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Information about the StormGain project


the stormga

Year of foundation




Minimum deposit

50 USD

Maximum income

Is not limited

Compensation at a loss




Interface language

English, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, German, French, Polish, Vietnamese

Demo Account


trading signals


Mobile trading


Deposits and withdrawals

Crypto wallets, bank card (Visa/MC)

StormGain official website

Reviews StormGain has different. The project appeared relatively recently. Its analogues are also on the alert and are constantly evolving, so I cannot call this cryptocurrency exchange unique. In fact, we are dealing with a classic platform that provides its users with a convenient virtual wallet for storing funds and offers good conditions for trading virtual assets online. Replenishment and withdrawal are carried out by crediting money from the user's card account. Of the pluses, I can highlight the referral coupon, which is offered to all new customers for registering via the link. With its help, the user can receive a small cash reward, which is immediately credited to his account (usually this is the amount of 25 USD).

In order to draw more or less specific conclusions on this project, I carefully studied its official website. It looks simple and clear, but at the same time contains all the necessary information to understand: we have a full-scale cryptocurrency exchange, which you can trust with your funds.


The site has a large number of languages. This means that its creators target customers from all over the world. The interface can be translated into Russian, so the site is easy to use for our compatriots.

There is a lot of useful information here, for example, a professional blog, daily detailed reviews of cryptocurrency assets, visual video tutorials from trading experts. There are also detailed answers to key questions that are regularly asked by newcomers to the world of virtual financial instruments. The structure of the site is elementary, even a novice user will not get confused here. There are no annoying ads or overly bright colors that modern scammers often indulge in. There are also no obsessive promises of some sky-high profit. In general, the portal was created professionally and intelligently. In my opinion, it refers more to information platforms, and this is a definite plus for the reputation of this project.

Ways to make money on StormGain

They are actually not so few:

  • Cryptocurrency trading. This is a short-term trading aimed at instant earnings. Scalping is especially relevant for virtual assets, since not every trader can correctly predict the movement of the chart of such a volatile financial instrument for a long period. For more profitable trading, the exchange has a 300x multiplier. It allows you to get a solid profit even with a small balance of funds on the deposit. However, a novice trader should always remember that it also works in the opposite direction. Therefore, it is recommended to use the multiplier only in case of full confidence in the positive result of the transaction.
  • Investment. You buy a cryptocurrency at a lower price, and then wait for the coin to grow in value and sell it profitably. To do this, you must have the skills of fundamental and technical analysis. Therefore, cryptocurrency investments, as a rule, are already experienced traders who have got their hands on the classic exchange.
  • Interest on the deposit. This works similarly to bank deposits. You leave coins on the account for a certain period, and the exchange pays you interest for this. In the case of this project, you can earn up to 12% per annum on the balance as much as possible. This is a very good offer, especially if the user has impressive financial resources.
  • Affiliate program. Almost every exchange has this feature. After registration, each user receives a referral link, which he can actively promote in his social media accounts. Each new exchange client who registers on it and fulfills certain qualification conditions becomes a source of your income.
  • Mining. All operations are performed on special StormGain equipment, so the processor and battery of your device will not suffer much. Every 30–40 minutes, the profit is evenly distributed among all exchange participants who mine coins. When you accumulate at least 10 USDT, they can be credited to your account with just one button. Replenishment will take approximately 15 minutes. But it will not work to withdraw or exchange this profit. It can only be used for trading.

All exchange processes take place at a high speed, so the client of the exchange can be sure that the operation will be carried out exactly at the rate he has chosen. An additional plus, I consider a well-designed mobile application with powerful functionality and an intuitive interface.

The smartphone provides access to cryptocurrency trading 24/7. The developers have made a mobile version of the exchange for users of both leading operating systems - Android and iOS.

Trading on StormGain: commissions, terminal, deposits and withdrawals

Everything is as simple as possible here. If you have already dealt with classic trading, then you roughly know how this process takes place. The terminal makes it possible to analyze the movement of assets through various charts.

StormGain exchange reviews are mostly positive. Especially often, her clients mention the high speed of order execution, the availability of risk management tools - stop loss and take profit, as well as a large number of cryptocurrencies. There are both the most popular coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as projects that have appeared relatively recently, but have already gained popularity and have every chance of a positive outlook in the near future. You will not find any unverified or clearly failed assets here.

stormgain trading crypto

Like many other exchanges, StormGain has a demo account, where everyone can practice trading or test the effectiveness of a new trading strategy without any risk. All movements of assets in the trial version repeat the actions of coins in real time. You can also connect signals here. Many users claim that they can be trusted. But you should not forget about the level of risk of such trading either. After all, trading is, first of all, financial responsibility for the deposit of the account holder.

There are no specific types of accounts with their own conditions similar to brokerage ones. There is only a commission of 10% for making a profitable transaction, as well as a percentage that is deducted by the exchange for replenishing an account and withdrawing earned funds. Compared to most cryptocurrency projects, such conditions are quite favorable. If you are actively trading and maintaining an impressive daily turnover, commission deductions are fully offset by the profits made.

storm gain commission

How to withdraw money from StormGain? The withdrawal fee will depend on the type of cryptocurrency. For different coins, slightly different conditions apply, which can also be immediately found on the official website. The crypt is withdrawn to the wallet within a few minutes. Customers from EU countries can also transfer money to a bank account, crediting up to 3 days.

So, what can be said from the results of a detailed study of this project? This is a fairly safe exchange, the developers of which are clearly doing everything to make customers feel as comfortable as possible here. Registering here is no problem. The StormGain exchange has a lot of real positive reviews. Therefore, I can conclude that this platform is very suitable for making money on digital assets.