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MasterCash is another resonant project that promises all its users truly fabulous earnings without any training at all. This is not trading or investment. Everything is much more banal and even to some extent illegal. Looking ahead a little, I will say right away that this service is an ordinary scam.

Real customer reviews of this program very colorfully describe the scheme of scamming people for money. On the Internet, you can also find positive advertising, supposedly even some very successful millionaire made his fortune thanks to the program from MasterCash. But this is all complete nonsense. Divorce is aimed at people who do not understand the principle of passive income in principle.

After all, parsing is a collection. And the management of this system claims that the program automatically works with such units as Sberbank, Yandex.Money, Qiwi Visa Wallet and WebMoney. That is, the project itself is already a fraudulent scheme, which they do not hesitate to tell a potential client, offering to participate in it.

All these payment systems reliably protect the wallets of their users and they are not going to give away any funds just like that. A earnings program promises to easily bypass all their protection and collect money automatically. Do you really think that this is possible and you found out where it is loot button? This is clearly not a passive income of a healthy person. So already at the stage of acquaintance with this project, you can safely turn around and abandon the idea of ​​​​working with the resource.

About MasterCash

What kind of system it is, where it is registered, who its curator is, is not particularly clear. You will not find adequate information on the official website. But a bright tempting offer of money and a beautiful video, as always, are in place. Not a single modern Internet scam can do without it now.

The site itself couldn't be easier. Obviously, no one bothered about its design. There are several standard reviews describing how great it is to make money with this program. Of course, they are all written by the project management itself, which is visible to the naked eye.


So, what you will be asked to do on this site:

  • Pass a short registration. And not everything is in order here, because even if you leave some fields empty, the system will still skip the application. Is it possible on real passive income services? Of course no.
  • Then you immediately see how the balance allegedly begins to replenish. That is, the client did nothing at all, he did not invest anything, did not buy or sell. This is not even a market trade, but simply allegedly someone steals money from aggregates using this service and credits them to MasterCash users. All this is a banal and hastily made animation. In 2 minutes, everyone has the same amount of 24990 rubles.
  • Next, you will be asked to withdraw them. And this is where the fun begins. To receive the earned funds, you need to purchase the full version of the program called Grand. The cost of it is small - only 69 rubles. Here, the scammers obviously did not become greedy, so as not to arouse suspicion. That is, the guys take the amount. However, the case will not end with one payment. Their managers will start calling you and trying to swindle you for more money, convincing you that such investments are simply nothing compared to the potential profit. This site is actually visited by a huge number of people every day, hoping to discover that very treasured gold mine. And there are a lot of trusting people. So for a penny, scammers get good amounts in their favor.


Of course, after paying, you will not receive anything on your accounts. Because MasterCash is a banal scam and a scam. You can't make money online without doing anything at all. Yes, and promises of several thousand rubles in a couple of minutes are an outright lure.

What awaits deceived MasterCash customers

It is clear that nothing good at all. These scammers will do everything to swindle you for as much money as possible. The MasterCash program is:

  • Constant annoying calls from managers. They just will not let go of a single gullible person and will put pressure on the psyche of everyone who decides to register on this Internet portal in every possible way.
  • Loss of all money spent on the project. Everything you invest here, 10% will never be returned back. Fraudsters will, under any pretext, try to relieve tension and mistrust of the client. But the result is the same - it is useless to wait for the money back.
  • For each alleged withdrawal of earnings from you, they will demand more money under the pretext of converting funds. Every step in MasterCash is an endless waste of money.
  • You entrust your personal data to third parties who do not bear any responsibility for their safety at all. They will be used for personal selfish purposes in order to ruin a gullible client to the maximum.
  • All personal information can be easily transferred to other scammers. The mobile phone will start to suffer from a huge amount of spam calls and messages. If cards are also linked to this number, they will also try to withdraw money from them. The scale of negative consequences can be simply catastrophic.


Always carefully check the sites where you enter your data. If the portal causes even the slightest suspicion, in no case go through the registration procedure on it. otherwise, there is a risk of losing all means of subsistence in general.

MasterCash program - testimonials from affected users

On the Internet, you can find completely different opinions regarding this project. But, of course, it is the negative comments that prevail. People note that they were tortured by calls from overly persistent managers. And night time for them is not a hindrance at all. There are enough complaints regarding the work of the owners of this system. They also write that it is simply unrealistic to withdraw the invested and earned funds. There are also some rave reviews. However, all of them are clearly written to order. Because the housewives, students, and retirees who made millions with MasterCash in a couple of months don't really exist. This is a banal divorce and promises of a beautiful life for the purpose of profit.

I can draw the following conclusion. MasterCash will instantly drain all your hard earned money. You cannot trust this program at all. There is no way to make money on parsing such giants of modern Internet systems. It is now possible to establish passive income only through market development and investment. Trading robot Abi is more than a real automatic assistant, which is recommended even by experienced traders. It has been on the market for several years and has an excellent reputation as a smart program that does not need constant monitoring by the user. So choose the right methods of passive income so as not to run into scammers.