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Trading binary options traders opens up huge opportunities, offering trading in four major classes of assets: Currency Pairs, stock, Indexes и commodity. It is about the goods today, and will be discussed. I suggest you familiarize yourself with free signals on indicators for commodity trade in the binary platforms.

commodities trading

Goods presented absolutely all brokers and are very popular with traders for earnings. The main ones are:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Oil
  • Coffee
  • Wheat
  • Sugar

Earlier I wrote an article Trading strategy on the volume of goods. It is also very effective for earnings. I advise you to get acquainted with her. And now elaborate on the signals based on technical analysis. Technical analysis uses a variety of indicators and financial instruments that track the dynamics of change in the price of goods, the point of entry into the market and the pivot point. All this and forms Free Trading SignalsThat can help not only for beginners, but also have professional traders.

My journey began with the trader understanding the basics of what I need to do. If I did not know what I trade, it could not have been so serious about this profession. Therefore, before moving on to strategies and practical examples, we move away from the formulaic explanation, and I will make a small theoretical introduction.

Commodity option - A derivative financial instrument, giving for some time the right to buy or sell raw materials (oil, gold, wheat, etc.) at the stated price in advance. Most brokers provide the ability to trade binary options, there are the following options (in general, not just commodities):

• One touch / No touch options - the most popular form of this instrument, when it is predicted that the price will be lower or higher than the current mark until expiration (closing time), with the successful forecast of premium paid.

• Call / Put - standard, not a lesser-known type of option where the right when the forecast is paid the difference between the strike price, (at time of purchase) and the market price less the premium, and the option, you can manually shut down until expiration.

• In / Out - search options forecasted corridor, which will move the price until expiration, which makes it possible earnings even in a period of low volatility.

As part of this section will be considered first category mostly touch-options, as in my opinion, in volatile markets, they give the greatest advantage. However, in the long period of consolidation can use the in / out options.

And now more consciously get down to business, below are a very effective tool for comprehensive technical analysis of the market situatsii.Vy can watch for profitable signals right here online. After all, for you, I integrated the table with technical analysis to your site, and it works in real time. 

As you can see, here it is programmed once 8 indicators, among which there are two categories:

• trend (ADX, Alligator, SAR, AROON) - are necessary during strong movements (trends);
• oscillators (MACD, CCI, RSI, Stochastic) - work during the consolidation (the flat).

Check values ​​may each pressing the value in column certain timeframe (5M, 15M, 30M etc.).

Use everything at once is unlikely to succeed, as the sometimes contradictory signals. Therefore, you need to understand when and why to use one or another group of indicators. It sounds easy, but in practice, sometimes it turns out to be the most difficult. All that we need - to estimate the probability of a strong trend during the day. Let us proceed.

The first stage. Analyzing the fundamental background, opening Economic Calendar. We are interested in only the most important news from the 2-3 stars in the USA and the rest keeps out, you can even apply a filter. It is worth noting that for a primary raw materials (wheat, sugar, coffee, etc.) is strongly influenced by the news from the media, which are not on the calendar, as well as a variety of seasonal factors. It is desirable to also include a viewing, personally I prefer gold, silver and oil.

In addition to news, you should pay attention to the state of the global indices, such as: DXY (index of USD), Dow Jones, etc., depending on the asset. Thus it appears in practice.

signals on indicators for commodities

Accordingly, if we see a lot of important news, achieving historic highs indexes, or the breakdown of the strong daytime levels, it is most likely that the market will trend movement within the day. The reason is simple - most of the major investors are oriented on these figures, it is important to have a fundamental positive reinforcement. As a result, large cash flow comes into the market and start a strong movement. If the opposite is true peace, then we can expect consolidation, as large investment volumes are expected to wait.

The second stage. Proceed directly to the evaluation indicators depending on the situations described above. We have already discussed the situation by currencies in the recent time, now turn our attention to the active market movements on the gold in the same moment, the recent release of the news of the US dollar - 14-15 2016 December year. It looked like a graph with indicators from the table when the data released by the interest rate.

signals on indicators for commodities

Red squares highlighted areas 3 when all indicators show the value of - "Sell". As you can see, the signals were very strong, because the market is trending.

Another case is when the market is not rich news (such Conception occurs immediately after heavy movements). Take the same gold in the period from December 19 2016 years.

signals on indicators for commodities

Again squares marked zone, when all oscillators are showing "Sell"Or"Buy". Between times, in such a situation it can be beneficial to use in / out options.

Note to the second stage. I do not recommend for the evaluation of signals using multiple timeframes. The reason is that they often give conflicting signals and only confuse the trader. If the trade is carried out within the day, it is enough M5 or M15. As a rule, modern brokers allow use of the time of expiration of the 30 5 seconds to minutes. If found a company where there is a week or more options, and they are you interested, then switch to a higher timeframes on H1 to D1 etc.

The trend situations, be sure to pay attention to ADX, because that's what it shows the strength of the trend at the moment. As a consequence, it is desirable at the time of consolidation (but not necessarily), the ADX was the neutral zone, otherwise there is a risk that the market will break through the corridor.

Also, it should be in a period of market corridor to be careful with the MACD indicators, because it is a mixed light in which there is a trend beginning. At times, its signals are misleading and do not allow time to enter into a transaction.

At the end of the theoretical part, I can say the following:

• Evaluate the fundamental background of the market, where cash flows are directed to date, as well as whether there are any prerequisites for a strong movement within the day;

• If the trade is conducted on products such as sugar, wheat and so on, then follow the seasonal factors and the news media;

• Pay attention to historical highs and lows on global indices (for example, the US dollar index-DXY, the US stock market index - Dow Jones, etc.);

• apply in the respective market situation, trend indicators or oscillators;

• Use only one time frame when receiving the input signal in the deal, or there might be a contradiction;

You can follow the appearance of profitable signals right here online even one technical instrument. After all, for you, I integrated the table with technical analysis to your site, and it works in real time. Time is indicated in the tables on GMT.

This Technical Analysis is powered by

This Technical Analysis is powered by

This Technical Analysis is powered by

This Technical Analysis is powered by

Now let's see in commodities trading strategies, how to analyze these indicators. If you see that there is an inscription in front of certain goods "STRONG BUY" at all time intervals (5 minutes 15 minutes, hourly, daily), it means that the forecast of the change in asset value stable. In the near future this trend will continue, and the price of goods will continue to grow. Therefore it is necessary to buy an option to increase over the next 15-30 minutes.

If you see that in front of a certain product has an inscription "Actively sell" at all time intervals (5 minutes 15 minutes, hourly, daily), it means that the forecast of the change in asset value as strong as possible. In the near future this trend will continue, and the price of goods will continue to fall. Therefore it is necessary to buy an option to decrease over the next 15-30 minutes.

If the table in front of the goods on different time segments have different signal-to-action option in any case, do not open. The signal is weak and contradictory.


Now I'll show you how to find a commodity at a live graph, because sure that newcomers face are binary options with difficulty.

Prescribing the name of commodities should be in English. I bring you satisfaction:

  • Gold - GOLD (or XAUUSD)
  • Silver - SILVER (or XAGUSD)
  • Copper - COPPER 
  • Oil - OIL (or USOIL, UKOIL)
  • Platinum - PLATINUM (or XPTUSD)

I advise you to read also with Binary options trading strategies for trading signals. There you will find guidance on the use of signals when trading currency pairs, stocks and indices.

Data free signals will help you to trade with maximum profit and minimum losses. You will be able to predict the change in trend in advance.

Even more options signals can be found in the article Free online binary options signals. There are also Alarm systems - robots binary options.


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