anyone who is able to practice logical thinking skills and reading reviews not from advertisers and from indifferent traders are long working with binary options.

You say, "But the site has and calculation of return!" Yes, but who told you that these are real numbers? Once again, think about written in the preceding paragraph and answer themselves if such a pattern is real in this world, and not that of which we are told advertisers Company Option-Signal.

Okay, in the end, the company's website is not just the main page. Let's study the information from other sections. Here, for example, "Rules". Here, no one is throwing phrases about guaranteed winnings and a universal instrument of trading binary options. On the contrary: here it turns out that trading signals for binary options from the Elli robot are just "market comments", and there is no question of reliability now. Illusions of the potential client should finally be dispelled when he reads a warning that binary options trading implies a high risk share.

Indeed, it implies. Strategies that provide a guaranteed win, do not exist: either the free or paid or open or secret. It would seem fair warning. But why in this case, placed on the site enticing information about the miracle tools?

Signal robot Alley

Okay, let us assume that we have not read the reviews, and if you've read, all we read was not embarrassed, and we decide to open an account. The minimum deposit when opening an account, by the way, is not so small: 200 dollars and above. Okay, someone it may even seem like a sign of the solidity of the company ...

But even if someone would think, after a while, when the deposit will be completely drained from the optimism will evaporate. The other version of the script and can not: because the signals of binary options, which gives Elly robot, generally unfounded! Which stable wins - but in general about any winnings - can we talk?

Do you think that the strategy is still there? Please: contact technical support Option-Signal and ask, based on what algorithm works Elly robot. You do not answer - just ignore the letter. And it's not in the "protection of information" and "professional secrets". Any technique can be tested - and make sure it works or not. "Strategy" by signaling the robot Ellie would not be passed any tests - and the representatives themselves Option-Signal understand this better than others.

And why bother to work on strategies for binary options, where any robot can generate income? Users who are not familiar with the content of this test will be open deposits - and get rid of their money. Part of this money will go to the ownership of the company Option-Signal, something to get to the broker, and what is left will be to manage advertisers and managers, whose main task - to attract as many new customers as possible gullible, ready to make money on the binary options.

If this is a divorce, why Ellie robot for binary options are still popular? This long - just until the fusion of deposits is not so much to their owners dissatisfied voices united in a unanimous chorus. When their number will enter a critical mass and about the "scam" all will know - closing Elly robot inevitable. However, as is inevitable ... and renewal. The founders of the Option-Signal will open a new project to work with binary options, and not even necessarily under a different name, eg, Elly 2.0. And once again begin to "cut" the money from gullible inexperienced traders.

How not to accede to such traders? Read reviews from experienced traders and learn to associate the simplest facts. Let's set aside the emotions and analyze robot Alley in terms of normal user systems for binary options.

What are the disadvantages we will find?

  1. It is impossible to verify whether the robot works for binary options. Buy - use. We do not buy - we remain in the dark. Yes, the price is not the highest: 35 dollars per week, 99 dollars per year. But for the "pig in a poke" as it is not necessary to pay.
  2. You can not work with the demo score of binary options. You start work - to spend money. It is not surprising that the majority of traders relying on this robot, quickly lose their deposits.
  3. Information about no strategy. Developers really useful robots for binary options do not hide, to which indicators based their work that underlies the trading idea.
  4. Alley - a signal the robot. This means that the work program is to generate signals and deals for binary options should be opened by the user, which in this case will have to constantly be on duty near the office computer. Still robot for binary options are usually purchased for automatic operation - it is much more convenient for the user.

Does this mean that the "Alley" does not have any merit at all? No, not even in the Option-Signal website you can find the positive. In particular, you can watch a video on how to trade binary options comes in practice. As we have seen, trust in such materials is not particularly necessary, but in terms of the quality of the roller can be delivered much appreciated. However, the percentage of committed "real time" of successful transactions in the field of binary options on this video will be great suspicion - especially when compared with the overall statistics.

So I buy signal for binary options robot, known as "Ellie" necessary? Not necessary. Maybe you can, but do not expect what you get lucky and you will be able to work successfully with not the perfect robot. Around there are many free programs with greater efficiency - recommended for inexperienced traders to first pay attention to them.

One of such programs is trade system Abi. I have personally tested it, and you can check out my detailed report >>>

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