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Broker Information AnalystQue



Year of foundation




Minimum deposit

500 USD

Maximum income

Is not limited

Compensation at a loss



U.S. dollar

Interface language


Demo Account


trading signals


Mobile trading


Deposits and withdrawals

Bank transfer, Bank card (Visa/MC), transfer systems

Official website of AnalystQue

Reviews about the AnalystQue broker immediately interested me, since the company seems to be quite young, but already has a lot of clients actively trading through it. Many users write that not all analogues can provide such favorable and comfortable conditions for working with the market as this broker. At the same time, replenishment and withdrawal of funds are possible both with the help of a bank transfer and a card, and through an online wallet. As you can see, the option is really good. But is it really all that rosy here? I decided to conduct my own analysis and started it by studying the official website of the project.

As shown in the screenshot above, the portal is completely in English. Of course, this is a minus for the audience from the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, however, if there is an automatic translator built into the browser, this problem is solved instantly. So I'm in no hurry to write it down. But remember that it will be somewhat difficult to read all the official documents of the company and the warning about possible risks in translation due to the large number of specific terms.

The design of the site makes a positive impression. Beautiful unobtrusive animation, eye-pleasing shades of colors. Here I did not find any intrusive or annoying elements from the field of aggressive marketing. Perhaps this speaks of the transparency and integrity of the entire project. Of course, it is still very young, it was formed only in 2021. But everyone started somewhere.

What I found in terms of the advantages of this interesting broker:

  • Contacts for feedback and customer support, posted in the public domain. There is also a regular phone number, and a WhatsApp chat, and several corporate postal addresses for sending emails. It states that support is available 24/7.
  • Availability of all official information regarding the registration and legal documents of the broker. Of course, they still need to be translated. But they do exist. And this is already good.
  • Availability of training. This includes courses, online seminars, collaboration with personal trainers, as well as the presence of an economic calendar with the most significant events in the world of finance. That is, even if you do not have many years of trading experience, in principle, you can try to register here.

So, from the outside, everything looks pretty decent. I did not find any typical fraudulent moments that could alert and become the reason for refusing to make a deposit here.

AnalystQue platform

The broker offers its clients a fairly good and experienced terminal called Web Trader. It can be used on a PC and laptop, as well as on smartphones and tablets. The site has mobile versions for downloading on devices with iOS and Android.

analytical platform

The platform is stable if you read AnalystQue reviews. All orders are executed promptly, which is especially valuable in the presence of high volatility in the market. The terminal is functional, it has a large number of charts for analyzing exchange activity and tracking good moments for entering a deal. The interface is understandable, I think that a trader with little practical experience will also cope here.

Registering with AnalystQue

I can not say that creating an account here is somehow problematic. The initial registration form is in many ways similar to the standard options of other brokers.

There are a few things to fill in here. You will need to enter your first and last name, email address, mobile phone number, and also create a strong password and verify your age by ticking the appropriate box.

I remind you that all personal information that you provide during the registration process and subsequent verification (and it will definitely be required a little later) must be checked for accuracy. Otherwise, the system may take you for a fraudster and simply block your account. It will be very difficult to prove your innocence to unscrupulous people, especially since the broker's support is unlikely to communicate with you in pure Russian.

AnalystQue Trading Account Types

analystque type accounts

Here are 5 options:

  • It is considered basic and does not require serious financial investments at first. To register it, you will only need 500 USD or the equivalent amount in bitcoins.
  • Education. This account is relevant for those who already have basic trading and investing skills and are ready to develop more actively in this area. To apply, prepare at least 5000 USD.
  • specialty. This type of account is positioned by the broker itself as intended specifically for active traders. Various “goodies” are already added here, such as round-the-clock personal support, access to some elite professional library, etc. The initial deposit must be at least 25000 USD.
  • marginque. It is characterized by individual service and assistance in building a unique trading strategy. Powerful leverage of 300:1 appears, as well as mobile trading signals. The starting amount is 75000 USD.
  • Platinum. Premium account type. Better spreads, VIP service and everything that is offered to accounts above. Can be opened if there are free 150000 USD.

We figured out the account options. The range is not bad, there is an affordable version for beginners and a premium service for trading sharks.

Trading with broker AnalystQue

In terms of assets, everything is also pretty good here. You can trade in the commodity sector, earn on the difference in foreign exchange rates, use precious metals, as well as cryptocurrency.

Analyst Quest

In principle, there is everything that traders and investors of absolutely all stripes and directions need. Judging by the reviews, trading is brisk, in terms of commissions, no one is greedy here.

Depositing and withdrawing profits of the broker AnalystQue

You can learn more about the available methods after registration. As far as I understand, based on the analysis of the site and reviews on the Internet, the question of how to withdraw money from AnalystQue is not acute. You can do this to a bank account, card or using various online transfer services.

Broker Reviews AnalystQue

In general, customers of this company respond positively about it. Fly in the ointment is everywhere, so sometimes there are negative comments. however, most of them come down to the fact that the novice trader simply ignored the need for a thorough study of technical analysis and decided to rely solely on his own intuition. The deposit was leaked, and the broker was blamed. That's all the negativity for you.


I think the broker AnalystQue, despite its recent appearance, may well be considered as an intermediary for working in the market. He openly provides all those interested with legal information about himself and offers good conditions for cooperation.