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Indicator Balance volume of live graphics (On Balance Volume) applies technical analysis to determine the volume of the asset. Thanks to him, we can determine if the current trend continues, and it was reversed. If you see that after the lows of the previous periods, the volume of the balance indicator begins to grow - can be seen opening the option to increase call. Conversely, if you see that after the highs of previous periods, the volume of the balance indicator begins to fall - can be considered an option for a fall opening put.

Balance the volume of indicator It was developed in the last century, in 60-ies. Its creator - Joe Granville. At the time, it was the first indicator of volume. He became a mega popular and used in trading on the stock markets. It was used to determine the turning points and the change of trend. Developers believe that the volumes bought and sold assets to a direct effect on the value of the asset. Large traders making transactions, the price move. Therefore, the rise or fall of the indicator line changes and the price itself.

On the live chart Balance the volume of indicator It is displayed in a separate window as a curve

Binary Options Indicator

Binary Options Indicator

Now we look at how to analyze this Binary Options Indicator.

When you see that the line of the indicator begins to outpace the growth or drop in prices, it said that the market includes large investors. They are beginning to buy or sell an asset, while the rest of the small investors make transactions contrary. At this time, the volume of balance indicator helps to catch the turning point and change the trend of the market.

I advise to use this indicator live schedule with other instruments of technical analysis to determine the trend. Self Balance the volume of has a numerical value, you will see it to the right of the line itself. But traders do not pay attention to these figures, they are interested only in the direction of the line. After all, we can see in advance the rise and fall of an asset. According to the findings, you can open an option to increase or decrease. Changing the trend is considered to be confirmed, if:

- Did you see that the line has changed its direction indicator (for example, began to grow), and the trend continues for three more periods;

- But! If the indicator line has changed its direction, and then for three candles returned to its original position, a change of trend is considered unconfirmed.

The main advantage of this technical tool is that it allows you to visually determine which particular trend prevails at the moment on the market. It is based on the principle that when trading volumes fall, there is a decrease in value on the market and a drop in price on the chart. And, conversely, with increasing volumes, demand grows, which leads to an increase in quotations.

For example, if on the 15-minute, hourly and four-hour charts there is an increase in volumes on the indicator, this means that there is a stable uptrend on the market. Therefore, you can safely buy deals to increase.

But in this situation, you need to use other indicators that will help determine the completion of the correction against the trend. Experienced pros recommend concluding deals at such moments.

In addition to the above signals, On Balance Volume is capable of delivering clear signals on divergence. But when such discrepancies appear, you need to set the expiration time longer - on 7-10 candles. Testing this type of signal can sometimes be delayed.

Advantages of the On Balance Volume indicator:

  • able to clearly and visually show the current trend in the market.
  • It clearly defines the moments of divergence and breakdown of key support / resistance levels.
  • simplicity and accessibility, even a beginner will be able to easily master and understand the signals that are generated by On Balance Volume.

Disadvantages of the On Balance Volume indicator:

  • a tick volume was introduced, and if we compare the indicators of real volume and tick volume, we can find some differences. They will be especially visible on short-term timeframes, long-term differences will be insignificant, but they will still be.
  • not available in all terminals of brokers, it is necessary to additionally install MT4 to use the indicator.
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