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I can offer you 3 the embodiment of copying trades Traders:

number 1  

Copying professional trader deals in the VIP chat

I trade with my traders online, in real time. I report on which asset to trade (most often these are currency pairs and commodities), the expiration time, and the direction of the value of the asset, Up or Down. You can get more detailed information by clicking on the link Online binary options signals in VIP chat. It describes in detail the process of copying open transactions and gives statistics on the profitability of trading in the chat. 

online signals

number 2  

Trading Social (Social Trading)

Some Binary Options Brokers  also give us the ability to copy transactions experienced professional traders. Thanks to a special function, we simply connect to their accounts, and options on this account will be opened automatically. This method is suitable if you have limited time and can not sit for hours at the computer, watching the charts. There is no need to study and different strategies. Money can make money without any special effort.

Now I will tell you in detail how it works. As will be set up during the transactions, the value of each option and the amount by which you want to trade. By doing so you will not risk all their deposits and trade for you will be the best of the best.

Once registered with a broker binary options, pass the verification and updating of the deposit, you need to open a trading platform. Among the proposed options we choose species «Follow Spot"(Binary Replicator / Social trading).

This function offers Etoro >>>

In the window that opens, you will see the rating of traders and their characteristics: country of residence, the rate of successful transactions in%, the number of open options, number of followers, the amount of money earned on the platform.

Traders can be sorted by cross assets transaction that you wish to copy.

After this period should be set up transactions from 1 1 days prior year, the amount of investment on each transaction and limit the amount for which you would like to trade. This mode will be using limits. If desired, you can disable it and copy trades without limits, but for a certain period.

After that press the button "Track". Data confirm button "Track" will change color. Only after that you successfully connected to the account of a professional trader and it will be copied to the transaction in your account.

For the convenience of tracking all transactions (current and closed), they will appear in your account. At any time, you can change the settings to impose restrictions on or off from the copy process.

That's all.

number 3  

PAMM - Account

And the last sentence of copying transactions professionlanyh brokers - is PAMM ACCOUNTS at the broker _______.

If you do not want to engage in daily trading, but would like to earn a passive, then you ideal this option. You choose a successful trader, based on the statistics of his account. It will manage your invested funds for the commission of 20% of the profits.

That is how very easy it is to make a binary options with ease. All analyzes were performed by professionals, and we can just copy them deal! Further evidence of the profitability of this trading strategy can be found in section ReportsWhere I publish details of their trading days.


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