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Not so long ago, I came across an actively advertised trading project SignalsRevolution on the Web (setting, according to the promises, should be very simple). Of course, I became interested in this topic, since effective signals, and even free ones, are not found very often on the Internet. However, I'm not used to taking every ad's word for it, so I decided to carefully study this service.

As automatic signals are mainly interested in novice investors, there is a high risk of trusting non-professionals who are simply attracted by your money. In order not to lose capital, please read this article carefully.

SignalsRevolution website

Official site 

I started, as always, from the start page. Everything here is beautiful, bright and decorated in three key marketing colors: white, red and black. It is immediately clear that the resource was drawn up by knowledgeable people. The site is striking, not full of colors, looks very stylish and attractive. As a knowledgeable person, I was a little alarmed by the red tint. The desire to sell your service can be seen from a kilometer away.

signals revolution

It also contains key information about the SignalsRevolution service itself, reviews of supposedly (I underline this word) real customers, as well as a lot of text in small print at the bottom. Everything in order.

There are only a bunch of pretty promises in the basic information. No specifics or numbers. It's as if everything is simple: register, set up the system in 3 minutes, and then immediately start making money. No knowledge or experience is required. The topic of "reliable partners" was touched upon. However, what kind of companies they are is not indicated anywhere. A fat minus for the developers of the Internet resource. Could attend to this issue.

I study the reviews. SignalsRevolution did not bother too much with the full design of this section. Only 4 enthusiastic comments from users from different countries are repeated as a running line. There are no photos and data of people. We all know how such comments are written.

Moving on to the fun part. The small print usually carries much more important information than the entire site. And here there are a lot of words with regards to your personal responsibility, as well as the lack of such responsibility among the owners of this resource. It turns out that all these signals can be viewed as nothing more than beautifully designed pictures. At the end of the text there is even a direct recommendation of preliminary analysis and miscalculation on the part of the trader. But what about “very simple” and “accessible to everyone”? Doesn't fit. After all, not all beginners can qualitatively analyze market data. What are these signals for then, if they cannot be trusted?

legal information

It just doesn't exist. That is, potential clients, among whom there are probably traders with a fairly large portfolio, are invited to trust the service, which is not registered anywhere. Does this mean SignalsRevolution is a scam? In general, yes. After all, such a project can collapse and disappear at any moment, without incurring any responsibility for the huge drawdowns of its clients.

At the same time, the site clearly indicates the support of system users by technical support. I could not find any phone numbers, addresses or work mail anywhere. Only intrusive online chat popup. It looks completely unconvincing.

What's inside

In order not to be limited exclusively to the external study of this service, I passed the registration (by the way, it really turned out to be elementary, at least there was no catch here). From the inside, SignalsRevolution looks a little strange and not so impressive anymore.

signals revolution signals

There is a lot of empty space. Nowhere is the vaunted simple customization observed. On the left there is only a selection of assets for building signals, and on the top there are 4 indicators. When you switch them, the picture does not change. Just an empty window. And what is the SignalsRevolution setup? It turns out that only in the choice of financial instruments. Moreover, almost all of them are blocked. When you try to set a tag on any asset, a pop-up window appears, recommending that you contact the chat and gain access.

signals revolution scam

That was all there was to prove. I bet that there a polite English-speaking consultant will offer you to pay a certain amount in order to finally be able to take advantage of these amazing trading signals. In this case, we are talking about a mousetrap with affordable cheese.

What is the conclusion that suggests itself? Only one. SignalsRevolution is a scam, and an outspoken and unprofessional one. Its organizers did not even bother to make the service even a little more believable. You won't find any free signals here. Waste time at best and money at worst. Be careful, as even a simple pre-registration process gives these people your personal information.

What signals can you use

Fortunately, not every Internet service like this is a scam. It's just that this topic has been very popular lately, and cunning scammers hastened to take advantage of this. I saw only really working signals from Abi... This is a truly completely free project that has a lot of positive reviews.

Google the SignalsRevolution service. It appeared quite recently, so there is not a word about this project on popular professional Internet sites. Experienced traders simply do not know that such a company exists at all.

If you decide to try your hand at investing, do not choose SignalsRevolution as your trading assistant. Remember about the large number of scammers on the Internet

There are not so many projects that bring real profit. Find out for yourself the effectiveness of real trading signals. Master the exchange activity with Abi. This is a completely transparent project with a long-term track record and a good reputation.