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Trade shares on Binary Options very interesting and profitable. There are some simple ways to predict their costs, which I will tell you now.

  • Method №1 Signals Indicators

I advise you to use the forecasts from a professional market research firm to stock trading. These signals will be a godsend for beginners binary options, and experienced traders who want to make sure of their own forecasts.

You can follow the appearance of profitable signals online. Table technical analysis operates in real time. 

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Now let's see in the stock trading strategies, how to analyze these indicators. If you see that there is an inscription in front of certain stocks "STRONG BUY" in all time intervals (5 minutes, 15 minutes, hourly, daily), this means that the forecast changes in the value of the asset is stable. In the near future this trend will continue, and the share price will continue to rise. So you should buy an option to increase the next 15-30 minutes (Depending on whether the near future offering broker).

If you see that in front of a certain action there is an inscription "Actively sell" in all time intervals (5 minutes, 15 minutes, hourly, daily), this means that the forecast changes in the value of the asset and the most powerful. In the near future this trend will continue, and the share price will continue to fall. So you should buy an option to decrease the next 15-30 minutes (Depending on whether the near future offering broker).

If the table in front of shares at different time intervals are different signal-to-action option in any case, do not open. The signal is weak and contradictory.

I advise you to read also with Binary options trading strategies for trading signals. There you will find guidance on the use of signals when trading currency pairs, commodities and indices. 

  • Method №2 Calendar Reporting

Trading binary options, and in particular shares, based on the data reporting calendar is very simple and profitable. Reporting calendar provides us with data on the shares of the various companies, namely profit or loss. With this information, you can very well earn. Details how to use this method in the trade I described in my article Binary options trading strategy on the calendar reporting. Carefully read it, there you will find out and calendar of important events online. It can be adjusted to yourself to choose the time zone, date, add event filtering.

  • Method №3 Tracking news on various resources

As you know, various current events directly affect the value of shares and securities of various companies. Therefore, to increase their chances of success in trading, you need to understand share market and how the market reacts to all kinds of events.

stock trading strategies

The main advantage stock trading on the binary options lies in the fact that you have open access to the various options. Do not get hung up on just one type of assets. The number of shares represented may vary from broker to broker. Somewhere there are more, somewhere less.

In general, stocks are traded on various stock exchanges around the world. The most famous of them - it's the American Stock Exchange (NASDAQ), NYSE (NYSE-New York Stock Exchange), as well as other stock exchanges in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Need to clearly understand myself that company's share price mainly depends on the important events, such as the statement of income or loss, new products, news outlet, and so on. Therefore, to develop its profitable stock trading strategyMust first pay attention to the occurrence of such events in press as:

reports of the company. If we talk about sales growth and receiving a large profit, the stock price will certainly go up. In this case, open the option to increase, with increasingly timeframe before the end of the day. And if we are talking about the loss or reduction of the production, sales, exports, the share price will go down. Accordingly, the option you need to buy for a fall;

merger or acquisition. In this case together two companies that had previously been direct competitors. Now the competition will be less noticeable, increase market share. And it is always positive news for traders. Shares of companies begin to grow;

the direction of government policy with respect to the activities of the company. State regulation may adversely affect the value of the shares of the company, if the policy is aimed at increasing taxes, duties, the increasing complexity of import and so on. Such events are regarded as signals to the fall in asset prices. Therefore, the options should be opened for a fall;

Posts about product. If, for example, Apple is releasing a new gadget, it is certainly positive news, which will cause an increase in the value of its shares. But if the market speak thousands of new machines when problems are detected, you can safely put on lowering the price of shares of a particular automobile giant.

Of all the important events you can learn from news sources, television. Can you also recommend several reputable sites that I myself visited in search of interesting and important news that would help me make a trade binary options on stocks:


So I share with you my methods stock trading on the binary options. I am sure they will bring you a good profit!


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