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Briefly about AxiTrader

This company is fully owned by an Australian-based company, AxiCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd. It was noted that the activities as a broker for this brand began in 2007.

At the moment, AxiCorp is a whole group of companies around the world, specializing in trade. Preference is given to retail currency trading. At the same time, there is a convenient website and platform adapted for all types of mobile devices and available in 9 languages.

Personal account in Axi

In order to become a happy owner of an account on the Axi platform, you need to perform only two actions:

  1. Fill out the application with your personal information. Most of the fields are standard, except for the account selection form. If you want to trade on your own, you need to choose "individual". On the platform, it is possible to issue corporate and joint accounts for participants in follow-up and management programs based on powers of attorney.
  2. You will also need to go through the standard verification procedure - send scans of documents confirming the identity and address of registration.

axi trade cfd forex

What trading instruments does Axi have?

Axi has the possibility of Forex trading, as well as the conclusion of CFD contracts with several directions:

  • precious metals (gold, silver)
  • oil
  • Indexes

Axi platform

The platform is made in the form of one of the most equipped and modern options - MT4. Also on the site you can find mobile versions if necessary and a whole course that teaches how to use the functions of the platform.

What trading accounts does broker Axi give?

To master the functionality of the platform, you can use the demo version of the account. At the same time, there is an opportunity to “turn” one of your accounts into a demo one in order to work out strategies without the risk of losing money. The promotion is valid for the first 30 days of using the platform.

Standard account for the MT4 platform: spreads from 1 pip are accepted, transaction fees are not taken. Leverage is up to 400:1, margin requirement is 1%. It is possible to resort to the help of an adviser.

PRO MT4 account: spreads are possible from 0,1 points, while the commission is $ 3.5 per trade transaction. However, the range of metals available for trade is expanding. The margin requirement is also changed - only 0,2%. The user also has the opportunity to use a virtual dedicated server.

The company states that there is no minimum deposit amount. However, this only applies to demo accounts. For real trading, you need to deposit $50.

axi type accounts

Depositing and withdrawing funds from AxiTrader

In order to deposit and withdraw money from the project, you can use the following currencies:

  • U.S. dollar),
  • Euro,
  • Australian dollar,
  • GBP,
  • new zealand dollar,
  • singapore dollar,
  • Swiss frank,
  • canadian dollar,
  • yen,
  • hong kong dollar.

Also, the broker is strongly recommended to use one of the 9 presented methods of depositing and withdrawing funds: using bank cards, local and international payment systems. At the same time, the site carefully suggests how you can save money in each of the options. It is more convenient to present this in the form of a small table.

Training course

This is one of the features of the platform. The training center helps beginners in trading to learn basic information regarding the main processes in Forex. All information is presented in the form of small video tutorials translated into several languages. Users will learn about the following in the process:

  • Step by step guide to setting up and using MT4.
  • Basic processes and concepts for Forex trading.
  • Psychological aspects of trading (influence of excitement, importance of goals, risks, money management).
  • Principles of developing your own strategies for trading.

Also on the site you can find all the latest news in the field of politics and economics in the world, as well as expert forecasts regarding trading on the Internet. All these materials can significantly influence the assessment of the situation and decision-making. However, the broker warns in advance that all this information is only advisory.

Also, after completing the free course, users will be offered to use the strategies of the most successful traders, but this is an optional procedure.

What can be said about AxiTrader in summary?

We can say that the presence of a license from a regulator from the UK, as well as experience since 2007, inspires confidence. However, British regulation may not apply in all countries - this point needs to be clarified. We strongly recommend that you pay attention to the extensive leverage (400:1) - this is a great opportunity for making a profit or a sharp drain on the entire deposit.

Axi reviews of real people


I opened an account with 10 Brokers for $250. A very stable high income was promised. We traded with an analyst, and even managed to make some profit. When the account became equal to $700, I withdrew $150 for my daughter's birthday. Immediately after that, I received a message that you can earn much more (from $ 20000) if you trade in bitcoins. I added a deposit. I was also promised insurance for two years that trading would be completely risk-free. According to the results for November-December 2017, I already had $53494 in my account. I asked for my $20000 back but was told the accountant had already finished his day. Then I waited for the next day, but when I went back to the account, there was ZERO on the balance. As a result, I began to call technical support and write to support. I also tried to make a chargeback with the help of a bank in order to return at least the invested funds, but I was refused. After that, I received a call from the Luna company, who promised to return everything to me for $ 250, but in the end nothing happened. The same situation with the Shield and Sword company is a common sharaga for divorce. As a result, I turned to a lawyer and made a refund - if you are interested, write, I will throw off my contacts. I believe that these deceivers need to be punished, which is why I leave my comment on all possible forums. I was lucky that I did not have to take out loans - I am a foreman. And someone may end up in a hole.


Too many problems started to appear on AxiTrader. Either they can’t withdraw funds without unnecessary hassle, then the site hangs. I can't say enough good things about AxiTrader.