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All of us, traders want to get more profit - it's natural. Someone is seeking only their own all - fundamentally ignores the automatic trading program binary options. However, most do not see anything wrong with using robotic assistants. Robot to trade binary options can help you significantly increase the percentage of successful transactions.

Of course, this will happen only if you skillfully use the program - and only in that case, if you choose really reliable assistant. I recommend you Robot Abi - Assistant, which has established itself only with the best hand.

robot abi

A few years ago, this program was not popular in Russia. Basically they use traders from the United States and the European Union - and were delighted, because the percentage of successful transactions consistently exceeded 80. Now, with the help of a robot can make trades from anywhere in the country - it does not even have to know English! The robot can be configured to work in one of six European languages, among which there are also Russian.

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Principle of operation

A robot for trading binary options is an assistant who performs a comprehensive analysis of options. In his memory, the most effective trading strategies are laid, with which you can fairly accurately predict the increase or decrease in the value of the asset. The program processes the data online at high speed, obtaining exhaustive information about the state of the trend. Even at first glance, minor fluctuations that can hardly be seen by a person can serve as a basis for a correct prediction of binary transactions - and such situations are not missed by the assistant. In the work he can be guided by any of the three most popular trading systems: the Classic system, the Martingale system, and the Fibonacci system.

sistemy robot

The next step - calculation of the actual cost of trade indicators: the robots can work together with 6 indicators. On the basis of these data and the forecast is fed signal. Trader can work with the program in semi-automatic mode, self-analyzing filed signals and choosing whether it will respond to them. However, possible and automatic trading binary options when trading binary options robots make trades for you.

indikatory robot

Many users can rightly be embarrassed by the need to install software on their computer or tablet from the Internet - even if it is positioned as "proven". The developers of Binary Options Robot Abi took it into account - and made the program of automatic binary options trading working online. You do not need to download anything - just go to the site and start work. In this case, transactions can be made even when you are not online. The helper works flawlessly with almost all the most popular operating systems: Windows and Mac, iOS and Android. And one more important advantage: an assistant does not cost a cent! No matter how much you plan to use this program of automatic trading of binary options, it will never be charged for it.

How to trade with a robot?

Why from the variety of software for automated trading in binary options, I chose a specific program? Primarily due to its simplicity: once tinker with the settings in the field of binary trades, you can pass on to an assistant a significant portion trader works (or even all of the work!) Transactions can take place without your direct involvement, and in that time, when you are offline .

What you need to do to get to work with an assistant? Your actions include five stages.

  1. first, there is a registration site, The creation of a personal account. The process does not take much time: just fill in a standard form. For registration, as well as for the use of the robot, with you will not require any payment.
  2. Learning List brokersAnd possible to work together, and make your selection. You can select more than one broker.
    • 24option
    • Stockpair
    • BossCapital
    • Opteck
    • TitanTrade
    • BinaryTilt et al.
  3. When working with an assistant, you can make big profits with a small initial deposit - but the condition of the deposit, of course, need to be monitored closely. So do not forget recharge your account.
  4. Configuring assistant. This is a very important task, so do not rush to put the settings intuitively. In fact, at this stage is achieved, if successful will be your job here is defined by its strategy and tactics. Setting robot includes:
    • Selection of binary trading system trades (classic Martingale, Fibonacci);
    • Setting the time of expiration of options;
    • Determination of the amount of rates. the minimum deposit amount will depend on, with what broker you are running. Maximum deposit is not limited;
    • Limit the maximum number of concurrent rates;
    • The choice of indicators;
    • The choice of assets that need to pay attention.
  5. Customize? Getting trade and preparing to make a profit! If there are any questions regarding the assistant - can and should use the chat client. Visit the website Binary Option Robot, open IM, and discusses his problem. If you prefer to first deal with the problem on their own - carefully examine the positioning of the same guidelines for the use of automated trading program binary options.

How profitable will trade? It depends on how well you spend setting and how high are the risks. My experience shows that plus much more closed position, if the risk is high. Any problems with the work of the assistant was not: if something I do not understand, then enjoyed the technical support and quickly got the answers. In a word, to work with this robot, I liked!

Once again we list the pros Binary Option Robot Abi:

  • High profitability: the percentage of successful transactions binary does not fall below 70, can reach 83-85!
  • The ability to select the operating mode: automatic or manual trading operation based on signals fed robot. The signals are inside your personal account binary trades, and on the website.
  • A variety of options: you can choose to trade any of the three trading systems focus on the necessary indicators you are interested in the assets, deliver the most convenient time of expiration.
  • Good work site. On it you can find valuable information on the binary options: articles, videos, statistics, reviews, tips.
  • Work only with reliable, licensed brokers, eliminating unpleasant surprises;
  • The high reputation among the traders. By Binary Option Robot consulted by traders from around the world. The program received numerous international awards.

dostizeniya robot


If you want to use the help of a reliable robot? Sign up - And get an assistant for free!

