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To paraphrase a famous phrase, "every trader wants to know where to enter a trade." In other words, one of the main goals of all who wish to succeed in binary options trading - to determine a point of entry into the transaction, which most likely will complete its a plus. Online indicators for binary options - are tools that serve as a source of visual trading signals, the trader understandable and employees a guide to action. This is graphically displayed calculations - the fruit of disciplines such as mathematics and statistics.

I am happy to use indicators and recommend it to their colleagues. However, the free indicators exist in large numbers to binary options: how to navigate around the variety? Is it possible to enjoy all of the same performance?

indicators for binary options

Of course, it is impossible: the amount of information is too large. "Embracing the immensity" are not even the most experienced professionals - not to mention the novice trader. I recommend working with a maximum of three to five indicators - but to those who are especially close to you and understood.

Where a complete list? Open already known to you Live schedule, look for the appropriate layout, and choose indicators for binary options that we need. Thereafter, they are placed on the schedule and start to change in real time.

There are only brief descriptions of the indicators for binary options, which are used in our practice. For each, I wrote detailed guidance - all descriptions can be found on the links.

Accumulation / Distribution (Accumulation / Distribution)
Created on the basis of the Balance Volume and Accumulation / Distribution of Williams. It confirms the direction of the trend, but in its pure form is almost never used - only as an auxiliary tool.
Aroon (Arun)
His oscillator consists of blue and orange lines. If the blue line rises and the orange drops, we can speak of an upward trend, on the contrary - on the downlink.
AwesomeOscillator (Wonderful Oscillator Bill Williams)
This indicator calculates the binary options asset ratio for short periods to long-term periods. The red color in the histogram peak indicates the need to open the option to increase, a change to green - option for a fall. This is one of the most popular and clear indicators.
BollingerBands (Bollinger bands)
Another very popular indicator of binary options. It implies a certain price corridor, and the signals are based on the display of prices in relation to the upper and lower boundaries of the corridor. A clear trend - a discrepancy of borders and output price curve beyond them ( "breakdown" of the corridor).
ChaikinOscillator (Chaikin Oscillator)
These indicators show the activity of buyers and sellers. It is recommended not to use alone, but only together with the other signals.
CommodityChannelIndex (Commodity Channel Index)
Also it works with corridors prices. Opening an option for raising and lowering must be done when grafikbinarnyh options is beyond the scope of the corridor and turns.
DirectionalMovement (direction of movement)
Binary Options Indicator is represented by three lines (pink, orange and blue), which are respectively the average, negative and positive direction.
DonchianChannels (Donchian Channel)
Especially popular among new traders in the field of binary options. Also operates with concepts corridor prices and its breakdown.
Ease of Movement (Movement of Freedom)
Displays the asset volume ratio to the difference between minimum and maximum. Unlike many others, it can be used alone, without regard to the other charts.
Elder'sForceIndex (Elder Strength Index)
It can help you accurately determine how strong the uptrend or downtrend. A Russian expert in the field of binary trades.
IchimokuCloud (Ichimoku cloud)
It seems very complicated, but it is one of the most effective. In his analysis of the need to take into account the state of the five lines. Easy to work with long-term binary options.
KeltnerChannels (Keltner Channels)
Visually represents three curves, with a corridor running costs. It is best used in conjunction with the indicator of binary options to determine the strength of the trend.
LinearRegression (Linear Regression)
One of my favorite and frequently used indicators for binary options. If the value of an asset is approaching the upper line (resistance) - open the option for a fall. If the bottom line (support) - to increase.
Stands for Moving Average Convergence / Divergence. It is necessary to monitor the intersections of the Blue Line (the actual MACD) and orange (signal).
Momentum (Momentum)
Included in the majority of trade advisers binary options is simple and effective. Its signals are based on the fluctuation of the curve with respect to the zero mark.
MoneyFlow (cash flows)
These indicators show how traders are interested in the asset. It is recommended to use when dealing with stocks and raw materials, but not with currency pairs.
On Balance Volume (balance volume)
One of the oldest - but still effective - binary options indicators. Determines at which point there will be a trend change and how long the trend will continue.
Parabolic SAR (SAR Parabolic)
One of the most simple binary options indicators. It shows the point of a trend reversal. Better to use with medium- and long-term options.
PriceVolumeTrend (trend of prices and volume)
Using it is convenient to analyze stock market data. It confirms the strength of the trend, helping to predict reversals.
RateofChange (rate of change)
A simple indicator of binary options, gives the signal overbought or oversold conditions of an asset (curve above or below zero).
RelativeVigorIndex (index of relative cheerfulness)
It refers to the oscillators, but does not show oversold / overbought, and the duration of the trend and its strength. It consists of a "slow" (red) and "fast" (green) lines.
Stochastic (Stochastic)
I actively use this indicator binary option: You can read a detailed description particularly the link (compared to others). His work is also based on the indicators of overbought / oversold conditions of an asset. It is recommended to use in conjunction with linear regression.
SMI ErgodicOscillator (Stochastics, the index)
"Stochastics", adapted to the analysis of a situation in which there is a sideways trend.
Stochastic RSI (Stochastic Strength Index)
The combination of "stochastic" and "the RSI RSI", bringing together the advantages of both binary indicators. Especially it works well in a sideways trend.
Triple EMA (Trix)
Triple sliding line helps enough to clearly define terms of price reversal. Indicators recommended when working with long-term binary options and a pronounced trend.
UltimateOscillator (Ultimate Oscillator)
LED binary options, uses the term "overbought zone", "oversold zone", "price corridor".
VWAP (weighted average price volume)
Displays primarily interested traders. It is not recommended to use self: it is better to combine with other signals. Also, do not use when working with currency pairs, as in this case, the error is too large.
Volume (Vol)
Another graph of binary options, which I actively use. It helps me to determine the point of reversal of the market and a change in trend. It is best used in conjunction with others. Highest efficiency - when trading stocks and commodities.
Williams% R (Williams Percent Range)
Indicators developed by Williams, popular among traders because it is convenient for use in technical analysis. Is a curved line in the range of up to 0 -100.
Williams Alligator (Alligator Bill Williams)
It consists of three lines with interesting names: jaw, lip and teeth Alligator. If the lines on the chart are located close to each other - the so-called "Dream Alligator" and deals it is better not to do. If the green line ( "Guba") crosses the blue and red - you need to open an option to increase or decrease, depending on the direction of the movement "Lips".

Can I use all 30 these indicators? No, it's not really - the more so, as you can see, many of them perform similar functions. To determine which indicators for binary options best suit you, you can try to work with each and determine which is especially comfortable for you.

From the link you can get acquainted with each binary indicator of deals, to learn how to look online schedule as basic signals are decoded and in which cases is preferable to use a separate schedule. Through trial and error you can pretty quickly determine which indicators are the most advantageous for you and start to make a profit with them!

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