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The Millionaire Detector is another Internet project designed for remote earnings with the help of exchange robots. Many people on the Web are talking about an outright scam and a classic deception on the part of the management of this site. Judging by the promises, you can earn almost unlimited amounts. The main character of this system is a certain Grigory Korolev - supposedly a successful millionaire who made his fortune solely with the help of his own Trading Robot.

So, everything sounds beautiful and very tempting. But is it really so. I decided to study the Millionaire Detector project in detail, analyze its relevance in the conditions of the modern market and draw my own conclusions regarding this method of passive income.

Millionaire detector: first impression

Websites:,,, other domain names are possible.

The official site of the program looks like a hastily made one-pager (which, in fact, is, frankly speaking). A very bright and flashy color palette is a clear sign of a very strong desire to attract the attention of a potential client. All this is done to create the impression of a unique offer and to produce the effect of a powerful motivation for action. So at this stage, you can already be wary in principle. After all, really serious projects are not formalized like that.

millionaire detector

Let's go further. Here I found a supposedly limited time for registration. Someone seriously thinks that the program can give a limit on the number of new user registrations? This is another standard psychological technique. But it is so banal and ancient that I no longer know who it is intended for. Still, not quite ancient people are sitting on the Internet.

There is a video on the main page. On it, a handsome middle-aged man in a stylish suit allegedly makes a confession that he used to deceive everyone with the help of beautiful conversations on the Internet, and in the meantime he got his millions in a completely different way. The person in the video is very emotional and tries to be as convincing as possible. But it's hard not to notice that this is all just acting.

millionaire detector Grigory Korolev

The Millionaire Detector program is actively advertised with only one purpose - to lure money from gullible users. Indeed, now, against the background of the coronavirus and economic and political problems, many people are experiencing real financial difficulties, so they are looking for passive income through the Internet. The list of such scam projects is very long. I strongly recommend that you study the site as carefully as possible before registering. See the beautiful promises of fabulous wealth for just a few days of working with the program? They are clearly not to be trusted. Yes, all sorts of "millionaires" talking about expensive cars and houses, as a rule, are ordinary hired actors, as in this case.

millionaire detector Evgeny Shmelev

Grigory Korolev (the protagonist of the tempting video) is actually Yevgeny Shmelev. He has his own page on the Internet, where there is a track record of projects for which he starred. As you can see, for some reason, real millionaires are in no hurry to record videos and put on public display the ways of their earnings.

Millionaire detector: results

This program, as well as several other similar systems called "Chain Reaction", "Korolev's Algorithm", "Click for a Million", etc., actually belong to a man named Bob Douglas. Here is the one who actively profits from inexperienced users, promising them access to a forex robot that will certainly help them get rich. I can't say that truly effective automated assistants don't exist, check my rating top forex robots. But this particular example is a 100% scam.