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IOWN is one of the allegedly modern methods of passive income, based on receiving automatic income due to market fluctuations. Why supposedly? Yes, it's just another scam, which is designed as a carbon copy by analogy with other similar projects. I didn’t find any fresh ideas here, no creative page design on the official website, or any straight enchanting videos, after which a real millionaire will run headlong to invest real money in them.

The bottom line is this. They are trying to sell you another one again Trading Robot, which type must independently make transactions in the market. You just need to replenish your account with at least the minimum amount. And everything else, as they say, is a matter of technology.

I've heard this somewhere before, have you? But let's talk about everything in order.

We study the official site

What can give comprehensive information about a particular Internet project? Of course, its main page on the Web. When the system is really working and is a success among users, no one will hide official information and registration data from the eyes of everyone. Right there, besides the start page, there was nothing to look at at all.

iown reviews

Some nice modern background, a logo with a twist under the notorious apple brand Apple and a mandatory video promising regular earnings of at least 350 euros in just a day. That is, in just a month, the program should bring you almost 11 million in rubles. And you don't need to do anything at all. It is with these tempting promises that any scam actually begins. The main thing is to make a person believe that everything is real.

On the right side of the video there is a window with a registration form. Everything is elementary, just enter your first name, last name, mobile phone number and email. Further, the situation can develop in two ways. Either you are immediately transferred to the trading platform, where you can deposit money into your account and adjust the settings of the automatic assistant, or you start receiving calls from the project manager, who begins to actively run away to invest in their system. But I strongly do not recommend doing this.

Because the scam scenario is as old as the world. First, you replenish your account with a minimum amount. The robot technologically merges money. Then they begin to actively convince you that this is pure coincidence, it must be added in order for the system to work. In general, and so on ad infinitum, until you run out of livelihood. It is not possible to return them.

Why is IOWN a scam?

This program has several points that clearly indicate the fraudulent principle of the operation of this scheme:

  • Site-one-page.

Agree, well, what a reputable company would be so disregard for their main Internet portal? After all, the official website is the face of any company. And here we see something quickly smeared on the knee in a couple of hours. Even over the depth of the menu, they decided not to bathe. Just register and that's it.

  • Lack of official information.

Of course, this is the second thing that will immediately catch the eye of the trader. Even if you do not have much experience working with the market, then for sure in such a project you will want to look at the contract (and nowhere without it). Where is he? And he just doesn't exist.

  • Cooperation with dubious brokers.

No normal company will recommend opening an account with a partner who is on the black list. And reputable brokers will not get involved with such a frank scam. So everything is quite logical here. One divorce leads to another.

  • Banal video.

Where do without him. Beautiful cars, talk about making money in automatic mode, the promise of a beautiful life. Well, purely "Azino three axes", not otherwise. The video is banal, there is nothing special in it. Just invest and everything will be ok. It will, of course, be. But obviously not with you, but with scammers.

  • The promise of high income "for nothing."

This is the first sign of a scammer. When they tell you that you can become a millionaire in just a couple of months, while having a starting donut hole in your pocket, urgently take the rest of the money with you. There is no outright freebie and never will be. I will not say that there are no ways to passively earn money on the Internet. There is, of course. But there you either need to really sweat, or how to invest. And sometimes all together.

  • Very intrusive behavior of project managers.

These people just like that with their potential victims will not get off. You will have to change your email address and mobile phone number. Otherwise they will just spam you. Yes, and it is dangerous to give such information to third parties. After all, now bank cards and deposits are tied to phones. Save your virtual wallet.

The IOWN Project - Testimonials from Affected Clients

I decided not to disregard the opinion of people who have already invested in this scheme. Of course, there are a lot of angry comments and sentimental stories on the Internet, which all end very sadly. The IOWN project will 100% drain all your money. And if the passion for passive income has not passed, I advise you to try yourself in the project Abi . There are no such beautiful promises, but the program has been successfully operating for several years. This is a proven way to make money in the market, even if you are not a born trader.