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Surely many of you have met on the Internet reviews of traders that help them work on the exchange free trading robot. And no, this is not yet another useless advertisement from unscrupulous sellers of a dubious placebo. Such automatic experts really exist. Progress has finally reached the science of market investment and offers everyone to appreciate the benefits of high-tech innovation.

However, not all traders understand the intricacies of choosing a quality robot. Indeed, to distinguish a well-written program from a cheap fake is sometimes very problematic. So that newcomers do not give up on this very useful find, I decided to make a rating of the most popular and successful trading utilities, which are distributed among users for free. The review will indicate both the advantages of each project and its shortcomings, as well as the final comparative table of all participants in the list.

1 place. Trading robot Abi

"Rule №1: Never lose money. Rule №2: never forget rule №1 ».
Warren Buffett

The first place is deservedly, in my opinion, is the Abi program. Recently, this software has gained unprecedented popularity and has acquired a real army of grateful fans.

Abi Robot Review

The main advantage of this mechanical expert is, of course, versatility. The Abi robot does an excellent job analyzing currency, stock and other markets. He can make a profit, focusing on the direction of the trend or playing on the price difference of assets. The program is equipped with a good set of relevant indicators providing accurate technical analysis of the exchange: Williams, RSI, TREND, Stochastic, CCI and MACD. They work separately, but only a signal from several instruments at the same time is an occasion for Abi to enter into a deal. That is why this robot has a high percentage of performance.

With a strong movement of a trading asset, the general direction of the trend is assessed using the TREND indicator, which uses Linear Regression and Bollinger Bands. If the market holds an asset within the price range, then most of the work is shifted to the remaining set of oscillators. As a result, the program trades both with strong volatility and with a horizontally located trend.

Indicators Abi robot

The Abi robot is suitable for investors even with a small financial portfolio. Using the utility does not provide for the payment of additional fees. The player should only consider the amount of spreads that each brokerage company sets.

Another plus is the presence of a test mode. Immediately after registration you get a chance to get acquainted with the capabilities and internal settings of the system on a demo account. The trader looks at the behavior of the robot in the context of the chosen strategy and, if necessary, simply changes the parameters to more suitable specifically for him. I draw your attention to the fact that not all helpers have such a function. Customer care has become another reason why Abi tops my ranking.

The robot uses three trading algorithms: Martingale, Fibonacci and Classic. Each of these systems has its own characteristics, allowing the player to find the perfect balance between the degree of risk and the level of profitability of the algorithm. This robot will be an excellent assistant for both conservatives who prefer calm and measured account management, as well as for lovers of active actions with the maximum amount of winnings. The Fibonacci system is highly accurate transactions, so the chance to draw money on a deposit in this case is minimal. Martingale raises the rate each time the deal does not work out in plus, compensating for the lost amount with the money earned. This is risky, but very profitable. The classic trading method is suitable for almost all traders. Both beginners and experienced investors choose it.

Abi robot trading systems

The obvious advantage, I believe, is the presence of deep robot settings. With their help, players quickly adapt the program to their needs and style of trading. Here is a list of the most interesting parameters:

  • Expiration date of the option. The trader can set the expiration time from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.
  • Cash equivalent of a trade operation. The minimum rate is $ 5, and the maximum is $ 500.
  • Selection of current currency pairs.
  • The number of transactions that trading robot able to lead at the same time. And this does not affect the performance of the assistant. Even if the trader selects all 8 operations, each of them the system will try to bring to the maximum possible profit.
  • Work scheme (transaction algorithm).
  • List of available indicators and other tools. In the process of analyzing the market situation, the player activates or deactivates certain oscillators. This is an especially handy feature for manually monitoring trades and trading in the direction of the trend.

Abi can be used as a personal adviser, signaling the onset of a good moment to enter the market. However, most clients of this project choose automatic mode. Surely you also dream that the account would replenish by itself. With Abi, this is possible. The robot trades without emotions, which often interfere with a sober assessment of the situation to a living person. His actions are accurate and quick. The program can trade without a break and rest.

Installing the Abi robot does not require downloading any files. You just register on the official website of the project and immediately start trading. The program will also offer you to choose a broker from several top companies, which are not trusted by so many automated robots. Before making a real deposit, try your hand at a demo account. test mode will allow you to evaluate all the capabilities of this modern utility.

To summarize. Abi is a multi-functional trading robot that allows you to make a profit in the background. As his target audience are both seasoned investors and beginners in the field of trading. Its advantages:

  • lack of third-party commissions;
  • fully Russified interface that supports several foreign languages;
  • The three most popular strategies for conquering the market;
  • huge selection of assets;
  • public recognition and several international awards;
  • cooperation with top brokers;
  • multi-level system of internal settings;
  • ease of use;
  • high level of efficiency (87% of transactions are closed as a plus for the client).

Honestly, I did not find any flaws. Abi robot is very convenient to use. I myself tested its capabilities and was completely delighted. No freezes and brakes. A lot of positive feedback on the Internet. Real earnings besides beautiful words. Indisputable first place in the ranking.


