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Despite the fact that Trade Nation has a real official license to operate, the trading conditions provided by this project look extremely doubtful. Ensuring the safety of funds, they do not give exact figures for the minimum deposit - this is one of the "bells". You need to invest only with trusted Forex trading companies.

Trade Nation openly and proudly announces that it will show a new approach to investing in trade. It is worth noting that Trade Nation has a positive reputation in the industry. In addition, the main goal of the company is to attract as many participants from all over the world as possible. It feels like Trade Nation is the gateway between the routine and the ideal financial industry.

The company implies that by minimizing the risk of losses, it will gradually increase the profits of its customers. In addition, the firm had several fixed costs. However, there is also a link to the behavior of the market - if trading conditions are unfavorable, you should not expect big profits.

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Trade Nation burst into the market as a very well legally savvy company - all of its activities are legal. Also, a number of offers for traders are not that big. In a world where everyone wants to cheat and take money, it is very important to find a good trading partner.

The activity of the platform extends to working with Forex, indices, metals, currency pairs, oil, and precious metals. At the same time, the company has more than 15 trading pairs of currency assets. Based on these data, the company recommends itself as a reliable partner who cares about the well-being of customers.

One of the innovations that distinguishes this company from its competitors is a well-developed support system. This is expressed in the fact that customers receive payments, and they are absolutely not worried about the safety of their funds. Such transparency adds reliability to the project and allows clients to earn money with the broker.

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  3. tel: +44 (0) 203 180 5952

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The company is still not established in the market. All because of serious criticism from traders due to the lack of extremely important information on web pages. For example, there is not even data on trading costs, leverage ceiling.

Especially for those who are skeptical about working with Trade Nation, a whole list of respected trusted brokers has been created with which it is really possible to make a profit. These companies have earned trust due to their long presence in the market.

The Trade Nation web platform is limited in functionality. However, investors can trade even from a mobile device. In this case, the withdrawal of funds will have to be expected within 5 working days. Fortunately, investors are not required to pay any deposit or withdrawal fees.

Trade Nation also created a training platform for interacting with their services. Simply put, they will teach you how to make deals. On the site you can find current news on the market, as well as recommendations on the use of this information (what transactions to conclude, what to sell, buy).

The company does not guarantee ultra-high returns due to the fact that the market is unstable. However, the firm encourages traders to "think ahead of the market", to think critically.

The company stated that their main goal is to transform the market. They want to be able to provide investor traders with the best trading conditions. That is why a whole platform was created, which is easy to deal with even for a beginner.

Terms of trade

Registration at Trade Nation is not at all the same as with many other legal brokers - too dreary, tiring. Investors are invited to undergo additional testing to determine the level of skill in Forex trading. Thanks to this, the company knows about the skills of most of its traders.

On the platform, you can find as many as two trading accounts. One of them is a demonstration, helps to practice strategies. The other is with real currency. If it turns out that you lied about your skills, the system will restrict access to trading. The company requires too much information about its traders.

And this is by no means the same as what can be found with other brokers. The company offers a web trading platform with a spread equal to 06 pip (for the EUR/USD currency pair). This is a fairly low level, but it reduces commission rates for various transactions.

It should also be noted that the project does not have the MT4 platform. That is, investors who are used to the basic interface will not agree to switch to a new broker. However, the proposed Trade Nation platform has several amazing features, including the construction of charts from templates, the introduction of constants.

Deposits and withdrawals at Trade Nation

The company does not disclose the minimum and maximum amount available for the deposit. However, the withdrawal is available using the Skrill system, as well as direct transfers to bank and credit cards. At the same time, after 3 months without making transactions, the account is blocked.

Very often, managers contact clients to discuss quality issues. Unfortunately, we could not find out if it is possible to gain access to inactive accounts. At the same time, the platform is proud of the abundance of bonuses, but without specifying the conditions or regulations for such generous promotions. Therefore, it is impossible to understand which investors can get them.

How is work on the platform regulated?

Trade Nation is known as a regulated company. At the same time, it became known that the license was obtained to conduct activities in the Bahamas, Australia and the UK. We have made searches in the databases of the indicated countries.

The platform was licensed, moreover, by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. It is considered one of the trading names in Funds European Limited. That is, customers can safely make transactions with funds. Moreover, Trade Nation came under ASIC regulation in Australia. This moment causes much more confidence among investors.

However, Trade Nation was not found in the SCB database. This indicates that customers are not immune from negative balances. The investment company had to divide all the investors' funds into separate accounts and contribute 730 thousand euros to the initial capital.

This was to be done in case of compensation payments if the company went bankrupt. At the same time, the Australian ASIC puts forward absolutely different requirements. According to their rules, the initial investment of the company should be 1 million dollars (Australian). In the event of an emergency, customers do not have to wait for compensation.

In exchange for compensation payments, brokers are required to protect their clients from adverse trading conditions. For example, Trade Nation is actively engaged in trading activities, thereby satisfying the needs of its customers. However, you still need to invest only in trusted brokers.

TradeNation technical support

The company has relied on customer service - because of this, the technical support service works around the clock. In addition, only professionals in their field were seen in it, ready to help. If something goes wrong, you need to contact them right away.

trade nation support

The company is also active in social activities in many networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition, they are open to criticism and questions on the e-mail and phone number indicated on the platform. The company has several physical offices in Sydney, London and Johannesburg open on weekdays.

What feedback do customers leave?

During the study, it was impossible not to touch on the topic of comments. Trade Nation, according to users, is considered a reliable and trusted broker that has been on the market for several years. Not a single negative word about the company.

Of course, working with the service, in particular, excellent feedback gives the platform credibility. Because of this, the activities of Trade Nation seem quite legal. However, we continue to research and strive to get as much information as possible to our audience. Before carrying money to a broker, you need to make sure that it is trustworthy.

Below you can read the reviews of people who have collaborated with Trade Nation:


At first I did not understand that Trade Nation is a complete kitchen. I am very sad about this. Managers were able to convince me that I myself made unprofitable decisions, I lost everything because of my own stupidity. Then I decided to follow all the recommendations of the platform, replenished the deposit, but again merged everything. I do not recommend cooperation with this broker. Leave without a donut hole.


Don't even think about working with Trade Nation! This is a typical fraudulent broker, the results of trading will be the same - the drain of all funds. At the same time, technical support will speak its teeth in such a way that you can forget about the purpose of registration. You can't get your money back, but don't be fooled!


Trade Nation, at first glance, conducts extremely legal activities. However, it has several serious drawbacks - for example, the terms of trade are not spelled out. The minimum deposit amount is also unknown. This is important because all verified brokers have an understanding of the standard payment for clients.

Also, the leverage on which traders rely is not defined. As a result, it turns out that investors will contribute their funds to an incomprehensible project with unknown activities. However, the broker is regulated, and this is its main advantage.

If you are still in doubt about whether to invest in Trade Nation, we recommend that you refer to the list of the best trusted brokers with excellent trading conditions. They are completely transparent, ready to provide the necessary documents and information that investors need. Try cooperation with them, which was definitely a profit.