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Official website of StoxDC

Reviews StoxDC has quite conflicting. Some of the users claim that this is a modern broker that provides quite comfortable conditions for working with the market, including a convenient online platform and quick replenishment of the deposit, for which you can use any virtual wallet. And then you can see a comment that this company is working dishonestly, for example, it greatly delays the withdrawal of earned funds from the account. But, as you know, negative reviews are often written by competitors. So who do you believe? Is it worth opening an account here or is it better to look for more reliable analogues?

To answer these questions, I conducted a detailed analysis of the official website of this broker. After all, it is the design of the company's Internet portal that can give maximum information about the seriousness of its intentions. I am sure that after my review, it will be much easier for you to form an opinion about StoxDC.

The site is well made. This is not a hastily written one-pager, which definitely inspires confidence from the start page. Of the minuses - the lack of Russian language in the interface. But if you, like me, use a browser with an automatic translation function, there will be no problems.

Another small drawback is the empty “About us” section. It proposes to contact the representatives of the broker by phone or e-mail. But this minus is more than compensated by carefully painted legal information. This includes the broker's registration number, the legal address of the company, and all the possible risks that the client faces in the process of working with the market.

In general, everything looks pretty transparent, so I have no reason to doubt that StoxDC is a reliable broker that provides financial services to its clients.

The site also has a rather voluminous section with answers to the most frequently asked questions. Here you can also read a glossary (it will be useful for beginners to be aware of all key professional terms), as well as learn interesting facts from the Trading School. In general, novice users will find here a lot of relevant for themselves. It can be seen that the management thinks not only about the "sharks" of trading and investment.

I also note that in the process of studying this site, I never came across intrusive advertising, as well as too loud promises of millions of earnings almost from scratch. The color scheme of the design is quite calm, there are no calls to register right now with an emphasis on a limited number of free accounts. A high-quality and informative Internet resource that makes an exceptionally positive impression.

StoxDC platform

The broker did not reinvent the wheel and offers all its clients a proven version of the terminal - MT4. It has everything you need for high-quality and operational market analysis. It is also possible to download the mobile version of the platform. This is convenient for everyone who does not want to be tied to a computer, but at the same time always be in the know.


I studied all the reviews that caught my eye about the StoxDC broker and found out that most of all its clients like the functionality and stable operation of the terminal. There are a lot of useful tools here. In addition, the broker offers very promising assets for profit. Here you can try your hand at trading Contracts for Differences (CFDs). Registered users will have access to the following assets:

  • indexes;
  • securities of various large companies;
  • cryptocurrency;
  • goods;
  • currency;
  • shares of funds (ETF).

In principle, here everyone will find a tool to their taste and wallet. The terminal also provides an opportunity to use very useful risk limiters - stop loss and take profit levels. I especially advise novice traders to take a closer look at them, as this will reduce the likelihood of a deposit being drained and will help to fix the expected profit in time, even if you are not at the computer at the right time.

Registering with StoxDC

Signing up for an account here is very easy. It is enough to fill in the fields in the standard registration form, and your application will immediately be considered. You will need to provide a basic set of personal information:

  • first and last name;
  • E-mail address;
  • current mobile phone number;
  • confirm your age of majority (just tick the box in the right place).

If everything is fine, you will receive a confirmation of registration and a link to access your personal account by e-mail. Of course, then it will be necessary to go through the verification procedure. But it, according to the reviews of StoxDC broker clients, is not particularly difficult. By the way, a detailed list of required documents to confirm your identity is available in the "KYC" section. So you can already familiarize yourself with what is needed for the verification procedure before creating an account. This is a big plus, not every broker puts such information in the public domain.

I remind you that it is necessary to indicate only reliable information and be sure to check that all data is entered correctly. If the system considers your account suspicious, it will simply be blocked along with the account. And it will be extremely difficult to prove your non-involvement in fraudulent transactions. This fact is specified in the agreement. It looks a little negative, but this is part of the protection of all users, which, as a rule, almost all brokers resort to.

Types of trading accounts with StoxDC

The range is small. There are two account options here. One of them is intended for the average user (standard), and the second is recommended for professional traders.

stoxdc types account

They differ little, mainly in the following parameters:

  • maximum volume per trade;
  • limit on the number of simultaneously open orders;
  • maximum volume of orders;
  • lot step size.

Most brokers offer several account options depending on the amount deposited into the account. However, many novice traders get confused by the volume and complex conditions. Here everything is as simple as possible to understand. Therefore, I cannot call a small assortment of account types a minus.

Trading with broker StoxDC

Even if you have recently decided to start a trading career, trading through this broker will be quite convenient. All the necessary theoretical information is on the site. Here you will get acquainted with the basic terminology, as well as learn how one asset differs from another.


A demo account is available for all registered users. This is very convenient if you want to test the capabilities of the platform, the level of your knowledge and professional endurance, and also find out the effectiveness of a new strategy. There are many assets, the conditions are adequate, help from the broker's managers is always present (you can call or send an e-mail). There are definitely earning opportunities.

Depositing and withdrawing profits from the broker StoxDC

There is no specific information here. However, many traders who have personally dealt with this broker claim that a complete list of options for replenishing an account and withdrawing earnings from it can be found after registration. I also saw quite a lot of feedback that the question of how to withdraw money from StoxDC is never acute. All the specified terms are observed, the withdrawal commission is normal. I think these comments can be trusted.

StoxDC Broker Reviews

As I said, they are different. But I have never met a broker who has an exceptionally enthusiastic army of clients. There will always be people who are dissatisfied with something. For example, there is a category of traders who blame anyone but themselves for their mistakes and inability (and unwillingness) to analyze the market. As practice shows, it is they who leave negative reviews on the Internet. And if you dig a little deeper, it turns out that the broker has nothing to do with it at all. 


Summing up, I want to say that the StoxDC broker is a completely official company with a fairly transparent business policy. Yes, it is registered in an offshore zone, but this is often not an indicator of the quality of the company's work. Judging by the reviews, StoxDC is quite trustworthy. So register and try your hand at trading and investing.