2nd place. Autocrypto-bot

"A trader should not be of the opinion, the more you are right, the harder you will be to close loss-making position."
Paul Rotter

I put this project in second place, as it demonstrates a slightly lower level of profitability compared to Abi. However, 85% of successful transactions are clearly a good indicator. Not all experienced traders can boast of similar results.

Free Trading Robot Autocrypto-bot is a convenient Internet service equipped with all the necessary tools for mastering exchange analytics. Here, the emphasis is on cryptocurrency. Please note that the volatility of digital coins is much higher than that of the same stocks or fiat. Consequently, much more serious capital can be obtained here.

Before you start, visit the official website of the robot and go through a simple registration by filling out a short form. After that, the system will form a personal account of the client, in which it will be possible to set all the necessary settings. Once you have decided on a broker, proceed to open applications.

Autocrypto-bot has several good reasons to become its client:

  • XNUMX hours automatic trading;
  • Cryptocurrency trading offline;
  • Accurate prediction of the further movement of an asset using signals;
  • Convenient control of exchange operations;
  • Simple software interface;
  • Detailed transaction statistics.

You can literally customize every step and be sure that Autocrypto-bot will obey the instructions. The list of personal settings includes the following parameters:

  • The number of transactions that trading robot can commit at the same time;
  • List of working signals;
  • The maximum degree of risk;
  • Market strategy (3 types of trading systems are also available);
  • Desired amount of investment;
  • List of assets.

As practice shows, experienced traders using Autocrypto-bot are able to increase their deposit several times in the shortest possible time. On the Internet, I found real evidence of the effectiveness of this trading software.

autocrypto bot site

Even taking into account that Autocrypto-bot's profitability indicator is slightly lower than that of Abi, it enjoys no less popularity than the leader of my list of the best trading robots. This program has helped earn thousands of professionals. Want to succeed in trading stock assets? Then do not waste time in vain. Register on the Autocrypto-bot website.


3rd place. Daxrobot

No matter how we tried to educate the trader, giving it the most important information, it will inevitably be disappointed, everyone forgets or does it simply will not be enough to effectively use it in practice.
Larry Williams

This trading utility is similar in its basic functions to the options described above. The robot is also equipped with two trading modes: automatic and manual. The program has adopted basic signals and is always ready to tell its owner when the moment to enter the market has come.

I recommend using the automatic mode to traders who have not yet had time to thoroughly study the fundamental and technical analysis. In this case, the player does not have to take responsibility for transactions. In addition, Daxrobot can help reduce stress in difficult situations where you need to take a precise and confident step forward. This trading robot always knows what exactly needs to be done in a given situation, so that his owner makes a profit. You only need start-up capital and an independent choice of a broker. The mechanical expert will do the rest without the participation of the trader.

daxrobot site

As you can see, screenshots of clients of this system are quite promising. But this is not even the result of trading by large investors. With a very modest deposit, Daxrobot will always help you to acquire decent capital.


4th place. Centobot

You can succeed in gambling only if you'll treat it as a serious intellectual work. Emotional game is deadly.
Alexander Elder

The principle of this program is somewhat similar to the previous software. As far as I have understood from my own experience, there are several sales assistants available on the site. The main distinguishing feature of Centobot is access to your own robot constructor. Feel like a real expert, even if you have never created anything more complicated than an email inbox.

Due to the emphasis placed on cryptocurrency assets, Centobot has a higher level of risk. The cost of digital coins is much more difficult to track and predict, since this resource is practically not regulated by anyone. However, this does not prevent Centobot customers from actively earning virtual money. If you have at least a basic level of knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies, feel free to start trading them.

centobot site

As you can see, Centobot customers make quite good money. Risk management in this case is an order of magnitude more complicated than in the stock or foreign exchange market. However, a team of highly qualified specialists from technical support is always ready to help you and tell you about the intricacies of working with cryptocurrency. If Bitcoin is not an empty phrase for you, I recommend trying it.


Visual comparison of trading robots

The features of these unique programs can be described for a very long time. To make it easier for you to navigate trading robots, I will present their success in the form of a table.

Project name

Performance level









If you are already tired of depending on the mood of your boss and be afraid to lose your place, feel free to open at least a starting account on any of these resources. From myself, I personally can separately recommend the assistants Abi and Autocrypto-bot. In my opinion, these very robots are perfect for a novice trader. It is very simple to manage capital and earn money in them without making any effort.


If you see on the Internet that trading robot did not help him in any way, and the deposit was blown away in the first days of active actions, be aware that, most likely, these are the intrigues of competitors. I personally tested the programs that got into this rating and I can say that there is nothing wrong with automated trading. Tryfinally make money without leaving the family for the whole day. I assure you that it’s not difficult at all. Many successful traders started with minimal capital, and today they already top the lists of the country's largest investors. Register Abi website or Autocrypto-bot. I promise that you will not return to your old work.

Now the choice is yours, I wish you success and worthy trading results!

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