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Recipe for Wealth is another supposedly promising project that offers everyone who wants to earn real money, investing practically nothing. Is it real? Of course no. Although there are ways to make passive income on the Internet, here we see another scam. Moreover, he is so frank and banal that I sincerely don’t understand why anyone is falling for him at all.

It is clear that trading frightens many people with the complexity of the analytical process. But does some primitive video, which says that some millionaire has invented a way to help get rich from scratch even a student, even a pensioner, even a housewife, looks no less suspicious?

In general, this time I propose to get to know this project more closely and finally bring the scammers to clean water.

What is the essence of the recipe for wealth

The principle is extremely simple. It seems to me that the scammers are just completely lazy and simply do not want to invent something new and interesting. Another promise of a freebie, which, of course, no one is going to provide you with in the end.

Viktor Sintsov's recipe for wealth

We go to the official website of this system. The mere appearance of the Internet portal immediately suggests that they are simply trying to breed you like a child. This is an elementary one-page page, which does not contain any at least more or less specific information about the project. Just beautiful blinking phrases (where without them) and a mandatory video.

Viktor Sintsov

The scheme does not withstand any criticism at all. They don’t even try to explain anything to you, but simply stipulate: “Register using the link and be rich.” That is, divorce is for the laziest. Even the video does not contain, in fact, any specifics. Just testimonials like real clients of Recipe for Wealth who enthusiastically thank its creator for the opportunity to become millionaires out of the blue. At the same time, the appearance of these “rich people” leaves much to be desired. At least some smart actors were hired. And it looks really sad.

actors recipe for wealth

So, what is the principle of the whole project:

  • You are prompted to register and provide some personal data. It is clear that then the scammers will try to use them as profitably as possible for themselves.
  • This is followed by a recommendation to open an account with a specific broker. Moreover, it seems to be argued that this is necessary purely for the withdrawal of earnings. And you don't have to enter anything. But this is only at first glance. Of course, just like that, no one will lag behind you.
  • It suddenly turns out that joining the Recipe for Wealth program still costs money, and even a lot of it - as much as $250. As a matter of fact, the desired freebie ends at this moment.

recipe for wealth registration form

  • If you decide not to go along with the unscrupulous creators of the project, annoying calls from their "managers" will begin. Get ready for a real spam attack. After all, you provided personal data during registration.
  • When a gullible client still replenishes the account, the balance is immediately solemnly merged. Thank you all, everyone is free, as they say. Replenish more. And yes, it will now be possible to get rid of obsessive managers offering to give them more money only by changing the phone number and email address.

Why the recipe for wealth is a typical scam

I found several typical signs of cheating in this project:

  • Lack of official information about registration and operating principles. A solid scheme will never be limited to some kind of video.
  • Loud promises. It is simply impossible to earn millions on the Internet out of the blue. People have been going to this for years and decades.

The posted photo of a millionaire is an ordinary picture taken from the Internet. The successful Viktor Sintsov is a mere invention of scammers.


  • The English subtitles in the video do not match the Russian text. It's great, right? They just took it from another scam project and didn't even bother to change anything.
  • Application for a limited number of vacancies. Standard trick. It should put pressure on the psyche of a person so that he turns off his brain and hurries to deposit money.

recipe for wealth

As you can see, everything is so done on the knee that people don’t worry at all about the quality of working out the moments. And after all, many are still being carried out, which is extremely surprising for me personally.

Recipe for wealth - testimonials from victims

On the Internet, I found a lot of angry and indignant comments from people who invested the notorious $250 and, of course, could not get it back. So the Recipe for Wealth program is nothing more than a banal scam that drains your money directly into the pockets of scammers.

With such an abundance of left-wing schemes, most people may get the impression that it is completely unrealistic to establish a passive income remotely. In fact this is not true. Personally, I can recommend an automatic trading robot Abi . There are no loud promises and millions of earnings there, but if you wish, you can form a good financial airbag. The project has existed for several years, the reviews about it are good, and it has established itself as a fully working scheme. So be extremely careful when choosing automatic income.