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Today is dedicated to my review indicator Binary Options called Alligator Bill William. It bears the name of its developer - Bill William and primarily characterized by trend signals. Thanks to this tool Technical Analysis a trader can not only see the chart point of origin of a sustainable trend, but also note flat is (a sideways trend, market consolidation).

When you set up William's Alligator a live graph, you'll see that on the chart are adjusted three colored lines.



This particular arrangement of these curves and interlocking give us a high-quality signals to buy the option.

Curve blue It has a name - the Alligator's Jaw. It's a long moving average with a period of 13.

Curve red It has a name - the Alligator's Teeth. This is the average moving average with a period of 8.

Curve green It has a name - Lip Alligator. It's a short moving average with a period of 5.

Signals Indicator Alligator Bill William:

- If you see that the lines intertwined, it is better to give up trading, as there is market consolidation. The so-called sleep Alligator. The longer the dream lasts, the stronger the subsequent trend.

- If you see that the "Alligator wakes up" and the green line crosses two other lines - a call to action. If the intersection is from the bottom up, then the line in different directions - is an option open CALL. If the intersection is from the top down, the lines then in different directions - is an option open PUT.

At the end I would like to say that Alligator Bill William - A very high-quality and interesting tool. It will appeal to novice binary options. A professional traders will easily use it in conjunction with other indicators to increase the rate of return of their transactions.

There are three market conditions that this tool helps determine for market analysis:

  1. Alligator is sleeping: All three lines of the indicator are often intertwined with each other, forming a kind of pigtail visually on the graph. This is the most dangerous time on the market, when there is no clear direction, the market moves horizontally and until the end it is not known where the price will go further. I recommend to wait out the appearance of clearer signals from him.
  2. Alligator goes on the hunt for the bull: all three lines are lined up in a clear sequence, one after another. Green at the top, red in the middle, and blue at the bottom. Also here, the important role is played by the distance between them - the bigger it is, the higher is the strength of the trend. Visually, this condition on the market looks like a drop-alligator's mouth. He is hungry after hibernation, so he goes hunting. In the market this is called the formation of a new trend.
  3. Alligator goes on a bear hunt: Here the essence is the same, but with the exact opposite - a downtrend is forming in the market, as indicated by the construction of lines. Green at the bottom, red in the middle, and blue at the top.

Due to the above conditions, you can determine the trend. But making deals based only on this is risky. To determine the exact points for opening deals, I recommend additionally using one of the oscillators - Stochastic, MACD, RSI, and so on.

There is also a borderline state when one should also refrain from trading. The alligator wakes up, the green line crossed with the red, but so far all three lines have not lined up in the sequence we need, and the blue line has not been crossed by the green. It is better to wait and not risk.


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