Update as of 06-10-2016

My review of binary options robot Abi 

Recently, I received an offer from a trader from Poland show in practice how the robot and how it can be used to earn. Without hesitation, I agreed and now I suggest you check out my detailed report, revocation of the robot Abi.


I switched on the robot site Abi binary options. And on the main page of the registration process took place. It took literally 2 minutes (range of available broker, name, surname, e-mail, password, and phone number).

binary options robot Abi Review


After I clicked the Register button, I got into trading robot cabinet. That's what I saw (screenshots will be added in English, the site I have for traders from different countries, so everyone will understand everything in English):

Review binary options robot Abi

I can divide the study into several blocks:

1) Control Panel. There are tabs:

«Review"- This is the main page of the cabinet

«Broker"- Information about the broker, which I checked. It is this broker will be synchronized with the robot. + List of available brokers who I can also register

«Setting"- Very important tab. This is where you can select the assets for trading, expiration time and the amount of investment

«Support"- Feedback in case you have any questions or need help

Review binary options robot Abi

2) Navigation trading. automatic trading mode can be switched on or off at will at any time.

Review binary options robot Abi

3) Block "Trading"

Here I can see my settings on the amount of investment and time expiration. A little less than trading signals from the robot, in case I want to trade manually. Buttons red or green signal on the current signal. I can agree with him or not. There is a time to verify the information on live schedule.

Review binary options robot Abi

If I signal agree, click on the appropriate button, and an option to automatically appear on my broker platform.

Looking a little ahead, I want to say that it is not only the signals for manual trading mode. After replenishing the deposit I received a username and password to log in to an additional study with signals not only on currency pairs and commodities.

These signals only for the real robot users.

Abi robot reviews

4) The information about my trading account (name and logo broker, account number, balance, deposit and withdrawal buttons).

Abi robot reviews

There is also a possibility to launch the demo mode. His I decided to try out, too.

Press "Start demo mode" and I appeared on the account $ 1000 virtual money.

Abi robot reviews

Demo mode can be tested automatically. Many will not paint. The demo can try anyone, just after the free registration on the site of the robot.

5) in the last lower block you can see the options currently open and the story has been completed transactions.

Abi robot reviews


Once I got acquainted with the robot cabinet, I went directly to the broker's platform and threw the documents to verify the account.


Back at the office of the robot, I expanded the deposit to test the trading system in the case (see the balance and in the office of the robot, and on the platform).

Abi robot reviews


Drawing on its own experience and reading for more tips on setting up the robot Abi, I chose the following configuration:

binary options robot Abi review

Expiry Time - 5 minutes

Trading system - Fibonacci

Minimum investment - $ 25

The number of simultaneous transactions - 2

Indicators - RSI, CCI, Stoch,% R

Currency pairs - AUD / USD, USD / CAD

Making sure that there is no important economic news as soon as I turned on the auto trading regime.

Here Results for 1,5 hours trading robot robots Abi (In the office of the robot reports of completed transactions are displayed with scrolling, there is no possibility to show all at once the transaction is therefore attach reports from the broker's office, where all the information is duplicated.):

review robot abi

binary options robot Abi review

binary options robot Abi review

For 1,5 hours of trading system has brought me 217.50$, On average 75% Profitability (of transactions 16, 3 of them negative, 1 - draw, 12 - positive). 

Then I decided to test the online signals for manual trading mode. I must say: I know perfectly well how to work with trading advisors and signals from them. I checked the signals to the quick schedule. Those that seemed risky to me, I missed. Overall, the result was good.

My conclusion:

Myself, I always refer to as active traders. I trade daily, Monday through Friday. Trading for herself + give signals to your online chatting traders teach Trading and run my website with practical tips, strategies, and useful materials.

Trading binary options I made my profession. This is the main source of my income. I like to study charts, analysis and engage in self-opening deal.

But I understand that beginning traders who have decided to make a binary options have different levels of knowledge, skills and practical skills. Most of them have a basic work or study, so they can not be given to trading on 4-5 hours a day. Plus willingness or unwillingness to learn the basic rules of the financial market to be a profit.

Trading Robots - It is not a panacea, but it is not necessary to pre-treat them as deception or divorce. They can be an excellent alternative for those who do not have the time or desire to engage in self-analysis. But remember! No need to let things take their course. It is important to make a robot set up and trade in a secure future.

I went to the robot seriously put your desired setting, and because of that could earn 217.50$.

I also made a request to withdraw profit. Everything went well.

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