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He developed this LED Russian Alexander Elder to determine the strength of buyers and sellers while driving asset.

Although the indicator and includes a plurality of mathematical tools (for example, moving average to smooth reading and thereby minimize spurious signals) in vivo graph we can see only one curved line in a separate window.



thanks Elder indicator RSI we can have a clear idea of ​​the strength of the upward and downward trend. The indicator combines the cost and volume of the asset.

Default settings You will find that using the moving average with a period of 13 to smooth performance. But you can always experiment and set their individual settings to trade strategy has been more effective and profitable.

Signals Indicator EFI:

(Curve indicator line moves relative to zero)

- If the indicator is in the negative zone, and asset price starts to rise, and rise to the zero line from the bottom up, you should open the option CALL.

- If the indicator is in the positive zone, and asset price begins to drop and falls to the zero line from top to bottom, you should open the option PUT.

Indicator Technical Analysis EFI - An interesting instrument, I advise you to watch it, and then successfully apply its signals in combination with other trend indicators.

The Power Index from Alexander Elder is an excellent example of how several types of market analysis can be successfully combined in one indicator. Some traders use it as a trend instrument, others - as an oscillatory one, and still others use it to determine the strength of the trend and trading volumes.

The most basic type of signal is the crossing of the Elder Force Index indicator's zero indicator with a zero level. If this happened from the bottom up, then open a deal to increase. And if from the top down - then a fall.

By default, the period of this indicator is set to 13. But in order to trade on short-term timeframes and receive more signals, you can reduce this parameter to 2. But remember that with this appears a large number of false signals. And here to filter them, it is enough to add an additional Simple Moving Average with a period of 20 to the chart.

  1. If the price falls and the candles are located under the MA20 line, then there is a downward trend in the market. And we will only trade short. And the entry points will be the Elder's Force Index moving intersection with the 0 level from top to bottom.
  2. If the price rises and the candles are above the MA20 line, then we are looking for signals to open up trades after the Elder index line crossed with the 0 level upwards.

This is a fairly simple but powerful tool that allows you to determine the strength of the trend. At the same time, it will suit absolutely any trading strategy, whether it is following a trend or reversal. 

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