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Wanting to help young traders, I posted on one of the pages a rating of the most reliable brokers who can help in forex or cfd trading. There were also posted specific tips on what criteria to choose a really good platform. However, for those who have only recently taken up work, my other rating will be very useful: it mentions the best Forex brokers with a minimum deposit.

In my rating of the top forex brokers, I advised two specific platforms, which, in my opinion, are the best and on which I myself work. I can describe their merits on several of these texts ... but they may not be suitable for a beginner trader. Many newbies will be scared off by the too high minimum deposit - $ 200, $ 250 ... It is clear that this is not a hefty amount, but, firstly, those who do not yet have a stable income are engaged in trading, and secondly, not every person risking such a sum, not sure of success. Therefore, if all brokers offered just such conditions, there would be many times fewer people willing to engage in Forex.

Is there a way out for those who want to start a career as an online trader, but do not have enough funds to make a large deposit? Yes, there is: pay attention to forex brokers with a minimum deposit! Look at my rating: there are brokers in it, to start working with which you can have 10 or even 5 dollars - this will be enough to allow you to make real transactions.

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Who will especially enjoy the brokers allow you start with a minimum deposit amount? You can select multiple groups of traders:

  1. Those who are not ready from the beginning to invest large sums of money.
    The existence of such brokers is simply salvation for many traders. Not everyone is able to get started by immediately seriously investing in their trading. Meanwhile, you can really do without impressive deposits: Forex trading actually refers to the ways of earning, in which you can rise to very large sums almost from scratch. Start with modest deposits and minimum rates - and multiply your capital!
  2. Inexperienced traders who do not want to risk it.
    Let's say you have a few hundred dollars in starting capital and can afford a deposit with any broker. But starting with big deals right away is risky. Almost no one goes for it - and, in general, they do it right. Choose brokers that allow you to make minimal deposits and investments, and hone your skills on them. Losing $ 10 on a trade is ten times less scary than $ 100 - all the more if this is not your last $ 10, and you can continue trading by replenishing your account.
  3. Traders who want to try and experiment.
    Trading with brokers at low rates will allow you to test a variety of strategies and find out which one suits you best. It will allow you to understand what assets you like the most, what you want to start to understand and in what specific areas to improve. In a word, it turns out to be training - but in "combat" conditions, real trade - but for the minimum amount, which is not a pity to lose.

However, stop. It shouldn't be "not sorry". The biggest mistake traders make when using platforms with a minimum deposit is not taking trading seriously. A person sees that he cannot lose much (in fact, it is possible to lose, but until he realizes it) - and stops thinking, starting to bet at random. Yes, they have heard about the rules, they may even have taken a theoretical course - but they do not consider it necessary to use these rules. As a result, the minimum deposit is lowered once, the second, the third - and now it turns out that not such a small amount is lost, and there was no skill, and no.

Therefore, remember: even if you invest only one or two dollars, behave as if you risk parting with 50, or even with all hundred. Worrying about the outcome of every, even the smallest, transaction, you will understand much faster what Forex is and develop a strategy that will be beneficial for you personally.

There are few brokers on the market that provide the opportunity to work with a minimum deposit. And there are plenty of unscrupulous among them. So do not give your money to the first partners you come across: study the reputation of brokers and do not start working with those whose reputation is low. By the way, how do you know about your reputation? It is possible with my help: I ​​compose BlacklistWhere I bring the platform to work with whom in any case not worth it.

It takes very little time to open the minimum deposit - but this event can bring you a lot of money in the future. Decide on the first step - and start making money on Forex!


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