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Nigma 2 or Enigma 2 is an Internet project that is very actively promoted on the network, allegedly by Viktor Lavrenko. It arose quite recently, but has already managed to get the status of a full-fledged, and also rather rude divorce. The scam is designed for beginners in the field of trading who have not yet had time to properly master the basic knowledge, but are already actively looking for a way to get rich quickly without any effort and further study technical и fundamental analysis.

Honestly, if you still invest in this project, then you are unlikely to become a millionaire. But most likely you will not see your hard-earned money anymore. But I will not be unfounded and first I will analyze this not too innovative system in more detail.

Nigma 2 - what is the point

Sites:, - other domains are possible.

As always, all similar schemes have colorful videos where the actors are trying in every possible way to convince potential customers of the profitability of the scam. On the official website of Enigma 2 (another name), you immediately see the video. By the way, in this video the actor is quite diligent and plays very well. Most often you can meet frank amateurs. The young man portrays Viktor Lavrenko, the direct creator of the program, who allegedly has been working on a passive income algorithm for many years as a gifted IT specialist. As you can imagine, this is all pure nonsense.

Nigma 2 Viktor Lavrenko

The essence of the project is as follows. You register your account on the site and get access to the automatic assistant. Then you invest money and let the robot trade it on its own through several brokers. The principle itself is more than working. But take a look at the list of proposed companies:

  • PlusOption;
  • HBC Broker;
  • superbinary.

The whole point is that these brokers are blacklisted. That is, you can deposit money into your account. But that's all. There is no way to get them back. In general, the fact that the Nigma 2 system is a divorce is visible to the naked eye. You do not even need an impressive practical experience in the field of trading to understand that these are all the efforts of typical scammers who decided to play on the desire to make money from ordinary people. Now there are especially many such projects due to instability in the economy and problems with jobs against the backdrop of the coronacrisis. But I want to provide more weighty arguments in favor of my opinion.

Nigma 2 - is it another scam or not?

The system is pretty beat up. Invest money and we will do everything for you. However, in addition to the frankly laudatory video, there are a few more amusing moments that I recommend paying attention to:

  • beta testers.

One gets the impression that this idea wanders from one scammer to another. Seriously, everything is like a blueprint, nothing new. Like, first you check the scheme in trial mode, and only then you calmly invest money and watch how the account balance grows. Do the creators of Nigma 2 really think that no one assumes that any demo can be made very beautiful, but in fact everything will turn out to be a soap bubble? There is no real market entry there. This is just an attempt to extract money from users.

  • Limitation on the number of free places in the project.

enigma 2

I see this on every similar site. Moreover, most often this phrase is written in a huge font, and also blinking to heighten the effect. Banal psychology that urges a trader to register. But whenever you visit the site, there will certainly be a place. The scammers will not refuse to profit.

  • Date of trades.

When the bets themselves are shown directly, it becomes clear that the owners of this scam did not even bother to make it at least a little like reality. Take a closer look and you will see that all operations are decorated with old numbers. Well, how can you even believe that?

nigma 2 businessman

Nygma 2 deal history

  • Fake Viktor Lavrenko.

This is a separate issue. In fact, such a person really exists. Only he did not work in Yandex, as the actor in the video claims, but in Viktor Lavrenko really created a search engine called Nigma 2. But as you understand, it has nothing to do with trading. And Victor himself looks completely different.

Nigma 2 real Victor Lavrenko

  • Instant bank transfer.

Also a very funny promise. Judge for yourself, even if the broker turned out to be quite conscientious and decided to withdraw clients' money to their bank accounts, it would probably take more than one business day. After all, credit institutions are different. And it takes at least 3-7 days to transfer money from one account to another, until the banks settle all financial relationships with each other there. What kind of instant enrollment can we talk about?

Nigma 2 - reviews of deceived customers

Of course, I was not too lazy and looked for users' opinions about this project on the Web. It is everywhere and always unambiguous. More experienced traders immediately figured out the fraudulent scheme, which they wrote about in their comments. Those who fell for the promises of a beautiful life left extremely negative reviews, listing in order exactly how Nigma 2 profits from gullible citizens.

A couple of times I met and positive comments. But custom writing is so clearly seen in them that it is not worth taking them as an example at all. Well, a simple student without experience, knowledge and start-up capital cannot save up for an apartment in a month with the help of this project. Such statements are simply ridiculous. The rule is simple. Nothing is given just like that. The universal button "loot" simply does not exist. You will either have to invest properly, or sweat in search of a really profitable project, which, by the way, do exist. Such schemes have been working for far from the first year, and they do not give rash promises like a million-dollar profit from a thousand rubles. 

The conclusion is this. Nigma 2 will just drain your money. If you really want to try to establish a passive income, then I recommend trying a trading robot Abi. Everything is not so beautifully painted there, and you yourself will have to study something. But on the other hand, this project really works, and does not pull money from inexperienced traders.